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Poor management and control ……..

NFL TV viewership takes heavy hit again in 2017 Poor management and loss of control has cost the NFL (Not For Long) dearly.  The attendance in 2017 dropped more than 10% of the TV viewers. May I say; I am … Continue reading

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Lack of polish

It has become  a foregone conclusion that PDT is lacking somewhat in the POLISH department. First of all, if these BOYS did get caught with their hands in the cookie jar; they should have be prosecuted by the Chinese; then … Continue reading

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This is what I’m talkin about!!!!!

Fans plan protests against NFL, kneeling players, ‘in solidarity with veterans’ Veterans, not NFL, to be focus for many fans this Sunday A picture tells a 1,000 tales. What more can be said except; it should be unanimous through-out all … Continue reading

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Get your knee pads out Goodell, the players are coming

NFL players seek meeting with Goodell, McNair, Kaepernick It seems that the players in the NFL take offense to being called prisoners.  These overly sensitive, pampered prisoner players have been holding the NFL and their foolishly loyal fans prisoners hostage … Continue reading

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Still to this day …..

Texans Owner On NFL Protests: ‘We Can’t Have Inmates Running The Prison’ Meteorically speaking; The systems have been letting the prisoners run their prison. The tail is wagging the dog, instead of the dog wagging the tail One inch … Continue reading

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NFL’s finest

NFL Team Arrests Since 2000 Minnesota Vikings 42 Cincinnati Bengals 40 Denver Broncos 36 Tennessee Titans 33 Miami Dolphins 28 Kansas City Chiefs 28 Jacksonville Jaguars 27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 Cleveland Browns 26 San Diego Chargers 25 Indianapolis Colts … Continue reading

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A new hate twist theroy

Why Does President Donald Trump Hate the NFL? This week, the owner of the Jaguars, Shad Khan, who donated $1 million to Donald Trump’s inauguration, said something publicly about the president that many owners and others across football have been … Continue reading

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