A tribute to Michael the Marine …..



Had to have been there to appreciate what Mike the Marine has achieved.

Against all odds, due to all of his hard work, dedication and determination, he is now a proud part of the biggest Brother Hood in the world – The United States Marine Corps.


Semper Fi to brother Mike and all the other Jar heads, past and present who PASSED THE TEST. Take it from one who knows, it was not an easy task. I would do it all over again.

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How many times did Good Old Dad bail him out ….

Hunter Biden’s questionable past and business dealings could undo dad’s bid for White House


In Democratic circles, there have been whispers for years that Hunter Biden could become a liability for his father. Questions about the younger Biden’s overseas business dealings in Ukraine and China as well as his checkered past at home — he dated his brother’s widow, used cocaine, bought crack and allegedly spent so much money in strip clubs and on prostitutes that his family couldn’t pay their bills — has made him an easy target for President Trump.

I had no idea that the lad had such a colorful background. Dated his brother widow?? WOW!! If the pair had kids, he would be their daddy and uncle at the same time. WOW again!! Hell of a man. The widow has to be a piece of work as well.

On the other side of the coin, I am the first one to say; no one should ever be judged by something a family member did.

That being said; what JJ (Jokin Joe) did on his own, he does not need any outside help making himself look bad. Let the record and the photos speak for them-self

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Cross your toes and fingers …

Trump celebrates ‘great day for civilization’ as Pence, Pompeo secure Syria cease-fire agreement


Let us wait and see, if this cease fire goes as planned; what kind of ball busting criticism will THE OTHER SIDE have for Trump.

If PDT found a cure for cancer, THE OTHER SIDE would claim he invented the deadly disease, so he could say he cured it.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

This deal could NEVER have been made 3 days ago. There needed to be some “tough” love in order to get it done. Great for everybody. Proud of all!64.2K2:03 PM – Oct 17, 2019

Tough love is the liver I have been talking about. Many times in life we have to do many unpleasant/uncomfortable things in order to achieve our ultimate goals. Tough love and eating liver go hand in hand.

Hats off to PDT

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Pay me now or pay me later …..

Kids that abuse alcohol and drugs have no idea what harm they are causing their bodies and minds.


The aftermath of excessive boozing and the use of drugs may not surface for years. But you can be sure, with constant abuse either or both, they will show up sooner or later.

What is the answer?? We have to teach our kids right from wrong and to be the masters of their on ship. We have to be the examples they follow. We can not preach to our kids to behave themselves, if we are stumbling around dead drunk or high.

Teach them to always be a leader and not a wondering sheep. Leaders turn into great people, followers are a dime a dozen, many times wind up sleeping under a bridge.

It is human nature to say; it can not happen to me; until it does. We do have choices.

Pay me now or pay me later – a word to the wise should be sufficient.

The sins we commit when we are younger, are the sins we pay for as we get older.

Pay me now or pay me later!!!!!

Watch the video.

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I call it the most dangerous website in the world ….

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has been critical of Big Tech for some time. In a Wednesday interview, he joined a growing group of lawmakers, technologists and activists who have voiced support for breaking up Facebook.

“It’s addictive, it’s not good for you, they’re after your kids, they’re running political ads that aren’t true … and they’re also acquiring other companies and commingling [other firms’ user data] into theirs,” Benioff said, in reference to Facebook’s acquisitions of Instagram, WhatsApp and other companies, in an interview with CNN. “And I think at that point, because they’re now doing that, that they probably should be broken up. Because they’re having an undue influence as the largest social media platform on the planet.”

Let us call them what they really are, obsessions. People, not only kids have an unexplained compulsion to reveal their most inner secrets and what should be their private information, spilling their guts to the world.

They can not be that naive (or can they) not to know; whatever they post on-line can seen by everyone on the planet.

5 Dangers of Social Media for Teens | All Pro Dad
https://www.allprodad.com › Articles › Parenting › Technolog

They will consistently press the boundaries and take risks, some with serious consequences. The Internet, particularly social media, is another outlet for possible downfall. When it comes to technology and teens normally the dangerous things that come to mind are sexting, online predators, and cyberbullying.



  • Bullying online “cyber bullying”
  • Sharing too much information
  • Vulnerability to predatory adults
  • Sharing photos or video that you later regret
  • Exposure to large amounts of commercial advertisements which may not be age appropriate
  • Risk of identity theft
  • Reduced amount of time for physical activity

There are people of all ages out there that post every daily move they make, that can and does set them up for malicious people and nefarious predators.

Can these harmful social-media addictions ever be reversed. I don’t think so, people are too consumed with them. They are just another example of putting another nail in mankind’s coffin. It is astonishing that the masses can not see the forest on account of the trees.

Take a look at what caused the Greatest power on earth to crumble. The similarities to the conditions in this country and the world are shocking. The only thing missing is; Facebook and other social media were non-existent.


We have to be the masters of our own ship. We have to control which course we take in life and realize the easiest is not always the best.

DEF: I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul means that It is me who determines what my future will bring by the way l see life and prepare myself to face its realities. It puts you in the driving seat of your life. … I am the captain of my soul means that I have the power to choose the mood I will be in.


Words to the wise should be sufficient, but they are not. There are 1,000’s of ways to keep ourselves safe and out of danger, but most people ignore them. We do not have to live in fear or paranoia, we just have to live smart. It is a brutal world out there and getting worse by the day.

You don’t agree?? If so, you have you head where the sun does not shine.

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Stand-up lady ….

Rachael Ray: ‘If you’re an American, the American Dream is still alive.’

It is refreshing to see one of the celebs that is appreciative of what this country has given her.


“This is totally different, it’s not just a cookbook, it’s a scrapbook,” she told the hosts. “It’s kind of like a mini-memoir of my life. I wrote it because I wanted to celebrate all of the wonderful opportunities — I’m going to cry — that I’ve had in my life and I wanted to prove to people that anybody could be Rachael Ray. If you’re an American, the American Dream is still alive.

“It’s a love story. It’s an ode to being an American. A grateful American. A grateful American waitress and food professional.”

It is not that hard sports fans to be a patriot and support your country. BUTT like a spoiled brat that has everything handed to them all their lives, some fools can not and will not acknowledge how good they have it.

There is an army of socialists fools who are living the America dream, but are constantly trying to tear it down with their Political Ponzi Scheme. They are using the laws of the land to work for them and against the country.


They are like the person that was invited to dinner at someones house, after they stuffed their faces and gorged themselves, they spit the food into their hosts face.

I have no problem with critics. I am probably one of the biggest ones. The key words to being a critic are, truthful and fair. If those two words are not implemented, it is only Boulder Rolling and a witch hunt.

Nice to see that Rachael appreciates the opportunities this country has given her and she is not reluctant to acknowledge it. There should be more celebs and highly visible people who have the onions she does and not ashamed to admit it.


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Yes I will, no I won’t – yes I will, no I won’t …

Pelosi announces House won’t vote now on whether to begin impeachment inquiry


NUMBER 3 IN LINE seems as confused as a bride on her wedding day, as whether she should walk down the isle or not. Yes I will, no I won’t – yes I will, no I won’t …

Any intelligent person – I said any intelligent person would have to assume, before making threats of impeachment to the President of the USA, they would ALREADY have an air-tight, solid concrete case against the prez. BUTT not Nan. She is so spaced out, she admitted she NEVER read the transcript between PDT & the Ukraine president before she was putting the noose around his neck.

Nancy Pelosi admits she hasn’t read the Ukraine call transcript …
https://www.yahoo.com › news › nancy-pelosi-admits-she-hasnt-150118706

Sep 25, 2019 – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Trump breached his constitutional … Nancy Pelosi admits she hasn’t read the Ukraine call transcript but says Trump will be ….. They want to erase your vote like it never existed.

To my way of thinking, she did a piss poor job of performing due diligence. How can any competent person take such an outlandish position if they are not 1,000% sure of their accusation?? The key word being, COMPETENT.

With all of the evidence she is supposed to have to justify an impeachment, she may have realized her case has as many holes in it as the colander she uses to drain her pasta. It will not hold water.

BUTT than again, I don’t even know if # 3 knows how to cook.

If she was positive she had enough dirt on PDT to hang him, the impeachment proceedings would have began months ago.

The old saying is; shit or get off the pot Nan. This cello you have been playing is way out of tune.


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