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Howard Stern has Never Farted In Front Of His Wife:

The King of Talk Radio is quite the fooler. A Bad Boy with a very bad mouth by day and a solid citizen by night. Who would have guessed?? He is like Clark Kent; goes in the phone booth with one persona and comes out in another.


A person would have to watch him on America’s Got Talent to appreciate just how intelligent and what a sincere person this guy is.

His dicey dialogue doesn’t come cheap. The very talented Howard Stern earns $80 million dollars per year or $400,000,000.00 dollars over his 5 year contract as the front runner at Sirius XM.

When Sirius started out, they knew that they needed a big named player/heavy hitter to bring in the listeners in and Howard got the nod and filled the bill. Some time study people got together and figured that the shock jock makes about $2000 per minute of airtime. Not a bad paycheck.

In a recent interview his wife Beth, who must be a hell of a lady,  she claims that Howard it quiet the gentleman and isn’t as nasty as he puts on.


I never really liked the guy until I watched him interact with the contestants on America’s got Talent. He is a very straight forward,  shot from the hip guy and probably gives the best advice and criticism to the contestants than the rest of the panel.

His wife Beth must have a hell of a sense of humor to listen to all the trash talk on Sirius radio everyday. There is a consolation wrapped up in that package; I am sure that when she is goes to the bank every week with that whooper he brings home that helps stop the bleeding.

I will give Howard 3 thumbs up for being a very smart business man and a gentlemen at the dinner table and in the sack.


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