Nearly everyone BUTT Cagy Carmy agrees ….

What else would I expect The Token to say??? What if – what if it was her crib that was raided illegally by law enforcement when there were several other LEGAL avenues that could have been taken to secure the obtain documents??

In her own words defending the raid and bad mouthing Trump:

Vice President Kamala Harris said on Friday that she has “full confidence” in the Department of Justice after the search warrant that was used during the FBI raid of former President Trump’s Florida residence was unsealed.

“Well, as a former prosecutor, I will tell you, I don’t speak about anybody else’s case, but I have full confidence that the Department of Justice will do with the facts and the law requires,” Harris said in response to a reporter’s question.

Carmy wants to talk about her record as a prosecutor:

She may tout herself as a “progressive prosecutor,” but Kamala Harris’ record as a career California prosecutor suggests otherwise.

Harris — who made history Tuesday as presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s pick for vice president — has long faced criticism over her prosecutorial record, with skeptics saying she skewed in favor of police and was too slow, and even sometimes mum, on criminal justice reform.

As California’s attorney general from 2011 to 2017, she refused to endorse a 2015 bill calling for a special prosecutor to investigate deadly police shootings, the Sacramento Bee reported.

She also rejected calls from civil rights groups to investigate deadly police shootings in Los Angeles and San Francisco, following the 2014 police-involved killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

In 2015, Harris required body cameras for California Department of Justice agents but didn’t support legislation mandating them for all police officers.

These examples are just the tip of the icepick. She conducted her time as a prosecutor the same way she is conducting her position as vice president. Piss poor.

Carmy is calling the attacks on law enforcement (meaning Trump criticizing the FBI for illegal raid) “unacceptable.”

I would venture to say; if an honest polls taken throughout the country, an overwhelming majority people would agree the legal raid was illegal. If they can do it to an ex president, they certainly will do it to you.

More pearls coming out of Carmy; I think it’s just highly irresponsible of anyone who calls themselves a leader and certainly anyone who represents the United States of America to engage in rhetoric for the sake of some political objective that can result in harm to law enforcement officers and agents,” Harris said.

Isn’t this what her party does on a daily basis, bad mouthing the other side for political gain??

Carmy; if the shoes fit put them on. It has been several years since the FBI has been under scrutiny for bad decision making and not doing their jobs according to the law as they were sworn to.

I really cannot blame the ground pounders, the guys on the front lines, for following orders and doing what they were told. The ILLEGAL raid was approved of and sanctioned from the very top. The guy with the assault rifle we’re just following orders.

Message for Carmy: If you live in a glass house you should lean to keep your trap shut, especially with a track record like yours.

Message #2 for Carmy: you have only been right once since sliding under the door of the Big House with, Kamikaze Joe when you said;

Kamala Harris blasted for claiming ‘voters got what they asked … › media › kamala-harris-blasted…

Mar 1, 2022 — Vice President Kamala Harris was blasted by critics Monday for claiming during a speech at the White House that American voters “got what …

Girl, you will never be able to live is one down. You sound a hell of a lot better when you fermer la bouche.

Go do something you are good at, like shopping in Paris.

Why bother – I don’t even like to cook
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AND ………………………………..

Hunter Biden helped former Biden aide with House campaign while working with his CCP-tied business partner

Then-Vice President Biden hosted at least four fundraisers and campaign events for Fran Person in 2016

And ……………………..; same old bullshit – just lip service. The imbecilic that are allowing The Brat to slide, and not be held accountable are only creating a bigger monster than he already is.

Take down The Brat and Kamikaze goes with him

What a F-in bum and poor excuse for a man.

WANNA see what a piece of trash and the garbage collector looks like???

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Talk about a bunch of demented bastards ….

California Department of Education advocates books promoting gender transitions to kindergartners

The recommended books were part of the California Department of Education’s ‘curriculum and resources’ on their website

Imbeciles such as these are not satisfied allowing kids to grow up and mature mentally and physically naturally. Because of their demented views on life, these mental midgets are force feeding the kids, directing them into very dangerous waters.

The first humans emerged in Africa around two million years ago, long before the modern humans known as Homo sapiens appeared on the same continent. Ever since than there has not been a problem with human beings deciding for themselves, naturally maturing and evolving into the sex they were born with. Or if they were pulled in the other direct naturally, later in their lives, it was their choice not some progressive liberals STEERING them in the other direction.

Talk about a bunch of demented bastards; they can join hands with their counterparts in NY that teach kids how to JACK-OFF in the 1st grade. WTF is happening to this country?? They wonder why it is going down the tubes.

This is one of the worst examples I have ever seen where some very twisted people are trying to manipulate the younger generations because of their sick beliefs.

NYC School Teaches First Graders About Masturbation … › National › New York

May 31, 2021 — Parents have sent complaints to the $55000-per-year Dalton School in New York City after it was revealed that first-graders were taking sex …

There must be a gigantic thing-tank somewhere where all of these imbeciles congregate, trying to outdo the other one another to see which one of them is the most stupid and who can come up with the most harmful and maniacal ideas to destroy/poison our young kids minds.

These fools are in the same group of dangerous idiots that are promoting defunding or eliminating cops. I hope that someday they ALL are confronted by some stark raving maniac carrying a shot off shotgun, sticks it halfway down their throat; who would they be looking for to save their life??

All of these ridiculous and unnatural can of worms that they are opening well absolutely come back and haunt them and the rest of society1,000 fold.

I have been standing on my soapbox screaming for years; the most logical way of conducting one’s life, is through common sense. If something does not make sense, not having a normal and healthy perspective, it has to be dangerous.

Is there no end to the stupidity of some people?? Let the kids evolve and mature naturally on their own. It is not necessary to have some wack jobs trying to change the course of their life through brainwashing.

The California Department of Education’s recommended reading list promotes books for kindergartners about students transitioning, and for high schoolers about students kneeling during the national anthem. 

It seems to me, the twisted fools in Calif need to have their department of education get a good education.

What really baffles me, these are decision maker are supposed to be the cream of the crop in the education field. HHUA.

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Quit turning the other cheek ….

Gas prices dip below $4 a gallon, here’s why it still could be bad news for Biden

President Joe Biden has repeatedly touted the gas price decline

The good news of lower gas prices is still not as good as it should be. It has a long way to go to get back to being reasonable and where it should be. The bad news is bad because, Kamikaze Joe is bad news and should not be forgiven or let off the hook for how he put this country into turmoil.

Anyone who has a half ounce of brains that is willing to take an honest and objective look at the deplorable conditions in this country and still supports K J, they are is as sick as he is.

They are the same dummies that bought a 6 pack of Rolling Rock one week for 2.00 – the next week it cost 8.oo – the week after bought the same beer for 6.oo and thinks they are getting a bargain.

Folks; the government under K J’s administration is screwing the American royal and does not even have the courtesy to us a little Vaseline.

Supposedly the USA has more underground oil than any other country on earth, but makes it very difficult with their enormous mountains of red tape for contractors to drill for it.

YETTTTT we have a PP Pathetic president that is going across the pond on bended knees, bumping fisting the prince like he is 10 years old, kissing the ass of the A-Rabs to allow us to buy their oil.

When I was young and stupid, naïve, I used to think that there was some honor among thieves and people took care of others that made them successful. Was I wrong, but it used to be that way. Without the support of the United States, needless to say there were in abundance of backdoor dealings, many of the the Arab countries would still be shitting out of their back windows and going to the market place on their dromedaries instead of a Rolls Royce. It is not uncommon at all for selfish people to forget who made them successful. Without the assistance of the USA, most of the countries in the Middle East we’ll still be reading their scriptures by candlelight. How easy it is to forget.

Back to Kamikaze Joe; he F-ed-up this country so bad, I don’t really know if it is repairable. Because of his ignorance and leaning towards socialism, Kamikaze put our country back 20 years, now is trying to somewhat be instrumental (not much) in easing the burden of high prices; now he wants the entire population to kiss his ring or ass.

In an attempt to save face, (little if an left) K J has came up with an economic policy that is supposed to be a cure-all for all the country’s financial and environmental dilemmas. When the experts reviewed his proposal they concluded, if it works at all, it will not kick in for another 10 years. Talk about the deceit at it’s highest level.

Just about the entire political system this comprises of nothing but smokescreens and lies to keep the taxpayers in the dark and guessing at all times.

I don’t want to be too rough on the guy, although he does not deserve any slack, I wouldn’t be surprised if his claims of having cancer and Covid twice were nothing but a lot of bullshit, to get sympathy from the public.

Can we believe any of what the guy says?? If he can get the prices back to where they were when Trump was sitting in the big chair, close the immigration gates, clean up our infrastructure as he promised, I would be first in line to congratulate him. Until then – a gift from my little buddy.

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How many pretenders will show up at the front door ….

Elite all-girls school in Nashville now admits anyone who identifies as female

Harpeth Hall stated in its ‘Gender Diversity Philosophy’ that anyone who identifies as female can apply

And we ask; why our world is so screwed up??? Anyone that can identify as a female leaves a very wide door to opened. I wonder how many pretenders are going to show up at the doorsteps??

Will the applicants have to lift up their skirts or fully undress to authenticate themselves?? Doesn’t sound good to me.

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Better yet – shit can Kamikaze Joe …….

LIVE UPDATES:Trump raid blowback could cost top Biden official his job, GOP senator warns

The buck should stop at Kamikaze’s desk. No one can bullshit me Kamikaze did not have prior knowledge of the illegal raid. The full weight of the repercussions should fall on his shoulders.

By the pictures I saw of the FBI in full combat dress pulling off their illegal raid, it looked more like to me they were raiding Pablo Escobar or El Chapo encampment rather than the ex president of the United states is personal home.

Being that the mission was a illegal, clandestine, off the wall raid and took such high priority, were the FBI Raiders under orders to shoot to kill any of the occupants of the home if they resisted?? If not, WTF does this agent need that assault rifle for??

I just cannot get over the stupidity some of the authorities in the United States government that would try to pull off such ass-a-nine maneuver like this and think they can get away with it.

As of yet no one is sure what they expected to find, but it seems to be the consensus that they could have obtained these documents in legal fashion rather than the vigilante style they pulled.

I hope PDT can exact his revenge (comeuppance) someday for all of the prosperous, never proven shenanigans they tried to hang on him and were unsuccessful.

It either took a lot of balls – stupidity – ignorance – unmitigated nerve or all of the above to participate in such a raid on an x-presidents crib. Where the hell were Trump’s Secret Service agents hiding that are supposed to lay down their life to protect him??

This whole incident stinks like tuna boats that has been left in the100 degree heat for six months without being cleaned.

I would venture to say; even PDT’s staunches opposition ()if they are honest) will see all of the illegality of this. If these pricks are allowed to get away with trying to shaft Trump, they will have no boundaries.

All part of the BIG SCHEME for power and control.

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Paying the price – the best is yet to come ….


Published August 10, 2022 2:00am EDT

Police exodus ‘crisis’: Officers are ditching the job at a rate ‘never seen before’

‘We have a crisis right now in manpower,’ a top police official said

When the asshole completely drops out of the USA, who is going to wear the jacket?? At this rate, believe me , “D” day is not too far off.

Let us take a good look at where the USA is going, lawlessness up in record numbers, people that do not want to work, politicians more corrupt than ever, a president that can not even remember his F-in name, environmental issues, disastrous infrastructure, at odds with some of the major superpowers, the list is endless.

The glue that has held this society together for so many decades is law-enforcement. Now because of the ignorance of the fools backing the defunding or eliminating the cops are getting a stronghold while much of the country is in shambles. We have a commander in chief telling the entire country, conditions have never been better . WFR is this fool hiding under??

Not getting support from anyone, the boys and girls in blue are hitting the exit doors in droves. If following this pattern continues, all we are going to be left with are empty police stations all around the country and no one to assist in the time of emergencies. The end story can only be disastrous.

How and when will this end?? Not good.

The people that support these movements are slowly but surely dismantling this country piece by piece. If I stretch my imagination to extremes and multiply that by 1,000; I still would not even get close to understanding their horrendous game plan that will certainly lead to fall/demise of this country. Is that what socialism is all about, complete dependency government??

On top of the fact that authorities are handcuffing cops and expecting them to do their jobs, More than 210 police and law enforcement officers have been shot in the line of duty so far this year as of July 31 – up 14% from the same time last year, according to data provided by the FOP earlier this month, and only getting worse. Who in the hell signed up for that.

This country is now and in the future (the future is here) are going to pay a big price for the incompetence and recklessness in which these cities are governed.

Folks; there cannot be any good coming out of this and yet it seems to be picking up speed.

I have used this example so many times before. Our leaders that are supposed to keep this country safe and in order are cutting the grass while their houses are burning to the ground.

What fire????

In all of their ignorance, do they really believe all of these problems are going correct themselves??? NEVER HAPPEN. There needs to be some decisive and positive action taken immediately to eliminate any further disruption of our society and the loss of our police forces.

Pay me now or pay me later?? Later has arrived.

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WTF – a little over the top would you say !!!!!

What was this prick going to do with that assault weapon if PDT did not co-operate, mow his ass down????

Let’s get real folks and respect the office that the man held. This fiasco could have been done/executed legally in so many different other ways for some ridiculous unanswered reason, these asshole look like they were going after Pablo Escobar.

Whether you like the guy or not, the office he held must be respected. I hope the fuck PDT takes all of the perpetrators over the coals using legal means to get even. Or better yet, when he wins the election in 2024, he should hire some of my cousins from Italy to do the Tarantella on each one of their heads, individually.

I can not ever remember any case of this amount of disrespect shown to president in or out of office.

The maggot Wild Willie crossed the line so blatantly with his UNDER THE DESK act and still have millions of fools slobbering over the sex fiend. That just goes to show us how low morality has sunk in recent years.

It is going to be very interesting to see how this illegal raid pans out.

My dear old Jar buddy John Martin once told me; if Trump cured cancer, the bastards would say he invented it purposely so he could say he cured it.

Not too far from the truth.

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To put it in a nut shell; they shit in their pants with the fear they have for PDT …..

Trump posts campaign ad-style video to Truth Social following FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump’s campaign ad-style video is just the latest hint that the former president may be building up to a run for the White House in 2024

This is all about the outsider barging his way in unwanted, uninvited and raining in their parade. In all actuality, many of the people in the Republican Party we’re not, are not too happy this brash/bold outsider came in and threw a monkey wrench into their well oiled and controlled machine.

Psychologically people with very low self esteem and very little confidence in themself are deathly afraid of confident, strong people.

As I have said so many times before, Trump maybe a lot of the things people call him. Of his own doing; what has made him so strong is also his Achilles heel. It is perfectly suitable to run your mouth if what you are saying has merit and substance. Problem is PDT in many cases, he does not think before he speaks. What goes into his ears comes out of his mouth spontaneously, many times putting him in hot water.

WTF is the FBI looking for???

If the public is so concerned about a man’s personality or what their behavior was 30 years ago, they are barking up the wrong tree. I can guarantee one thing, if PDT was sitting in the big chair now, we would not find ourself in the deplorable conditions we are in with so many different areas, at home or abroad. Just about every president that sat in the big chair had many skeletons in their own closet.

The only thing that the public should be concerned with is, how the person in the top seat performs his presidential duties and keeps the country healthy financially and safe. No one can argue the fact, based on documented evidence that Trump did just that.

Love or hate him, give PDT the recognition he deserves.

I can’t wait to find out exactly what the FBI will find in his Mara Lago mansion. If they come away with only air as they have in all the other attacks on Trump, that alone would be astounding to find out he was set up once again.

The only thing I can come away with; someone – some very influential fools have a GIANT HARD-ON for Trump and will not let go. They started to bust his balls way back before 2016 trying to dig up dirt on him and have not got off the bandwagon since.

Why not a search warrant or a subpoena to obtain the records instead of a raid like a common Criminal.

If nothing else, this off the wall act that is possibly illegal, a Clan Destin raid on the x-president’s home by the FBI is nothing but a contrived conspiracy to once again to try and take president Trump down; not making him a suitable candidate for 2024. Just think of what the degenerate backstabbing politicians that were behind this can do to a common citizen if they can hold an x-president feet to the fire. 

Underhanded activities like this are just the precursor/example of how this criminal laced administration operates and a very big indicator of, they will stop at nothing to keep Trump from running in 2024.

Realistically I think they are too ignorant/stupid/self-consumed to see and understand all these clandestine illegal activities can backfire on them. Hopefully this will be the case.

Never let anybody fool you, the people behind these movements are very powerful, well connected, determined in their cause, loaded to the gills with and have access to unlimited amounts of $oldi to fund their illegal activities. Unfortunately that makes them a very formidable opponent.

Along with the rest of the supposedly pillars of our community and country (all know who they are), the FBI that was once held in very high esteem, now has fallen to the wayside and in some cases has become as corrupt or worse than the people they investigate.

One of the real kickers in all of these illegal one-sided scenarios; it has been documented and proven that Kamikaze Joe and his brat kid are nothing but a couple of F-in thieves, guilty as sin , but the authorities refused to act on it. As of yet, I have not seen any raids on their houses or places of business.

In his own words. His old man (MY GUY) has raised him and taught him be a bigger thief than he is.

One of the primary reasons the authorities are not going after The Brat, his testimony if truthful will take his old man down with him.

Yessssss; the Gestapo that raided PDT crib illegally are probably the same people who are turning a blind eye and deaf blind ear to Jesse and Frank James. I hate insult the James family, they had a lot more dignity and character as these two fools.

On the other side of the coin we have Donald Trump who without a doubt crossed the line a few or many times in his quest as a businessman to become successful, but the authorities really have never come up with anything conclusive that could nail him to the cross. Butttttttt, they continue to investigate the shit out of him. Double standards????? You bet your sweet ass.

Same old story. If Trump needs to learn only one thing, how to control hid mouth.

Is there any illegal or underhanded maneuver the other side will not stoop to, to put the burn on PDT?? It certainly does not appear that way to me. Optimistically, if there is a good/honest side to the law hidden away somewhere, they have to go public and expose these saboteurs, putting them behind bars for a few years. This government was not founded and the disastrous principles these maggots are displaying.

That would be just as likely as putting Kamikaze Joe and The Brat away for a few years. Never happen.

The more shit these lefters throw in the game, the weaker the USA is becoming. We are supposed to be country of unity and strength instead of monumental discourse between parties.

Just another black eyes for the world to see and another nail in our coffin.

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What kind of cheap dope are the ignorant fools sucking on ….

Politico gushes over ‘pretty impressive’ Biden legislative achievements

The playbook authors also wrote that there was ‘not much debate anymore’ over whether Biden is a ‘consequential president’

Everything this moron touched since he’s been in office has been an absolute catastrophe. These F-in blind sheep praises of his gotta be sucking on some low grade weed or watered down white powder.

WTF are they looking at?? You know the old cliche, the more the son-of-a-bitch lies, they more they believe their own bullshit.

Politico’s playbook lauded President Biden as one of the most “legislatively successful presidents of the modern era” on Sunday after the Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act. 

“Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act will make Biden one of the most legislatively successful presidents of the modern era. We once noted that the mismatch between the size of Biden’s ambitions and his margins in Congress made it seem like he was trying to pass a rhinoceros through a garden hose. It ended up being more like a pony, but it’s still pretty impressive,” the Playbook authors wrote.

There has not been one single project or undertaking that Kamikaze Joe has initiated which has turned out on a positive note. GMAGFB!!!!!

Politico gushes over the invisible, Candelilla make believe, fairy tale stories, farfetched, hypothetical, accomplishments of Kamikaze. GMAGFB!!!! I have something they can gush over.

I don’t see why they should change their MO now. They bullshitted their way into a presidential victory, so why stop now.

In one respect you have to give these relentless bastards a lot of credit for being absolute experts and professional bullshit slingers. on top of their game with dishonesty and deceitfulness.

As the novice gay guy said on his maiden voyage; the first time I did it was the hardest. The same holds true with crooked politicians and their relentless lying and disillusionment.

Let us wait and see if Kamikaze Joe can really do something productive. If he does I will be the 1st to compliment him, if he doesn’t (true to form) he can expect some boulders to be rolled at him.

Am I F-in Clairvoyant or what. I was just watching ABC News on YouTube and the reporters stated that these Innovations in the inflation reduction that Kamikaze Joe has initiated probably will not take effect for at least 10 years, if that. GMAFB.


As I said earlier in the post, these people are so pathetic in the function of their job that they find it necessary to lie and be deceitful to the public, to keep everybody blindfolded, and hidden from the truth to keep their popularity up. Sad is sad can be.

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