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No more hot tamales for The Donald – he’s been fired

Mexico Won’t Be Sending Anyone To Miss Universe Pageant After Donald Trump’s Comments: This is one example of what is going to sink The Donald’s campaign for the presidency. Loose lips sink ships!!            A smart … Continue reading

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Coward of the county

UPDATE: This is what this poor little kid looked like after the bad ass bitch threw the baby’s mother on the ground while she was being held. I am happy to see that this bully bitch was arrested for her … Continue reading

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USA negotiating cheap rubbers deal with China

Marines weighing having troops hitch rides on foreign warships: Classified column in a Nation Newspaper: Marines going to war – rental ship needed – fishing boats will suffice I wonder how this works??? If the USA decides we need a ship … Continue reading

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FOUR – Better sink this legal putt Philly

Report: Phil Mickelson linked with illegal $3 million gambling scheme: First of all it doesn’t makes sense. Mickelson drops more then 3 million a year out of his pocket when he is sitting at the bar. If the allegation against … Continue reading

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It makes my blood boil

Is this what our sick society has evolved too? If this is the answer to developing and improving race relations it is a pathetic way of going about it. . I don’t give shit what race this nasty broad … Continue reading

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Tony D will be missed

TONY D He didn’t stand out in a crowd, he was not ostentatious, he was a good family man, a man’s man, his handshake was his bond, he lead a very low keyed life but could buy and sell many … Continue reading

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They sell their souls

Digging up history Roberts rips gay marriage ruling, day after he backed Obama-Care Court is not a legislature: Quoted by Justice or in-justice Roberts, depending on your point of view. That was his opinion before jumping ship. I can understand … Continue reading

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