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Money Mongering Machine

Report: Flynn blocked US military plan that Turkey opposed I am ashamed to say that Flynn was a top Jar Head. He is a disgrace to the Army, his country and fits right into a person selling their soul. Published … Continue reading

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They said; their meat could not be beat!!

Brazil raids food giants for allegedly selling rotten meat It is not bad enough when someone/a company accidentally sells a product that they do not know it is bad/spoiled/rotten but when they do it deliberately; that puts them in their … Continue reading

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His Coupe de gras will be …..

IS IT TO BE OR NOT TO BE, THAT IS THE QUESTION?????? If I were a betting man; pardoning Hillary may be Obama’s last rabbit he pulls out of his PARDON HAT before getting his own hat. Tomorrow can’t come … Continue reading

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Hanger for a hanger

Former HS player free after sodomizing disabled teammate Dec. 22, 2016 – 2:39 – White high school football player avoids jail in Idaho after allegedly raping and sodomizing a black, disabled teammate with a clothes hanger The only just punishment … Continue reading

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Below the belt

TRUMP TRANSITION Bill Clinton bashes Trump, blames ‘angry white men’ and Comey for wife’s loss When I am doing a post, I try to be as fair as possible and not hit below the belt if I can help it … Continue reading

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Not a George Washington

USA Today For the Record’s week in review: ‘Damn emails’ are back:                                                         … Continue reading

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Not speculation anymore

This is a must see video for all to view; especially the foolish PC BELIEVERS/SHEEP  that have been sucked into the put on Southern-Charm of the Clinton Machine for so many years. It goes to show exactly what kind of people … Continue reading

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