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Surprise; surprise; surprise; straight from the horses mouth

Curing cancer ‘not a realistic goal,’ doctors focus on managing instead of curing disease At the  American Association for Cancer research annual conference Dr. Coussens said “50 years ago diabetes was a death sentence, now it is a chronic disease … Continue reading

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The arrogant blood sucking vampire got what he had coming

Shkreli must forfeit $7.36M in assets that may include Picasso, Wu-Tang Clan album “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli has been ordered by a federal judge to turn over $7.36 million in assets, which could include a Picasso painting and a rare … Continue reading

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Best discovery since the wheel!!!!

Argentina women stolen as baby during ‘Dirty War,’ reunited with biological family 40 years later Ever since a cave man chiseled on a slab of rock and created the wheel; there have been some very significant discoveries and inventions by … Continue reading

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Getting a-head in life

Talk about venturing into dangerous, uncharted territory!! The 1st head transplant operation is going to take 36 hours and cost 11 million dollars.  All of these facts are insignificant.  The real story is, WHY?? Can anyone be that desperate … Continue reading

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Let me take your temperature honey

Court restores love triangle lawsuit in North Carolina That little indiscretion can become a very costly piece of trim for the Doc. I bet he is not smiling now. A jilted husband can proceed with a lawsuit against a doctor … Continue reading

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If they don’t care about themselves, at least ….

Rise in drug-addicted babies prompts judge’s controversial solution If they don’t care about themselves, at least they should have some, I said SHOULD have some, concern for the kids they are bringing into this world, already addicted at birth. Just … Continue reading

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What some call progress

This was sent to me by one of the Goomba Gazette’s roving reporters P.G.  I had to pass it on. In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their … Continue reading

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