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California Kooks

FOX News In the latest episode of “Banished!” by the People’s Republic of California, Governor Jerry Brown is likely to sign a bill that prohibits restaurants from offering anything other than milk or water with their kids’ meals, under the … Continue reading

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Very hard to digest …

CNN 141 sexual abuse survivors accept courage award at the ESPYS Is it almost beyond comprehension that 141 girls/ladies/females were molest by one low-life vermin who calls himself a doctor before he was exposed??? It maybe too hard for me … Continue reading

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Definitely police brutality

New video of cop beating jaywalking suspect released FOR JAYWALKING????? What the hell was in this rogue cops head that made him react to a jaywalker the way he did?? John Dillinger didn’t get treated this poorly. ‘I can’t … Continue reading

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Threw him to the Dogs ……

American who escaped Al Qaeda captivity says FBI, under Mueller and Comey, betrayed him A friend in need is a friend indeed – when your back is against the wall, that is when you see who your good friends are, … Continue reading

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Long over due

Trump budget aims to end automatic pay hikes for federal workers, make firings easier It used to be the rule of DUMB; when a government worker %$#@&* up bad enough, they would be given a pay raise and a promotion.  … Continue reading

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May be more to it than meet$ the eye

Fox Companies behind Florida bridge collapse have history of fines, failures, lawsuits The construction industry has a long history of kick-backs/pay-offs and the good old boy mentality. You scratch my back and I will fill your coffers. I am not … Continue reading

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