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Democratic House candidate pepper sprays himself to promote gun control A Democratic congressional candidate in Colorado released a campaign ad featuring him being pepper sprayed in the eyes in a bid to encourage non-lethal self-defense tools in schools to deter … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s finest

Robert De Niro throws F-bombs at Trump during Tony Awards Actor Robert De Niro launched a profanity-laced tirade at President Donald Trump during Sunday’s politically-charged Tony Awards, earning a standing ovation. “I’m gonna say one thing: fuck Trump!” he stated, … Continue reading

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Being overly PC can be very costly

Seattle struggling to pay for bike lanes, as costs for ‘visionary’ project balloon to $12 million per mile: report It seems that there are many downsides to the PC correctness movement at the Home of Pike Peak Market. It is … Continue reading

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Punk cops picking on an older lady ….

Video shows officers roughing up 65-year-old woman: ‘Felt like my heart exploded’ All of these punk cops should be thrown off the force and given some jail time for what they did to this 65 year old women. Can’t … Continue reading

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Shooting down sewer mouth; about time ..

My faith in human-nature is not completely dead.  There are people from all sides of the spectrum that are putting the boots to this lame-brained, screaming banchee,  SEWER MOUTHED creature that calls herself a lady and a journalist; because of … Continue reading

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An insinuation is just as harmful …..

Trump: Top Dem. should resign after former VA nominee Jackson’s reputation ‘shattered’ All it takes is one insinuation, whether it’s right, wrong or a perhaps; false claims and finger pointing have been enough to destroy people’s lives forever. Nothing can … Continue reading

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