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Give her keys to the State

Missouri mom allegedly assaults drug dealer trying to supply son with heroin: A Missouri mother is facing assault charges in a case where she allegedly struck a man she says was supplying her son with heroin, Fox 2Now reports. Sherrie … Continue reading

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Greedy gas gougers

Wall Street greed fueling high gas prices: I am the first one that does not believe in government intervention but when something is as out of whack as the gas prices  are today and expected to go much higher, the … Continue reading

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Pay me three times- I don’t care

Gov’t Spending Billions on Overlap? Government Accountability Office reports says the US government is wasting ‘tens of billions’ of taxpayer dollars annually on duplicate and overlapping federal programs. I bet no one is sending the free money back. If this … Continue reading

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China – Buy Chinese

BEIJING — China plans to force government officials to stop buying foreign brands like Volkswagen and Toyota and purchase only locally-branded cars. This is one example of one country is not afraid of “saying no” to another country or to … Continue reading

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Cruise crisis

22 Carnival cruise ship passengers robbed at gunpoint in Mexico: The cruise line industry is taking a beating lately in more ways than one. It isn’t bad enough that the “casual cruisers” have to worry about having Ptomaine Tilly serving … Continue reading

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Beat me up somemore – I like it

After riots give way to murder, US restates its commitment to Afghanistan: Is it about time that we get some firm commitments from the Afghan government as to what loyalty they are going to show the USA after all of … Continue reading

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A man to be admired

Muhammad Ali: I watched a TV program today celebrating the 70th birthday of “The Greatest of all time”. It was a very well deserved tribute to a man of countless convictions. It has been said that Muhammad Ali was the … Continue reading

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Put the hammer down

Cardinal ordered memo on priests destroyed: (CNN) — A Philadelphia archdiocese official is on trial for allegedly covering up the sexual abuse of children for shredding the documents (secret files) has asked a court to throw out charges against him based … Continue reading

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Nutty Professor

Jury saw a limit to George Huguely’s malice: Juror Ian Glomski, 39, an assistant professor at the University of Virginia’s medical school stated “I was emotionally shredded inside”. “I absolutely feel for the guy.” I wonder if it was the … Continue reading

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Apoligize for what?

Does Apology From US for Burned Koran Only Fan the Flames:  As protests continue across Afghanistan in response to the burning of Korans at a military base, Obama sends Afghanistan letter of ‘deep regret,’ while Taliban call for continued attacks … Continue reading

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