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Shooting down sewer mouth; about time ..

My faith in human-nature is not completely dead.  There are people from all sides of the spectrum that are putting the boots to this lame-brained, screaming banchee,  SEWER MOUTHED creature that calls herself a lady and a journalist; because of … Continue reading

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Who would have ever thought???

Netanyahu says Iran ‘brazenly lying’ after signing nuclear deal, moved documents to a secret location No Shit Sherlock!! I don’t have access to all of the sophisticated spy gadgets and high-tech surveillance equipment that most governments do; BUTT I said … Continue reading

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Open your doors fools

Migrant Caravan Arrives At U.S. Border, Despite Trump’s Threats I can’t help but wonder just  how many of PDT’s Boulder Rollers are going to open their hearts, homes and wallets to the fence jumpers. IFFFFFFF, some of them did that, … Continue reading

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Dangerous territory ….

British grocer Sainsbury’s in merger talks with Walmart unit Years back I read an article about corporate monopoly and the down side of it. Slowly but surely, we are witnessing just that with the mergers and acquisitions of gigantic companies … Continue reading

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The naysayers are eating crow….

Steve Hilton: Trump’s triumphs are driving his critics crazy As distasteful as it is for the Boulder Rollers; only a blind, deaf and dumb, ignorant person can not or does not want to acknowledge PDT’s accomplishments. You do not … Continue reading

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BUTT he didn’t vote!!!

Gutfeld: Kanye West did something brave Do something different and the mob tears you to pieces. Kanye did it as an example for others and others will follow. I think it is commendable that West has seen that PDT was … Continue reading

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What do we call a female Wolf??

Comedian delivers vulgar vitriol, launches personal attack at Sarah Sanders during annual press gala Comedian Michelle Wolf performed at Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington — but not all members of the audience stayed for the entire act. … Continue reading

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