Possibly I am missing something???

Biden’s bundle of crises look increasingly like 1970s – with gas shortages, spiking inflation

Should it have been the responsibility of the socio/dumbocrastic party to make the USA a better place to live after J J (Jokin Joe) got the nod?? After all, that was their platform.

If what we see now in this country today is an example of what they consider better days; I hate to see it when the bad ones come around.

These fools can say what they want about Trump and possibly they are partially correct on some personal issues; but after he was elected everything he touched turned to gold and sky rocketed.

On the other side of the coin, everything J J touches turns to shit. BUTT just like a true narcissist would do; they put the blame on PDT.

Does this hit the fools right between the eyes or what??????

What are their ingenious plans on resolving these predicaments?? Raise taxes – print money dead more dead presidents and blame everything on who came before them. Is that a sweet OUT or what???

When do the conditions in the USA become the present administrations fault/responsibility?? One of them said years ago; THE BUCK STOPS HERE.

On top of it; going back some years, much of what we see are conditions that were created when J J was TMC’s Stooge and before. Let us not forget one VERY IMPORTANT fact;. In one capacity or another, J J, because of his positions in government he held for 50 years; he had a hand in many of the conditions we have today. All of these discrepancies did not just happen over night. It took years to get them to the point they are now; ready to erupt, all at once.


Jimmy Carter 2.0: Biden’s bundle of crises look increasingly like 1970s

During the Carter years, American consumers were forced to pay more for the price of basic goods

Possibly J J has big enough balls; he may try to put the blame on the peanut picking president.

Peanuts | Jimmy Carter

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What credibility ?????

AOC's credibility just got worse after new study puts 'Squad' member low on the totem pole

AOC’s credibility just got worse after new study puts ‘Squad’ member low on the totem pole

What credibility??? I never thought she had any!!

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., has been ranked the most partisan Democrat of the House of Representatives, according to a new study.

The Squad member ranked No. 427 out of 437 lawmakers analyzed, according to the Bipartisan Index of the 116th Congress (2019-2020) from The Lugar Center in collaboration with Georgetown University.

It is only a matter of time until flake jobs like Ossacio are exposed for what they really are; nothing!!

The other member of THE SQUAD did not fair much better in the popularity contest.


What a disgrace when we have people like this as our supposed leaders. I really question the fools that voted them into office. They all much be on the same mission, to destroy this country.

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Be seen and not heard ……


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The world would be a much better place if the SPECIAL PEOPLE stayed out of politics. They should all do what they do best; try to be someone they are not!!

At least, if they were accurate with their information, it would not be half bad.

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The most necessary natural resource ….

Water crisis ‘couldn’t be worse’ on Oregon-California border

Oregon’s Klamath County is experiencing its driest year in 127 years

What do you have if you own a 200 million dollar mansion and 500 acres, but do not have water?? Nothing!!

This is what it is coming to in some of the western states. They are experiencing the most severe drought in 127 years. It has gone way beyond critical to catastrophic. Is mother nature playing a game of get-back for all the abuse mankind has put on her??

What is the answer?? I am afraid in some situations there is none. Pray – rain dance – seed the clouds?????

It is incredible. It seems to me; in the last few years, mankind is taking a ready beat down from Mother Nature; much of which was precipitated by man; with earth quakes – tsunami – abuse of the planet – exploding volcano – floods in some places; that is on top of all self inflicting disorder with, civil unrest – terrorists – immigration – mad men with finger on the RED button threatening to blow up the world (depressed yet) – racial divide – manmade diseases like Covid19 – political upheaval, with worthless politicians that do not deserve to serve the public – a horrendous degree of sexual abuses of children coming from most the once most respected organizations – did I say, miserable/greedy politicians; the list is endless.

Pete repeat; mankind is going to self destruct and by the looks of it, we are well on the way. Is there a resolution to all of these dilemmas?? Not likely.

Further more we are experiencing more and more extra-terrestrial sightings. The Na New Na New crowd may be getting ready to pounce. We just may be getting nailed for all sides.

Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

To all the high flyers/special/powerful people that think they are invincible, think again. If so; let us see you make it rain.

We all are just an insignificant spec of dust waiting to get blown away.

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Well said Thomas ….


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While they (politicians) are being driven to their mansions in the sky every night; they keep the shades in their limo pulled down so they can not been seen and do not have to look at the filth surrounding them.

This is what the 3rd (Nasty Nan) in line drives by every night. Do you think she gives a shit??

They do not preach peace through EDUCATION, they perpetuate hatred.

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The honor system, hell no …… Bullshitting, hell yes

Walmart, Trader Joe’s and Costco say vaccinated customers don’t have to wear masks in stores


How many people that are not fully vaccinated are going to slip under the rug claiming they were and not wear a mask?? Millions. Honor system?? Fa-get-about-it!!

How many times has someone eaten in a restaurant and paid by the HONOR SYSTEM. They ate 5 steaks and drank 4 beers. When AXED what they had, they tell the cashier they had 2 steaks and 2 beers. It is human nature to be a bull shitter.

Personally; I think this was a political move/whore deal on J J’s part to take some of the heat off of his ass with all the complications he has created.

I say, continue to wear the masks for another few months. People are just getting used to them. Wearing the mask has brought us to this safe zone we are in and we do not want to blow it.

How many steaks did you have??????? I had one and a half a glass of beer.

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Animal coward caught on video …..

Los Angeles Lyft driver, 67, pistol-whipped, robbed at gunpoint at gas station, dash cam video shows

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating whether race factored into the attack on the driver who is Taiwanese

Only an #animal #coward would #abuse a #defenseless person like this for no reason other than his nationality.

What a sick world we live in.

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Hats off to the lad……


It is refreshing to see some of the Celebes do something constructive for an outstanding cause. It is about time.

Acts of violence against females’, of any age is about as low as any scumbag can get.

List of hanging trees - Wikipedia
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There is an idiot born ever second …..

Texas House Has Passed Legislation To Punish Cities That Vote To Defund Police

Parler Facebook Twitter The House of Representatives in the state of Texas has passed a new bill that will punish cities for voting in favor of defunding their local police departments. advertisement — content continues below “Let’s support public safety in this state. Let’s support our police. Let’s back the blue,”  Republican State Rep. Craig

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Do these fools ever read the news or watch the tele to see what is going on in this country?? Evidently they are too ignorant to read or too stupid to see the severity of the conditions.

The solution to racial harmony and peace in this country is NOT defunding or shit canning the cops. The secret formula IS NO SECRET, On ALL SIDES of the fence is EDUCATION from infancy.

If kids are raised in dysfunctional families that are taught to hate the cops and disrespect the authorities, guess what!!!

Ask the mayor of Portland how he likes the end result of his doing a hands off policy for all the rioters. The man can not be totally stupid. After the hugs burned down half of his city, the boy had an epiphany and saw the error of his ways.

Although Teddy Boy made a turn around, it took him over a year to do it. I heard of slow learners, BUTT this boy has a very thick skull.

After Nearly a Year of Unrest, Portland Leaders Pursue a …https://www.nytimes.com › 2021/04/27 › portland-protest…

Apr 27, 2021 — The mayor of Portland, Ore., recently urged people to report anything they … After the protests have concluded, sometimes in the early morning … I get sick to my stomach. … in which police officers declare an unlawful assembly or a riot. … The store eventually found another insurer but must pay four times …

Come on folks, we are not supposed to be savages, we are supposed to be a civilized society. In some case, it makes a person wonder.

It appears that the cowboys and cow girls out west have a lot more sense than many of the other cities and states. There is absolutely no way any society can function with out or reduced police forces. It just can not happen.

Texas House Has Passed Legislation To Punish Cities That Vote To Defund Police

If we could get the criminals out there (of all races) to cut out their lives of crime, we would not need any cops, period. BUTT as we all know; this is not a perfect world.

Tell me; who are the sign carrying fools above going to call when their ass is in hot water?? Naturally, 911.

To the fools: Get your shit together, get you heads out of your ass, wake up and smell the napalm. Your cities are burning and you are cutting the grass.


If anyone takes offense to my method of communicating; cancel me out.


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It is a good thing they did not burn this thugs toast …..

It is a good thing they did not burn this thugs toast; no telling what he would have done.

New York police are searching for a man who allegedly violently assaulted a father and son last weekend after the son accidentally sideswiped the suspect’s car while pulling out of a parking lot, according to reports. (I like how they use the word allegedly, it is on video).

Surveillance video appears to show the suspect punch Mohi Ahmed, 55, in the face, then beat his son Adel Ahmed, 23, to the ground, all while his girlfriend pleads for him to stop, according to the New York Daily News. 

It is not bad enough the thug/punk gave the father and son an unjustified ass whipping; the prick stole the father wallet while he was laying on the ground.

Isn’t that what all cultured citizens do to settle their scores?? The kid and old man were lucky Tomaso the Thug didn’t have a gun. The wife and mother of the victims would have been planning two funerals instead of visiting them in sick-bay.

I strongly recommend that all people learn some sort of self-defense from a qualified teacher and have the balls to use if needed. One finger or two can save your life.

Unless highly trained; after disabling the thug, DO NOT stick around and throw hands with them. Injure them enough to incapacitate them, then get your hat or bonnet to safety.

A swift kick in the nuts also is an attitude adjuster in self-defense situation.

If you are too squeamish to poke someone’s eyes out; just think of the fact, this coward bitch may have intentions of killing you. That should give you a different perspective. A person can die as easily from a punch as they can being shot. It happens everyday. Don’t be a victim, be a survivor.

I also recommend carrying a weapon, something as simple as a very sharp pencil. You never know when you will need it to save your life or someone’s life that is with you.

Grasp the pencil securely in your hand and place your thumb on top of the pencil to hold it firm, while your are jamming it into the thug head – into their hand – into their eye – through the side of their neck or into his throat.

Folks; a little clue. It is either their life or yours. You decide.

I would like to strongly stress this to my younger readers; only use deadly methods like this if your life is in jeopardy.

Self defense is like an insurance policy. We have it if we need it BUTT hope we never have to use it. Better be safe than sorry or winding up in Boot Hill.

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