Freaky show

Worst dressed from awards season 2017

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Ga Ga looks like she didn’t buy the entire the outfit and Hasley looks like she is ready for the sack.

This should have been called a freaky show.

There are only a couple explanations for this kind of exhibitionism.  They are insecure – they thrive on attention – when their popularity is on the downward slope, they need to stand out in the crowd to keep their THING going again and strange as it seems, they may have a mental deficiency.

The kicker is, they all pay big money to look that ridiculous.

These are some of the people that are boycotting PDT’s wife’s clothing line. I suggest they shop with her instead of their local consignment shop.

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Door #1                                                       Door #2

I will let the public be the judges as to which door to pick.

These people are the trendsetters and influence what our younger kids do. We ask ourselves, why so much of the younger generation are so wacked out?  Well!!

Some of it may be all in fun but I have my doubts.


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Does it surprise you??

Swedish politician wants workers to get paid sex breaks — for health

After all, they are Swiss.


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New Sherrif in town, new rules


Two headlines; two pieces of good news.

VIDEO: President Trump considers Guantanamo Bay expansion

Gitmo likely to stay open for business under Trump, say top aides

With a new sheriff in town, there will absolutely be a new set of rules. I think it is a very wise move to do what PDT is doing with Gitmo.


If the base was closed and the prisoners were relocated to the United States homeland, there are a different set of guidelines that would have to be initiated in order to protect their rights.  I say, based on who they are, they should not have any rights.

To start and end with, these detainees are not Sunday school teachers. If they were innocent and pure,  they would not be locked up.  They are criminals that are suspected of crimes against the United States.

As we can see Mr. O is not to be held totally responsible for the release of criminals from Gitmo. Overall, GWB may have played a bigger role in very illogical moves than Obama did. It is very hard to conceive that anyone how saw the track record of the released detainees would continue to open the gates for them.

It is very hard to conceive that anyone, especially in their capacity,  saw the track record of the released detainees and would continue to open the gates for them.  It is hard to put a label on their mentality. I do have a few labels in mind.

Washington Post

Closing the military prison at Guantanamo was a campaign promise of President Obama’s, and it has remained a point of contention throughout his time in the White House. Ninety-one detainees remain at the facility, with Obama having transferred out about 144, while President George W. Bush released 532 during his administration, according to U.S. officials.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) said this month in its most recent report on former Guantanamo detainees that of the 532 detainees released by Bush, 111 of them are confirmed to have returned to terrorist activities. Twenty-nine of those are dead, 25 are back in custody and 57 remain free. An additional 74 of the 532 detainees are suspected of returning to the battlefield.

Thankfully, this is one area where Mr. O did not drop off another going away present before he left office as he had promised.

It is very gratifying to know that we now have a president in office and commanders in the field; THAT GETS IT!!

The caliber of people how were are dealing with have an entirely different mentality on human rights and wars tactics. If we do not deal with them on their level and above, they take it as a sign of weakness and ignorance.  Guess what folks? They are 110% right.

As we can see, PDT does not advertise his moves before he executes them.  Very good strategies.  The USA’s military moves have to be conducted like the stealth bombers. The enemy should not know we are there until after they are attacked and we are on our way home.


To all the boulder rollers out there. You should be very thankful we have a president that is taking it to the enemy, instead of waiting for them to put our lights out. A good offense is a great defense.



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Got a short memory Johnny Boy

John Stossel: Trump, media should stop making things up:

The last time I remember Johnny Boy Stossel insinuated to someone that their profession was fake; this is the response he got.

The WWF wrestler “Dr. D (death)” David Schultz lost his sense of humor (if he ever had any) when Stossel asked him if wrestling is fake.


We have to be very careful who we throw stones at; as we can see, there may be some RIP-ER-CONSIONS or concussions as a result.

I saw this happen live on TV and thought it was pretty funny. Timid John got nailed so good he almost got his mustache slapped off of his face.


It seems that John did not learn his lesson. He better watch himself; if PDT was still just DT, he may get himself TKO’d again.

John Buddy; either learn how to protect yourself or quit making FAKE statements!!



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Trump administration working on new transgender bathroom directive

This whole issue of who pees where has been a real joke right from the get go.


We either have only one piss palace for everyone to use or leave it the way it has been for many moons.

If someone has had a sex change (complete over haul) and can prove it, then I would assume that they are not pretenders that want to peak under the toilet stall. If not, they should be restricted to using the facility that coincides with what their birth certificate indicates.  End of story.

It is about time that some common sense and normality is brought back into our government.

Don’t forget what I have been saying for years; if there were just Joe and John or Sue and Sally, ALL of us would not be here.


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The art of living in denial

Riots erupt in Swedish capital

There are so many people in this world that have their heads stuck very deep into the sand; they can not see the forest on account of the trees and even refuse to admit there is a forest.

The president of Sweden has a very hard time admitting they have a severe problem.

What can possibly be the immigrants complaints? Sweden was kind enough to take them in and now they are trying to burn down their cities.

There are mountains of substantiated evidence that some illegal immigrants are responsible for a multitude of crimes in the countries where they have migrated to.  Some of the country’s officials have seen the end result of allowing undocumented people into their country and other are in denial that extensive problems exist. A PC/denial/bleeding heart mentality will only get people killed.  The issue has to be addressed head on.

It is all a matter of time; pay me now or pay me later. The payment later is going to be at a much higher premium. Nip a tree’s growth in the bud before it gets overgrown and too big to manage.

The actions that PDT is taking now will not necessarily correct a problem that will happen today but possibly next week, month or year. The government has to look at the big picture. If this out of control immigration continues, what will it look like 5 – 10 years from now.

I have alluded to many times how the Mexican government allowed the drug runners in their country to run rampant, assuming that their activities would eventually die out. That didn’t happen.

There are some cities and towns in that country that are totally run by the drug kingpins and the government is completely helpless to control the situation. Pay me now or pay me later.

Anyone in this world that does not see the potential threat there is to having unsavory immigrants admitted to their country, they have a serious mental block.

Out-of-control does not happen over night. It is like anything else that is left unattended; before we know it, it becomes too big to manage.

What PDT is doing is like an insurance policy. We buy it so we have it just-in-case we need it.



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Spin it the way you want it

Trump’s aides don’t want to admit the President is golfing:

Big news flash on CNN:

Trump’s aides don’t want to admit the President is golfing:

People can add their own spin to anything to make it as good or as bad as they would want people to believe.

Here is my spin on this extremely hot news. It is not if the president golfs but when he plays golf.  PDT loves the game and most probably uses it as a stress relief. I know left-wingers, what stress?


CNN: Just think how nuts you would be having to deal with people like yourself!

If there was a calamity somewhere in the country and he decides to go to the links, then he would be wrong. If all is well on the homefront and he decides to hack a few with some friends, what is the matter with that?

When PDT starts putting his handicap before duty, I will be the first one in the criticism line. I do not see that happening.

To CNN and all the other spies in the country; go occupy yourself with something constructive, like playing in the traffic on The Notorious 5 in LA at rush hour.




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