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Death and or destruction at the doorstep

Kickboxer Scott Marsden Dies at 14 After Collapsing During Title Fight For anyone that hasn’t ever been kicked or punched in the head, they have no idea of how it feels and what the after effects of it can be. … Continue reading

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Goolunies galore

This RAD DUDE (if that is the proper biker’s term) in the video doesn’t worry about getting hung up in traffic jams; he goes over them. The cops in California are trying to figure what kind of charges if … Continue reading

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Dirty, dastardly, degenerate doctor

Ex-Olympian among US gymnasts claiming sex abuse by team doctor Published February 19, 2017 Associated Press   Here we have very sick doctor named Larry Nassar. Nassar who has been accused of sexually abusing multitudes of female gymnasts can be … Continue reading

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Talk about guts

   CNN Hurtling through the dark: Blind skier races up to 70 mph There are so many of us that complain about anything and everything in life and never take the time to stop and realize just how good we … Continue reading

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Never count out Bill-a-check!! That PERFORMANCE  of the Saints is what can be called; KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES. To make a comeback as they did, being down 25 points at one time is incredible. What more can be said? Except … Continue reading

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The Fairer of the Sexes???

Fairer of the sexes’ maybe but not the weaker. There used to be a rule of thumb where I grew up with all the macho dudes in the neighborhood. Never date a broad (Old school term said with respect) that could … Continue reading

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Spike Jones in technicolor

These boys look like a throw-back commercial for the Spike Jones program. All of the NFL brothers standing on the tarmac in their Christmas garb remind me of Spike and the bodacious vines (street name for suits) Spike used to wear. For … Continue reading

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