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Bewitched – Bothered and Bewildered

I don’t know how many people watched 60 Minutes the other night when Steve Kroft interviewed Mr. O?  To say the least, Obama is one complex guy. Watch this and tell me he is not charming, convincing, cunning, crafty and … Continue reading

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Not very bright

Wise people usually keep their eye and ears open and follow the examples of others  who are more in-tuned to what is going on and how to solve problems the most economical and easiest ways. It appears that Roger The … Continue reading

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Show me the downsides???????

Last night I watched Trump’s speech in Arizona on immigration as well as him touching on some other critical issues. He hit the nail on the head on 99.9% of what he delivered.  Being so charged up,  did get carried … Continue reading

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Or else

Kerry says US Navy destroyer could have shot down Russian warplanes: According to the military rules of engagement Russia has repeatedly violated them by diving  their aircraft in simulated attacks at our destroyer Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea. The ever cunning … Continue reading

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FBI = Furget – Bout – It

It was supposed to be one of the top and most powerful law enforcement agencies in the USA – the pillars of justice – an organizations everyone looked up to and admired. It seems that Apple and Bill’s wife have … Continue reading

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Let us resurrect patroitism

A friend of mine Russalino D. called me before and told me that he and a bunch of other veterans went to a restaurant yesterday (Veterans Day) for lunch. They are just a bunch of old Jocks that get together … Continue reading

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One big step in the right direction

I can not even imagine what the defense could be for the 6 cops that allegedly cause Freddy Gray’s death? The arrest of the 6 cops in Baltimore is certainly one step in the right direction to try and straighten … Continue reading

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