If there ever was a trial …

Eric Holder: Trump could be prosecuted after leaving office, but at a ‘potential cost to the nation’


What does TMC’s right-hand-man have to say about the witch hunt that has cost the nation billions of dollars and shameful behavior since Trump took office??

Did Trump break some rules?? Probably, BUTT tell me which politician has not. I still contend, the investigators should be investigated.

If the authorities want to dig deep, it should be TMC and Holder in the hot seat. They had the power while in office and they used it to the extremes.

It seems that the majority of politicians forget one very important element after they get into office. They were elected to serve the people, not to ingratiate themselves and further their personal causes.

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Interesting facts about the Islamic faith …

Defiant Iran blasts Pompeo’s Saudi-attack accusations as ‘blind and futile comments’

Reply to allegation that in Islam lying is permissible for …
https://www.alislam.org › articles › reply-to-allegation-that-in-islam-lying-i…

The allegation is made that in Islam lying is deemed permissible so long as it is … called taqiyya that permits Muslims to lie if necessary for the good of the faith!

First and foremost; supposedly all of the atrocities, war – killing – bombing – terrorist actions are all done in the name of their god. If there is a god, there is only one. What kind of god would condone the actions of such brutal people??

Secondly, what kind of religion allows a person t deliberately lie??

The allegation is made that in Islam lying is deemed permissible so long as it is … called taqiyya that permits Muslims to lie if necessary for the good of the faith!

I ask; what about killing?? Is that accepted in the faith as OK, if they deem necessary?

Talk about a contradiction.

A Call to the Muslims of the World | Center for Inquiry
https://centerforinquiry.org › blog › a-call-to-the-muslims-of-the-world

Aug 10, 2018 – “Islam would never support the killing of innocent people. … The Qur’an takes away the freedom of belief from all humanity and … The holy Prophet prescribes fighting for us and tells us that “it is good for us even if we dislike it” (2:216). …. Darul Harb is the land of the infidels, Muslims are required to infiltrate …

So what does say for the leaders of the Muslims that hide behind religion as an excuse/reason for their deplorable actions, in the name of their god?? Not much!!

They are just over-the-top, brutal, fanatics that want to take control of the entire earths population and are willing to remove/eliminate/kill anyone that disagrees with their philosophies.

In the words of Donald Trump for the leaders of these movement, they are very bad people.

Whatever happened to the old cliche; live and let live?? I may not agree with the way another man runs his household, but that does not give me the green light to go into his home and annihilate his entire family.

Just like in every other walk of life, there are good people and there are bad people. To me it seems that there are too many people of the Islamic faith that espouse to their leaders nefarious tactics; ALL IN THE NAME OF GOD!!

Interesting article: https://www.pewforum.org/2017/07/26/terrorism-and-concerns-about-extremism/

5. Terrorism and concerns about extremism

Since 2011, U.S. Muslims have become more concerned about extremism in the name of Islam around the world. At the same time, most believe there is little support for extremism within their own community, even as the general public disagrees.

Let put it in a nut shell and say this. IFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, there are some Muslims that are opposed to the maniacal methods of their leaders, they must have duct tape over their mouths.

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Someone thinks Brown dropped the ball ……

Antonio Brown loses endorsement deal with helmet manufacturer Xenith amid sexual assault investigation: report

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1-21.jpg

We really don’t know if Brown crossed the line and sexually abuse someone, BUTT if I were a betting man …..

Take a look at R Kelly and all of the raps he beat, not because he was innocent, BUTT because he was a celeb and had a very high priced ambulance chaser representing him. It cost this degenerate a fortune to come out on top. ANDDDDD what did he do after the non-guilty verdicts, went out and rape more kids and women.

R. Kelly: The history of allegations against him


It is sinful that some of these bad boys beat the system only because of who they are and how much $oldi they have in the bank. The fools that support them are as bad as the crime they committed.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1-20.jpg


Hopefully Brown gets what is coming to him, one way or another.

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They pull the strings, the puppet reacts …

Opinion: Turns out the right thing is to let Antonio Brown play … pending further review

I don’t happen to agree, but who am I??

Roger Dodger is nothing but a puppet on the strings of the NFL owners.



This dude has a hell of an agent; The five-year deal is worth up to $200 million including potential …

How Roger Goodell’s $200 Million Payday Compares To …
https://www.forbes.com › sites › kurtbadenhausen › 2017/12/07 › how-ro…

Dec 7, 2017 – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has signed a contract extension that runs through the 2023 season. The five-year deal is worth up to $200 million including potential … CEOs of S&P 500 companies earned $13.1 million on average in … So Goodell is hardly the only CEO making bank, but he is near the ...

For what I ask???? Roger had to have caught a couple of the owners in the hay loft or coming out of a massage parlor and uses it as a bargaining/blackmail chip against them.

This among other issues, is why I have such a dislike for the NFL Un-American, gutless NFL owners. Years back, they would have NEVER allowed the shenanigans to exist in their organization. But way back then, men were men an boys were boys. These days, it is sometime impossible to tell what gender these fools represent. The only balls they have are the pig-skin ones that some of their coaches deflate to increase the odds of winning games.

It is all about the money folks, don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

This article is 2 years old, so I can amuse, the price of poker has gone up dramatically.

The Cost of a Family Trip to a Football/Baseball/Basketball …
https://www.fatherly.com › Play

Sep 12, 2017 – According to recently-published numbers, 2016 saw the cost of taking a family of four to a single NFL game hit an average of $502.84. For comparison, that’s a 232 percent increase from $151.33 in 1991.

Now tell me they are not raping the public. And who is in the thick of much of the decision making?? Naturally Roger Dodger. How else could Roger get 200 million on a 5 year contract? Where do the foolish die-hard fans think the a good portion of the $oldi comes from??

Keep going to the games and watching them on the tele folks. I hear Roger Dodger needs another new jet.

Roger Goodell’s contract demands reportedly include $50 million per year and a private jet. Negotiations between Roger Goodell and NFL owners regarding the extension of the commissioner’s contract have been tense.

Take a good guess. He did get what he wanted.

Closing note: If Antonio Brown was not the super star that he is, he would never be allowed out of the locker room. Take that to the bank.

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Just a slap on her diamond bracelet …..

With Felicity Huffman sentenced to 14 days, will the judge make an example of Lori Loughlin?

Her Honorable Justice Judge Indira Talwani gave Huffman just enough time to appease the public and not make herself look bad.

Part of the sentencing agreement was; Huffman had to autograph 300 pictures so the judge can give them to her grand-kids and their friends. Plus liberal access to the lot where her series are being shot.

The prison Huffman is being sent to is nothing but a country-club/vacation spot for the special criminals. They do not even have fences or bars on the premises.

I can’t help but wonder what kind of sentence a person would get if they were not of celebrity status?? Foolish question.

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As long as it does not come out of their pocket directly …

Rob Smith: Dems pander for black votes by exploring reparations for slavery – my vote isn’t for sale


Look back at all of my posts on the phony, hypocritical politicians and the way they spend the governments money opposed to how they would spend theirs.

If they were paying the tab, they would be eating at Burger King and shacking up at Motel 6.

By Rob Smith | Fox News

Rob Smith, a black conservative interviewed some of these heavy hitters and asked if they would like to donate directly out of their coffers to THE REPARATION cause all of them are so aggressively pushing. You will not be surprised by their answer.

Smith walked up to them, I told them that as a black American I wanted to know if they could give me cash reparations on the spot for the unquestionable injustice my ancestors suffered as slaves. I helpfully gave them several methods of payment, including PayPal and credit cards.

He spoke with Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, author Marianne Williamson, Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York (who has since dropped out of the race), Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, businessman Andrew Yang, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro and former Rep. John Delaney of Maryland.

Not surprisingly, no candidate agreed to his request for an immediate cash payment. Most said they support legislation in Congress to study the issue of reparations for the descendants of slaves. Delaney was a notable exception, saying he doesn’t support reparations.

Smith calls what the hypocrites are doing is pandering, I call it , trying to suck them in to get the the vote. Is that disgraceful or what.

It is OK if the funding for their to get the vote scam, comes out of some one else pocket, BUTT if it came directly out of their account, that is where their loyalty to the cause takes a gigantic nose dive. True believers do not pick and chose.

Just like Occasio’s pipe-dream/bullshit scheme platform; it is all smoke and mirrors.


I think that the ridiculousness of all the hypothetical scams these fools are proposing are being recognized for exactly what they are and are hurting the far-lefters more than they are helping them.

When we take a close look at all of their preposterous proposals, it is fair to say that these pandering/pathetic/puppets think all Americana are ignorant. They are actually insulting our ecnegilletni.

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He’s a high-priced football player..

When I called Antonio Brown a prima donna the other day in one of my posts, I was being too kind. It appears that this guy is nothing but and over-indulged trouble maker.

The average person could make a living on the fines Brown had to kick back to the NFL for misbehaving himself.


ALAMEDA, Calif. — Star receiver Antonio Brown said Wednesday that the Oakland Raiders have fined him close to $54,000 for missing a practice and walkthrough last month.

Brown posted a letter on his Instagram account from general manager Mike Mayock saying that he was fined $40,000 for an unexcused absence from practice on Aug. 18 and $13,950 for skipping a walkthrough in Winnipeg on Aug. 22.


He may be one hell of a receiver, BUTT he definitely better not look to poetry to make a living.

It is not bad enough that THE BOY has an exceptionally bad habit of not following the team rules, it seems his escapades have filtered into the locker-room as well. If true, the pampered brat has sexual assault charges leveled against him by one of the team trainers. It appears that Brown sexually assaulted the trainer 3 times in 2018.

The article did not specify whether the trainer was a man or a woman, so, one has to consider that maybe Brown is a switch hitter?? No, he doesn’t play baseball.

Brown is just another example of what adverse results there are when pampering and spoiling a person.

As far as the credibility of the NFL goes, they are complete fools. If it is not apparent, all that matters to them is the $oldi and winning football games. In recent years they have turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to so many infractions of their rules, all for the sake of the almighty dollar. They are repulsive example of what sportsman ship and rule enforcing should be all about. They are a few men and women owners with no balls.

The tail is wagging the dog instead of the dog wagging the tail.

It is like the comment from a gay guy after his first sexual experience. He said, the first time was the hardest, butt the more he did it the easier it got. Read between the sheets.

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