How smart does one have to be????

From youth to college football, lynching threats reported over anthem kneeling

The traitor to his country, the country that made him very wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, this 2nd class quarterback named Kaper-dick achieved exactly what he wanted.

By his miserable excuse of an example, young kids all over the country  are following suit and disrespecting the United States. This is just the beginning for turmoil that will continue to grow and result in many more racial issues than we already have.


Kaper-dick, or something like that, claims his only motive was to demonstrate the injustice to people of his race. By his stupidity, other  detractors, mostly young kids are kneeling during the national anthem. This sign of rebellion  is disrespectful to the military, the country, and/or police.

How smart does one have to be to play the anthem before the teams come onto the field??? No anthem, no disrespect.  The possible act of disrespecting the country and all who put their lives down for these fools (white – black – brown -yellow) is taken away from them.

John Tortorella coach of the year

What the hell is the matter with the people that write the rule books? I am inclined to believe that they are just as bad/ignorant as the kneelers by allowing these conditions to exist!  They can put an end to this if they had half a brain.

If anyone has noticed the rapid decline in patriotism in this country in the last few years; we haven’t seen anything yet if this movement and other like it are not nipped in the Kaper-dick.

There are many other means of demonstrating their objections.  If they would put as much effort into  encouraging their people to cut the crime rate and quit killing one another; that MAY HAVE a significant impact on the situation.  Take Chicago for an example.

They may have a funny name (some think The Goomba Gazette is usual) but keeps a meticulous  account of the violence in The Windy City.

If our president and other note worthy people in the black community encouraging their people to cut the crime rate all the way around and quit killing one another; that MAY HAVE a significant impact on the situation.

As I said before;  What the hell is the matter with the people that write the rule books? I am inclined to believe that they are just as bad/ignorant as the kneelers by allowing these conditions to exist!  


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If it looks like a wire and barks like a wire ….


By all indications, it looks like BB will not resort to any type of deceit or trickery to put down the charge of the Trumpster.


If these pictures are not doctored up, which I don’t expect they are; this is dirty pool at it’s finest.

There have also been pictures circulating that BB was wearing an ear piece.


These are ammunition for Trump in the next debate if in fact the devices are prohibited.

We can take it to the bank; if there are ANY tricks of the trade on how to cheat or beat the system, the Clintons’ know them well or possibly invented them.

I would have thought that the cheaters who assisted BB with the wire, should have cautioned her not to bend over and make them visible.  Not  good cheaters!!!

It is never a good idea to bend over when one doesn’t have to.


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Empty barrels make the loudest noise

Fox News:

Calls Pope Francis ‘Marxist,’ ‘Most Dangerous Person on the Planet’ Over Climate Encyclical

In my humble opinion, there is one piece of dead weight that Fox News should show the exit door. The dude or dud’s name is Gutfeld.  He has rubbed me the wrong way from the first time I saw one of his programs.  He has the most outrageous/ conceited  attitude of just about anyone in the news media. I am surprised he isn’t a supporter of BB.


Talk about no filter on someone mouth; Gutfeld  takes the grand prize for some of the remarks he makes with his egotistical personality.


Just when you think they can’t say anything more outrageous over at Fox “News,” host Greg Gutfeld blows your mind again.  The most dangerous person on the planet is somebody who’s seeking strange new respect from their adversaries — and that is what the Pope is doing — he doesn’t want to be your grandfather’s pope, he wants to be a modern pope. All he needs is dreadlocks and a dog with a bandana and he could be on Occupy Wall Street.

We may ask ourselves why is Gutfeld so disrespectful to the Pope? This is the answer.


What is Greg Gutfeld’s religion?
As of 2012 , Gutfeld resides in New York City with his wife, Elena Moussa, whom he met in London, where he lived for three years. He is an agnostic atheist. Gutfeld was raised Catholic and once was an altar boy.
I don’t really believe that politics and religion should bump heads but the Pope could have been expressing his opinion as a citizen of the earth and not the pope.

Why is this comment necessary??? All he needs is dreadlocks and a dog with a bandana and he could be on Occupy Wall Street.  Gutfull really thinks he is funny.

Personally; I can’t help but dislike the guy who struts around wearing his super-ego on his sleeve and his mouth.  People like Gutfull don’t know what the word respect means. He is one classless bloviator.


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Donny Buddy;I know a broad who ….

Donny Buddy;
I know a broad who is a family member; I told her on more than one occasion; you only open your mouth when you shouldn’t. Get the drift???
Whether you figured it out or not, after these debates are over, this will be when the public count all of their marbles and rolls them into the circle of the support for the person they feel is best suited to sit in the Big Chair.
Donald claims was “holding back” during the faceoff because he “didn’t want to do anything to embarrass” Clinton. That comment came after blaming debate moderator Lester Holt of NBC News for being tough on him earlier in the day.
Since when has  Trump been known for holding back or worried about embarrassing anyone?
“For 90 minutes I watched her very carefully and I was also holding back. I didn’t want to do anything that embarrassed her,” Trump said Tuesday. “For 90 minutes, she argued against change, while I called for dramatic change. We have to have dramatic change.”
Donny; as I said in my post yesterday, you have to continue to do what got you to this point, only do it with a little diplomacy and a little less panache.
Mostly everyone knows about the issues that plague the USA and what needs to be done. You have to attack this women’s background, creditability and poor performance but do it gracefully and not with a vengeance. Gotta be in control.
You have to be like the master baker that made a marvelous cake. He is spreading the frosting like a virtuoso playing the violin; caressing the top of the cake with his spatula. As soon as the cake is totally relaxed and unsuspecting because of the delicate massage, then he plunges the knife into the  middle of the cake and open it up.
I thought when BB mentioned what a great job her hubby did as president, that was the opportune time Trump was waiting for. The door was wide open but he didn’t go in.
It is BB’s mission to bring up all the dirt she can, even if she makes some of it up as she is notorious for doing, to destroy Trump and he does not want to embarrass her??? That doesn’t figure.
It is not tooooo late. How many people remember what happened in the 1st – 2nd or 3rd quarter of a football game?? Hardly anyone. What they do remember is the 4th and final quarter and the score.
If Trump wants to win the election, he has to come out firing in the 2nd – 3rd and 4th quarters of the 2 remaining debates and play for all the marbles.
I think that Trump was given some bad advice in the first go round. Knowing that his over the top sarcasm cost him dearly earlier in his campaign, he was walking on egg shells.  We didn’t see the real Trump.
7595            65834
That kind and considerate methodology isn’t going to cut it. He has to go for the jugular but do it with precision and finesse.
Touch lightly on the issues but has to focus on BB’s lack of credibility – her obsessive lying – the cronyism that has protected her through all of her unethical practices – all of the major mistakes she made while she was the Secretary of State, many of which cost Americans their lives.
How much ammo does he need???
Brian Williams did EXACTLY what BB did and he got the boot.
General Petreaus did a lot less than BB did and he was severely  punished.

The list is endless, depending on how far back we want to dig.
How much ammo do you need Donny??????
After Trump touches on these disgraceful activities; he has to look dead into the camera and say to the American people – is this who you want as president of the United States???? 
I will repeat my offer Donny; I am still available for a couple of months. Gotta out-fox the foxette but do it with style and dignity.
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Impartial??? NOT

Lester Holt spins debate for Hillary six huge ways, plays ‘Gotcha’ with Trump

I have always maintained that a person should be good at whatever  they do or find another occupation.

If they are a thief, be a good one – a cook, be a good one – an ambulance chaser, be a good one – a doctor, be a good one – a nurse, be a good one – a good politicians (rare as hen’s teeth)  or a moderating newscaster, be a good one.

Lester Holt hiccupped  real good on that account last night, just when he was starting to get real famous.  Besides being very obvious with his demeanor by leaning toward BB, Les made his partiality  very obvious to people who were paying attention  to the debate.

images     009

One man’s misfortune  is another man’s fortune. It is a good thing for Les that his buddy Brian Williams got shit canned for exaggerated story-telling  (some people may call it bull-shitting) or he wouldn’t have  gotten the break he did.

To start with, (National Biscuit Company) and a few of the others agencies are so biased against Trump that it is ridiculous. In essence, The Donald had two opponents/adversaries on stage last night; BB and Les.

Even Helen Keller could see that Brother Les chose his sides before the broadcast even started last night.  It was very apparent that he was giving BB more slack than Trump in the time allotted for the questions and not cutting her off when he should have. He also pressed Trump harder on some questions than he did BB.

It is a good thing that Fox News is as fair and balanced as it is; if not Trump would be standing in the Sahara Desert in 125-degree temperatures all alone.  Fox is the only news media that gives him a fair shake if he deserves it but also will criticize him if necessary. Trump gets no support from any other news media expect Fox and naturally – The Goomba Gazette


Donny; gotta to get a little more aggressive and nasty in the next round. Let that sarcasm you use so well fly at the appropriate time but try to do it with diplomacy. I am sure you will come out on top.

This event is BB’s last hurrah. If she gets the ax in this contest, we may never see her again.

I still can’t believe that those two gladiators  shook hands before and after the battle, especially when the other person called them everything but a white guy!!! Seems a little hypocritical.

Round two will be a lot better.




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Slight edge to Trump

The one major difference we see between the two combatants is; what you see with BB (Bill’s Bride) is all a put on superficial facade she has so cleverly developed through her years in politics, cleverly using her well-honed skills in trying to deceit the public. Her best delivery what most politicians deliver, lip service and unattainable promises.

How long would these people last in corporate America with their deceit and under performing? I say, they would not last long enough to open their brown bag at lunch time.

Whenever a person has try so hard to put on an act and does not show their true personality, they constantly have to be on edge being very careful to watch which one of their many characters may emerging.

That false/nervous,  smile/smirk she had on her face many times during the debate last night is one of her many sides that she uses to try to camouflage her true; I WOULD LIKE TO GOUGE YOUR EYE BALLS OUT  personality.  Ask some of the secret agents that lived with her.


Will the real BB please stand up or better yet, not!!! As the old saying goes; we never know a person true character unless we live with them.  I mean, it really is not very polite or lady like  to tell your staff to fuck off.

On the other had; we have Donald Trump; the WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET GUY.

People like Trump can be more at ease in most situations because they do not have to be concerned as to which one of their personalities is going to come out. They are the same all the time.

I did a post awhile back saying that Trump had to get his facial expressions under control when in the hot seat. Last night I will give him about a 85% for his efforts to keep them in check. Meanwhile BB consistently showed her displeasure with that horrible laugh and Joke smile of hers.

6            5

JOKER                                                                    BB   Some O Same O

In my opinion; BB sounded like a SAME O SAME O politician that promises the universe and can only come up with spec of sand on a small island, if that.  She continues to echo what Obama has been saying for 7 + years.  Some O rhetoric;  create jobs – lower taxes on the middle class and raise taxes on the rich ( I hope she remembers she and the clan have a 2 billion dollar slush fund they live off of but it is probably tax exempt) – free college  (never explained how to pay for it) – the war on terrorism – the Same O Same O that has been promised for years. The thing she seems to forget; she has played a big part in the way the country has evolved in the last few years.  That should not be taken as a compliment.

The thing she doesn’t want to admit; she has played a very big part in the way the country has operated for many  years, in all of its sectors, since Obama got into office.  This is an issue that Trump should have hammered on her relentlessly but let her off the hook with just a meer mention.   She is a major contributor to the problems we have today.  Trump should have pounded the hell out of her with that very crucial  fact.


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday made tackling climate change one of her key goals were she to enter the White House, pledging to have more than half a billion solar panels (500,000,000,000) installed nationwide by the end of her first term in office.

Are these people living in fantasy land or what to believe that will ever happen? This is just one of the many preposterous promises BB has made in order to attract voters. The cost of such an undertaking would be astronomical and cost prohibitive. If the panels cost $1,000.00 each (probably a conservative estimate) that would come to $500,000,000,000,000

All in all I don’t think there was a clear victor last night, although Trump made BB stutter a couple of times and BB brought out a couple of grimaces onto Trump’s expressions.

Let us be realistic. There isn’t a successful politician or business person alive that hasn’t stepped over the line or on a few toes at one time or another.  To put things in perspective; any person in high places had to step on someone’s toes or push the envelope in order to get where they are.

What the American people have to decide; do they approve of the conditions in this country that are deplorable, some worse than 3rd world countries?  Do they approve of our military being chopped to shreds and making our country more and more vulnerable to our enemies. Do they approve of the constant cover-ups, good old boy mentality and lies in this administration?  Do they approve of our country being $21,000,000,000,000,000 in debt because of mismanagement and give-aways?  Do they approve of the despicable conditions of our infrastructures that are in shambles ( some time crossing a bridge, the driver has to hope they reach the other side before the structure collapses)? Do they approve of the once most powerful nation in the world being humiliated and taken advantage by all of the worlds leaders?  Do they approve of the millions of jobs lost because of impossible regulations for companies? Do the approve of 1,000’s of companies going to other countries to do business? It seems to be the mentality of our government officials that companies and their owners are not supposed to be profitable. Ask many of them how they accrued all of their wealth. The USA has become a joke in world affairs. All the USA does is trying to buy other countries friendship by

The USA has become a joke in world affairs. All the USA does is trying to buy other countries friendship by give away billions when we are dead broke. Does it make sense? Ask they 10’s of 1,000’s of people who are living in carboard boxes under bridges and the other that can’t afford food or medicine.


Dudes; we are 21 trillion dollars in debt and we are donation to 140 countries in the world. Is that where the taxpayers money is supposed to go??? I don’t think so; charity is supposed to begin at home.

Wanna throw out?  Look at the clock.


The United States provided approximately $35 billion in economic aid to over 140 countries* in fiscal year 2014. In the map below the relative size of each country is proportionate to the aid received from the United States and the color of each country indicates GDP per capita. 

When Trump talks about oil rich countries that we are defending at NO COST to them; he is absolutely right.  If they woant to call the USA mercinaries, so be it. At least we can cover our losses with their contributions.  The Uncle Sam giveaway should be stopped immediately.

Why should we be handing out billions to 140 countries when some of them are more financially set than we are. I don’t want to hear about any agreement that was signed 50 years ago. That was then and this is now. Get out the paper shredder.

Many of these arrangements have been set up or implemented while BB has been in politics. She will not admit that people like her are the ones responsible for the condition our country is in.  Now all of a sudden she is going to make drastic changes to USA when she hada hand in developing them.   She is the one that said she was going to follow Obama legacy to the hilt.  Lord have mercy on us!!!!!!

Spoken like a true politicians. I would think she was smarter than to say something like that.  That is like a guy runner for mayor in Chicago that says Al Capone  was his hero. How many votes should he get???

At least we can take to the bank about 70% of what Trump is campaigning on; that is 69% more than we can bank on with BB .

What is it that Trump said at the end of the debate?  Something to the affect that he was going to say something very negative about the family and decided not to???? Interesting. Maybe in the next debate.

However you slice it, it is still bologna. Optimistically the good voting citizens of this country will see through the deciept and back-door dealing that BB and crew has been entrenched for years, that has put the USA in its unacceptable conditions and make them come to a screching hault.


Only a fool keeps putting their hand in the same flame and burning the hell out of it!!






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Tonight is the night.

The political blood bath tonight between The Trumpster & BB  will go down in the books as one of the most watched program in American TV history; possibly one of the most best games of the Dozens ever recorded.

9            images

The way things have been going for BB, she has been looking like a cat on a linoleum floor running 100 miles and hour and going no where.  Possibly some of her sins and her ill health are catching up to the old girl.

If he is pushed into a corner, Trump is going to attack her with everything he has starting way back when  the weed smoking  (I didn’t inhale) love birds first set eyes on each-other through their Hippie flower colored lenses, blood shot eyes.


In this very short video, Wild Bill lied 3 times in about 6 seconds. That pattern that only exacerbated  it self through all of his years in politics.


Once again; how can any decent human-being have any respect or trust in a guy like this. As well all know; birds of a feather flock together. 

There has always been a very complex question through the years; what came first the rooster or the hen (something like that)? Which one of the dynamic duo taught the other one to lie so matter-of-factly? Was it the rooster or the hen????

I did this post below on 4-30-16

Let the games begin

Once and awhile I come up with a brilliant idea. This has to be in my Top 10.If and when Bill’s wife and the Trumpster have their debates; they should rent out the Colosseum in Rome.  It will be the perfect setting for the blood-bath. It is well equipped for the event with the drainage lines that were installed by the Romans when the built the Colosseum 1946 years ago to carry away the blood.

I can just see it.  The rusted steel gates swing open; the noise from the spectators in the packed arena is deafening; the rumble is thunderous coming from the pounding hoofs of her turkey named Bernie that is pulling her chariot.  Bill’s wife is charging Donny on her yellow chariot with her lance at the ready and a beer mug in the other hand.

1images (4)

The Donald, not intimidated by the charging vamp and is standing his ground, yelling obscenities at her as she cross the arena.  You don’t scare you out of control ********.

At the last split second, he side steps the charging enraged dame and her chariot, takes a good aim and thrusts his own lance through her shoulder. She drops the reigns, her chariot flips over and Trump rushes in for the kill.

download (1)4

She rolls over on her back still miraculously still holding her lance and her beer mug in the other hand (never spilled a drop),  takes a swipe and slices open the calf of Trumps leg as he stands over her. The roaring crowd goes silent with the anticipation of the kill as Donny falls directly on top of wounded womeness.   The two combatants wrestle around on the ground for what seemed to be an eternity, screaming, punching, clawing and kicking each-other.  The crowd can tell if they are having sex or who is getting the upper hand.

All of a sudden, The Donald rolls off of Bill’s wife ; stand over her on his one leg with his sword drawn, ready to plunge it into her cold heart and yells at the severely injured women as she lays motionless staring up at her nemesis. This is for you and that cheap old man of yours that only putting a double saw buck ($20.00) in the envelop when you came to my 3rd wedding. I NEVER forget people that piss me off.  You will never be invited to another one. 

As the Trumpster is ready to plug his sword; suddenly a raging storm pushes in over the Colosseum, the entire arena goes black, the noise from the thunder and lightning is skull-cracking; the crowd disperses. In a matter of minutes the Colosseum is completely empty of all spectators.

images (3)

The storm only lasted for a few minutes. Trump still standing, trembling with his trusty sword at the ready to end it all, looks down, much to his surprise, the wounded vamp has disappeared.

The wounded  gladiator screamed as loud as he possibly could;  Son-of-a-bitch,  isn’t that just like a politician; as soon a things get a little rough they are nowhere to be found!!!!  

Let the games begin. I can guarantee one thing, it will definitely be a blood bath when the two combatants go head to head.

Their name calling and insults are going to make a couple of the boys from the hood that are playing the dozens look like amateurs.

There better be a few corpsmen (Navy medical personal attached to the Marine Corps) at the ready to take care of the wounds.

6download (2)

The Marine Corps is ever indebted to their Navy Brothers that through the years have taken such excellent care if the wounded Marines!!!!!

Big Semper Fi to them all.

Let the better man win is the old saying and I agree; being that there is only one man running for the Big Chair.

Commander and Chief

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