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No “snow-job” for Snowdon

Edward Snowdon has been called both a hero and a traitor; depending on who you talk to it may be a little of each. I still think that what Snowdon did has been more positive for the country than negative … Continue reading

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Cold hard facts; sometime the truth hurts.

Cold hard facts; sometime the truth hurts. When I started blogging a couple of years ago I made it a point not to take sides on issues but to “tell it like it is” and let the cards fall where … Continue reading

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Families destroyed by the VA

If and when the greedy, self-centered, avaricious, acquisitive, covetous, grasping, materialistic, mercenary, possessive; informalmoney-grubbing, money-grabbing, people get convicted for their selfless roles in their diabolical contrived scheme to boost their bonus check by falsifying appointment records, they should have this … Continue reading

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Investigate yourself????

If this is what Obama consider “getting to the bottom” of the VA scandal, I think it is very laughable and ludicrous. He came out with a very strong statement the other day. “When I hear allegations of misconduct, whether … Continue reading

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Cop caught choking his chicken

Hot off of the presses at Huffington Post If this report would not have come from such a credible source such as the Huffington Post, I may question its authenticity. Stories like this are too outrageous to make up. Cop … Continue reading

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Mesurez deux fois couper une fois

Mesurez deux fois couper une fois Posté le 23/05/2014 par La Gazette Goomba Quelle horreur ! Nouveaux trains français trop grands pour les stations : Il ya un vieux dicton américain qui, apparemment, n’a jamais traversé l’étang en France. Il … Continue reading

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Measure twice cut once

Quelle horreur! New French trains too big for stations: There is an old American saying that apparently never crossed the pond into France. It is “measure twice and cut once!” The French government recently spent 20 billion dollars (yes a … Continue reading

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