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No “snow-job” for Snowdon

Edward Snowdon has been called both a hero and a traitor; depending on who you talk to it may be a little of each. I still think that what Snowdon did has been more positive for the country than negative … Continue reading

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Cold hard facts; sometime the truth hurts.

Cold hard facts; sometime the truth hurts. When I started blogging a couple of years ago I made it a point not to take sides on issues but to “tell it like it is” and let the cards fall where … Continue reading

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Families destroyed by the VA

If and when the greedy, self-centered, avaricious, acquisitive, covetous, grasping, materialistic, mercenary, possessive; informalmoney-grubbing, money-grabbing, people get convicted for their selfless roles in their diabolical contrived scheme to boost their bonus check by falsifying appointment records, they should have this … Continue reading

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Investigate yourself????

If this is what Obama consider “getting to the bottom” of the VA scandal, I think it is very laughable and ludicrous. He came out with a very strong statement the other day. “When I hear allegations of misconduct, whether … Continue reading

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Cop caught choking his chicken

Hot off of the presses at Huffington Post If this report would not have come from such a credible source such as the Huffington Post, I may question its authenticity. Stories like this are too outrageous to make up. Cop … Continue reading

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Mesurez deux fois couper une fois

Mesurez deux fois couper une fois Posté le 23/05/2014 par La Gazette Goomba Quelle horreur ! Nouveaux trains français trop grands pour les stations : Il ya un vieux dicton américain qui, apparemment, n’a jamais traversé l’étang en France. Il … Continue reading

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Measure twice cut once

Quelle horreur! New French trains too big for stations: There is an old American saying that apparently never crossed the pond into France. It is “measure twice and cut once!” The French government recently spent 20 billion dollars (yes a … Continue reading

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The serpent speaks with a forked tongue

There is an old Indian saying that “some men speak with a forked tongue”  and that ain’t (slang for isn’t) no bullshit.                                 There is a snake in the grass in Scottsdale, Arizona that needs to be trapped and put … Continue reading

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No lip service please

No lip service please.

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Sending the wrong message Holder

This was Holders acceptance speech in 2009 and his belligerent rhetoric hasn’t changed any since them. Holder’s comments were the most pointed on the issue of race since a controversial 2009 speech when he described the United States as a … Continue reading

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