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The Manchurian Candidate

Obama touts liberal push for ‘universal income’ The only thing missing is his halo. Is this guy out of his mind??  He surely can not believe in all of the utter-nonsense and poisonous rhetoric he has been touting.  No one … Continue reading

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American woman Tess Thompson Talley who killed giraffe says it was part of a conservation effort GIRAFFE SHIT!! Anyone that kills these defenseless animal for the sport of it is a coward and do it ONLY to boost their ego … Continue reading

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Get out the body armor Andy …

Mexico backs left-wing ‘messiah’ Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in historic presidential election Their Massiah is going to need his own personal league of guardian angels to protect him. I hope for Andy’s sake he is well protected. The banditos  south … Continue reading

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Who, Me????

Obama had direct contact with Clinton on private email server: IG report Who, Me?? Not the squeaking clean, I can walk on walk on water, always finger-pointing Obama. He would never cross the surreptitious/illegal line. President Obama was one of … Continue reading

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Only if you promise to kill me!!!!

Obama administration allegedly gave Iran access to US financial systems The Obama administration granted a license letting Iran access the United States financial system despite officials’ pledges that they would prohibit it, according to a draft report from the Senate’s … Continue reading

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The only thing they didn’t do was sacrifice their MOTHER to win – MAYBE

FOX FBI plant’ in Trump campaign was Cambridge professor, reports say The CHC army of assassins were so desperate to win the election; the only thing they didn’t do was sacrifice their MOTHER to come out on top – MAYBE. If … Continue reading

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What %age was a kick-back????

Vladimir Putin opens controversial bridge connecting Russia to Crimea Russian President Vladimir Putin opened a 12-mile bridge connecting southern Russia to the Crimean peninsula on Tuesday. The controversial Crimean Bridge links the southern Krasnodar region with the Crimean city of Kerch and … Continue reading

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