TOO young to know better?? &^$%(*#@

DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo’s life sentence thrown out:

Here we go again with another bleeding heart judge.


A federal district court judge has overturned the sentence of Lee Boyd Malvo, one of the two people convicted in D.C.-area Beltway sniper attacks nearly 15 years ago, according to a ruling released Friday.

The dishonorable judge felt that Malvo’s sentenced to life in prison without parole for the sniper-style attacks that killed 10 people over a 3 week period was too severe because he was 17 years old at the time.

Possibly if the teenage thug/killer/sniper/murderer/assassin would have killed 11 or 12 that would have made a difference.  This thug/killer/sniper/murderer/assassin knew exactly what he was doing at 17 years of age.

Hypothetically; if Malvo was 17 on June 5th when he committed the crimes with his wack job partner John Allen Muhammad and supposedly was not responsible for his actions but turned 18 the next day on June 6th, he would have known better, RIGHT?? Give me a %#(&*@ break.


Muhammad was a very sick puppy and Malvo idolized him.

His ambulance chaser figured out a way he could swindle a few extra $oldi by stirring up this thug/killer/sniper/murderer/assassin case again.  That is absolutely what it amounts to.

Why would anyone want to see a thug/killer/sniper/murderer/assassin back on the streets after what he and his thug/killer/sniper/murderer/assassin partner did.

If you remember; they rigged up a car without a backseat so the could lay down in a sniper position; drilled a hole in the trunk lid area, stick a rifle out of the hole and drove around randomly kill innocent people. The thing about these two bastards, they were not prejudice, they killed anyone and everyone.  Although, it was later determined Muhammad hated white people. Brilliant but deadly idea for two guys that supposedly didn’t know what they were doing. It was almost impossible to detect where the sniper was set up.

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BUT, always the BUT; the dishonorable court’s now think that the poor 17 year old  thug/killer/sniper/murderer/assassin was too young to be responsible. Give me another %#&*_@ break.

The state got one thing right.  In 2009 they executed Muhammad for his participation in the crimes. What they did wrong; they didn’t have Malvo sitting in his lap when they flipped the switch.

Should there be a cut off age when a kid does not fully understand right from wrong? I would say yes. That age should be 9 or 10 years old.

In total the two thug/killer/sniper/murderer/assassins 10 killed, 3 injured (D.C. metropolitan area); 17 victims elsewhere. That does not sound like child play to me.

What all of these off the wall decision lately, we should have the judges serve the remaining time on the sentences.

I still am a very big advocate of having blanket sentences set up by the federal government. A crime committed by an Eskimo has the same penalty as the same crime committed by a pineapple picker in Hawaii. No exceptions. They should be mandatory; that would take away the favoritism and poor decisions some of these nut job judges make.

Life can be as simple as one wants it to be. But, the Big But.  There are a particular breed of critter in this country, probably around the world, that are of the opinion; the harder/difficult they make their job appear, the more important they think they look to others and it is a gigantic ego boost for them.  I call them excess baggage; like something that gets lost and we never miss it.

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And she said it with a straight face

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Alms for the poor


Being I like to put my money where my mouth is and always practice what I preach; I sent the Trump organization a couple of bucks during the campaign.   Since then I have been receiving letters for donations quiet frequently.

Today I got one that was totally shocking.

I went to the mail box, got the mail and opened the letter while I was in the street and began reading it while I was walking up my driveway.

I started laughing so hard I fell down, the neighbor thought I had a stroke and she called 911. Before I knew it there was an ambulance and 3 cop cars surrounding me. (I just made all this portion up but all of the rest is true).

This one is very hard to believe so I took photos of the mail I allegedly got from  Melania after I tore it up.

20170526_152544 (2).jpg20170526_152537.jpg

20170526_152402_LI (2).jpg


I like the part in the 3rd picture; laying the foundation for victories in 17 & 18.

I am still trying to figure out if I am supposed to be honored or insulted??? Is this a scam or not?? So much of that going on these days it is hard to tell.

I was already to go out and get some new threads for the shin-dig.

If it is a letter from Mrs. Trump, I think it is an insult to send anyone a birthday announcement and then beg for money.  If it is scam; scammer, hold your breath while you are waiting for my end.

Why would a classy lady like Melania stoop so low as to solicit money for her billion several times over, husband?  I smell a skunk in the wood-shed.

If this is a scam; I would think that PDT would want to put the clamps to it.

If any of you folks get the same announcement I did; let me give you a clew. You are not invited if there is a party, there is no birthday cake or candles to blow out and the limo is not on its way to pick you up.

If the Trump people did send this out ( I am hopeful they have more polish than that) they should all take a crash course by Emily Post on etiquette.

The return address was:

The Republican National Committee

310 First St

Washington, DC

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You bet-ja

Huffington Post

‘Saturday Night Live’ And Stephen Colbert May Be Further Dividing Americans


We know things are out of hand and very stale in the ball busting department when the Huffington Post is being somewhat conciliatory to PDT.

Short and sweet.


I sure get a lot of mileage out of these PC/socially blinded critters. Only a fool would follow another fool to their demise.

Sooner then later; all of this gooluine smashing and Boulder Rolling is going to come back and haunt these two fools and all of the sheep.

PDT may have some deficiencies but one of them is not a bad memory.

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Hard to disagree with

Unless this video was tampered with and I doubt it; I would have to conclude that PDT bullied his way to the front of the pack.

Hard to disagree with




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Why not? What is next??

Elaborate squirt-gun game has teens competing and running naked in the suburbs

Why not run around naked  having naked squirt gun games. This is the PC mentality of some of the young today and their parents that have no control over them.

What ever happened to the responsible kids that worked after school and on weekends to make a few bucks? Their new four letter word they hate is; WORK.

I will tell you what happened to them. Many of them have no structure or significant role models they can follow. When all they have they have are a bunch of pampered, ignorant celebs like Mush Mouth Madonna that want to burn down the Casa Bianca and many others, drug dealers and pimps draped with tons of bling, PC parents that could care less about them, no home or family structure; what else would we expect the little darlings to be doing to amuse themselves but playing NAKED SQUIRT GUN games. I can be sure that the loser has to come up with something for their loss.

It really isn’t the end of the world playing such a game but it is just indicative of the mentality we have in our society.  There are no limits or boundaries set for the youngster today.  The bad news it is only getting worse.

When we have parents that are worse than the kids, college and schools that are trashing our kids minds, politicians that are only in the game for their personal gains, authorities that do not uphold the law, flag burners and anti-Americans that are a disgrace to the human race; the list is endless.  Mix them all up in a gigantic bowl, the end result is what we have and where we are going. It isn’t a pretty picture.

We used to have the Silent Majority in this country that would speak up and defend right from wrong. I think all of them walked over the cliff like the other mindless sheep.


I had a conversation with a friend of mine on this very subject.

When I was growing up in the early 40’s, we had a mother at home that was a housewife, a father that worked for a living, grandparents that came up the hard way and appreciated what they had; all of them setting a good example for us.

Did we ever say NO or talk back to our parents or grandparents? Only if we wanted to end up in sick bay.  By what I see the PC-pathetic parents and how they allow their kids to bull-doze them, ii is disgraceful.

We had a very tight-knitted neighborhood where 99% of the people shared the same values as one another. Parents first; friends, maybe after that.  There was no bull shit of talking back, disrespecting anyone of authority, if so we would expect to get our asses whipped pretty good, by the person we disrespected and then our parents.

We grew up in a very tough neighborhood. The boys either stayed home and played with their sisters dolls or when to the play ground, played full contact football on the asphalt and got beat up twice a day. I would not have wanted to grow up any different.

I didn’t know of anyone that took drugs or sold them. I am sure that there were some sick bastards around, like pedophiles in the priest hood and elsewhere but it was almost nonexistent.

We didn’t have 20-year-old men drugging their younger sister and then rape her. Gangs were to a minimum if any. If there was a BEEF, it was taken care of by hand, sometime a base-ball bat, but the shooting and stabbing was almost unheard of.

We respect all authority; teaches, cops, religious people, our elders, ladies and girls. One would have to live it to appreciate it. Fear and respect go hand in hand.

We didn’t have anything called peer-pressure; I never heard of the term. Why would I want the patches my friend had on his pants.

We addressed older people by Mr & Mrs. Still to this day; if I run across anyone today that is my senior (not many left) I still call them Mr or Mrs for respect.

Did you notice the last word in the last sentence: RESPECT?  That word among a few other key elements is what kept us on the straight and narrow.

Don’t ever misunderstand that the kids back then were a bunch of wimps. If I had to commit myself; I would say that we were a lot tougher, matured, mentally and physically than the kids are today. We settle our differences by hand not by the blade or gun.

The kids today are more advanced in scholastically because of the internet and the electronic age. But that is it.

The kids I grew up with were mature when they were 2 years old. Many of the kids today are so pampered and catered to by their PC parents and other influences, they can not even make up their mind what sex they are.

I have to make an exception in the maturity department for the kids that grown up in poverty and in the ghetto. For the most part, they either have to be very street smart or get gobbled up by gangs.

Without going to extremes; the tougher a person is brought up, the better person they become. The more they respect what they have and who gave it to them.

The point I am making; PC permissive parents think they are doing little Johnny and Suzie a big favor by spoiling the hell out of them and allowed them to do whatever they want when they want. Little do the fools realize, they are destroying their kids.

We all remember the Affluenza Kid that got off scot-free for killing 4 people. Not only did the kid have retarded parents that let the lad run looses but he also had an imbecile for a judge that let the kid off hook with no jail time. His case may be an extreme example but there are many of them right on his heels.

How can we expect any kid to develop properly when they have worthless parents and imbeciles for a judge?

One of the biggest contributing factors to the development of young kids is what they are exposed to through the media; movies, commercials, video games and TV. I swear, at times with the media especially, is on a mission to subliminally brain wash our kids.

People may think I am a nut case and overly reactive, BUT, always the BIG But. For instance, take a programs like Dancing with the Stars. In some of their performances, the only thing they are NOT doing is getting laid right on TV with all of the suggestive gyrations they go through. The raunchier they are, the better the score are. And they happen to be one of the better programs kids are exposed to.

This may sound ridiculous and over-reactive. When Elvis The Pelvis appeared on the Ed Sullivan show for the first time; the camera men were not allowed to show him below the waist. Was that extreme? I would say so, BUT, The Big But; it was a stepping stone. Today an inch – tomorrow a foot – next day a yard and then a mile.

If I had to chose between living with all of the comforts and advancement we have today or go back to the OLD DAYS, I would go back in a minute.  Only the decent people that grew up in those times can appreciate the tremendous difference between then and now.

As far a naked squirt gun games go; not a very big deal. BUT like anything else, what comes next??

Call me old fashion – call me a wack job; BUT, the BIG BUT; I lived on both sides of the fence and can appreciate and prefer the way it was.

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Talk about a Family Feud

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Vaughn sues for $60 million, says he murdered her soul

He may have murdered her soul but she is murdering his bank book.

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Vaughn is suing the celebrity talk show host for $60 million, claiming that she allegedly suffered “prolonged torture with the infliction of severe mental pain and suffering.”



Stevey Pal; I would be afraid of this lady too!!


Harvey is one non-believing guy. Once was not enough, twice was still not enough, Stevey as his close friends call him, is a three time loser.

It always amused me how many times anyone can say I do with a straight face. Mickey Rooney said those fatal words 8 times.


Ava Gardner
(m. 1942; div. 1943)
Betty Jane Phillips
(m. 1944; div. 1949)
Martha Vickers
(m. 1949; div. 1951)
Elaine Devry
(m. 1952; div. 1958)
Barbara Ann Thomason
(m. 1958; her death 1966)
Marge Lane
(m. 1966; div. 1967)
Carolyn Hockett
(m. 1969; div. 1975)
Jan Chamberlin
(m. 1978)

I always said; if people would treat each-other after they were married like they did when they were dating, there would be a lot less divorces. It never fails; when two people say I do; the next day or maybe that very night, one of them says; I don’t.

Now that the kid from Cleveland is in the big chips, the X-missis Harvey is trying to shake him down for 60 million more. 60 million is a lot of $oldi in anyone’s book. She must have a hell of an aggressive/greedy ambulance chaser that needs a new a few new Rolls.

If nothing else; when Harvey was picked to host the Family Feud they picked the right guy with the most experience for the spot.

Fremantle Media - Steve Harvey Photo Gallery

Just for the record; I think he does a great job, even if his cue cards mess him up from time to time. After all, he is from Cleveland!!




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