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Show business at its finest

FOX Brock Lesnar confronts UFC champion in octagon, Dana White vows big title fight Hopefully the UFC/MMA will not go the same route as Big Time Wrestling with all of the contrived hype. After knocking out Stipe Miocic, the longest-reigning … Continue reading

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If you want it bad enough …

CNN Shaquem Griffin expects to cry “immediately” if selected in NFL draft Last month, an unlikely star emerged at the NFL Scouting Combine, and soon he could be joining an NFL team. Shaquem Griffin was born with a cognitional defect … Continue reading

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Slouching Seattle

Seattle Seahawks’ coach says team open to signing Colin Kaepernick I hope that the Seahawks do not capitulate and sign up that anti-American-turncoat Kaper-dick. If so I will take back everything nice I said about the team. To me it … Continue reading

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Is there nothing sacred these days????

Sandpaper scandal shakes Australian national cricket team as cheating plot revealed Sons-a-bitch; this is almost as corrupt and earth shattering as the Mafia fixing the world series in 1919. 1919 World Series. There is a great deal of evidence both … Continue reading

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Thought he could walk on water ..

Former MLB slugger Albert Belle arrested at spring training game in Arizona, report says Albert Bell; the name seems to have a ring to it. At one time, Albert was one hell of a player, BUTT had a personality like … Continue reading

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Poor management and control ……..

NFL TV viewership takes heavy hit again in 2017 Poor management and loss of control has cost the NFL (Not For Long) dearly.¬† The attendance in 2017 dropped more than 10% of the TV viewers. May I say; I am … Continue reading

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Lack of polish

It has become¬† a foregone conclusion that PDT is lacking somewhat in the POLISH department. First of all, if these BOYS did get caught with their hands in the cookie jar; they should have be prosecuted by the Chinese; then … Continue reading

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