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Don’t be trying to pork me sir!!!!

Muslim truckers who refused to deliver alcohol awarded $240,000: Just another case of PC-ism at its finest. I just keep stacking  them up. A jury has awarded $240,000 to two enterprising Muslim men who say they were fired from an … Continue reading

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Please abuse me; I love it!!!!

Businessman is first American detained by Iran since nuclear deal: I have said it so many times that my jaw is getting sore. Once anyone allows a bully to kick their ass and they do not fight back; they might … Continue reading

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Mea culpa – mea culpa me to death why don’t you

University of Louisville president slammed for Halloween photo in ‘Mexican’ costume: Mea culpa – mea culpa –  mea maxima culpa is getting to be the standard cry from all of the subservient fools to the PC world.  Get some backbone … Continue reading

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His bark was silenced

German-born rapper turned ISIS ‘poster boy’ reported killed in US airstrike: There seems to be an old say or cliche for just about everything. Here are a couple that come to mind that fit this renegade very well. Be careful … Continue reading

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Fogel the fraud

How is it that Jared Fogel worked for the sub sandwich giant for 15 years and supposedly no one knew about this degenerate’s sick proclivities?  I find that very hard to believe. Someone in that organization had to know that … Continue reading

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Winning at all costs – a very sick prick

Diabolical fan blinds Wayne Rooney with laser pointer before crucial penalty kick: Some very sick prick in the UK took the winning of a sporting event to a whole new sadistic low level. Two teams, the Manchester United and Middlesbrough … Continue reading

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Who is the fool now CNBC??

CNBC and it’s anchors (appropriately named for pulling the manner in which they pulled their network down to the bottom of the ocean last night) really made fools of themselves try to play a game of GOTCHA in the Republican … Continue reading

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The guy is a hero

EMT says he was suspended without pay for trying to save choking girl Is this a case of stupidity, PC-ness or company policy? In all cases the company is totally cold blooded and out of line. A heroic New York … Continue reading

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This one speaks for itself

  All of you BELIEVERS and GULLIBLITES don’t forget about the Brooklyn Bridge and that prime swampland – they are still a hell of a bargain What more can be said?????????????????  

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Talk about an expensive flight!!!!

The Houston Texans sure hit Ryan Mallett in the head with a mallet; obviously because he is not a team player and it cost the dude plenty. Because Ryan elected to book his own airline flight instead of slumming it … Continue reading

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