Call the cops – the cops are robbing us


Two Baltimore detectives plead guilty in racketeering case

Now and then, everyone in this world takes an apple from the fruit stand when the owner isn’t looking but to take the whole stand is a different story.

Two ex-Baltimore- cops pleaded guilty Friday to federal racketeering charges, admitting that they committed armed robberies, made fraudulent overtime claims and filed false affidavits.


Ward and Hendrix were part of a  seven man wrecking crew that were in the relief business. They relieved many of the drug pushers and people they arrested of their $oldi.
On one of their busts, Hendrix, Ward and one other dirty cop, stole $17,000 in cash from a suspect’s house following a SWAT raid.
You know it is tough to admit; BUT, always the BIG BUT; if they didn’t take the dirty money from the drug dealers, someone else at the station would have.  That does not make it right, BUT!!
I may be twisted in some of my theories the way I see some things. Stealing money from a drug dealer is a lot different than from rolling granny in a back alley for her pension check.
It sort of is a payback, a kick in their goolunies or Mr. Karma getting even to have a thief steal from a thief.


The other 5 dirty cops are scheduled for trial in 2018.


The movies had the Dirty Dozen and Baltimore has/had the Filthy Five +2.  They not only shook down drug dealers, the also padded their time sheets showing an inordinate amount of overtime on the job.  Essentially; they were charging the city time and a half and double time while they were robbing the robbers. That side little caper netted the guys another 8 – 10 G’s a year they used for messing around money.

As I said at the beginning of this post. Greed is what kills the goose that laid the golden egg. If the boys only grabbed an apple once and awhile, they could have stayed under the radar. They got caught when they stole the whole fruit stand.


They took the sign literally!


We would assume; of all the people in the world, a cop should know that crime does not pay.


Will this serve as an example to other cops with itchy palms.


Two of the biggest example of down right dirty cops that went bad are the two Italian cops from the Big Apple.  These two characters were like 99.9% of all the other people who become cops. They all start with good intentions. BUT, always the BIG BUT; the fast life, glamour, they see the people they arrest are making 1,000 times what they do and the temptation to put their hand in the cookie jar overwhelms them.


Eventually, one or two cookies are not enough so they steal the whole jar and get caught.

Eppolito and Caracappa’s demise came about after they retired when Eppllito wrote a book about his life, bragadociously and very foolishly put some incriminating inforamtion in it that lead to their arrest.



Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa are two former New York Police Department (NYPD) police detectives who worked on behalf of the New York Mafia, principally the Lucchese crime family, while they committed various illegal activities. In 2006, they were convicted of labor racketeering, extortion, narcotics, illegal gambling, obstruction of justice, eight counts of murder and conspiracy to commit murder, charges stemming from the 1980s and the early 1990s in New York City, and in the 2000s in Las Vegas. Both were sentenced to life in federal prison.



Louis Eppolito
Born 1948 (age 68–69)
New York City, New York, United States
Other names Louie
Awards Eppolito’s claim to be the 11th most decorated officer in NYPD was found to be false during the appeal hearing as well as his own admittance that his two Medals of Honor were in actuality only “Honorable Mentions”.
Police career
Department New York Police Department
Country United States
Years of service 1969 – 1990
Rank Sworn in as an officer – 1969
Detective – 1979
Other work Actor, author, convicted on corruption, racketeering, and murder charges

Louis Eppolito (born 1948) is the son of Ralph Eppolito, a member of the Gambino crime family. His paternal uncle and cousin, James Eppolito and James Eppolito Jr., were also both made Gambino members in capo Nino Gaggi’s crew. Growing up, he became acquainted with several other mobsters. His uncle and cousin were eventually murdered by both Nino Gaggi and Gambino family soldier, Roy DeMeo, with the permission of Gambino family boss, Paul Castellano. When he applied for the NYPD in 1969, Eppolito falsely stated that he was unrelated to organized crime figures.

Eppolito eventually rose to detective, a job which garnered him a number of headlines. In 1983, he was suspected of passing New York Police Department intelligence reports to Rosario Gambino, a distant relative of Carlo Gambino and Paul Castellano, the former leaders of the Gambino crime family. He was cleared in this case. Eppolito retired as a police officer in late 1990. In his book, he cites his tarnished reputation over the Rosario Gambino corruption case as a reason for leaving.

After meeting actor Joe Pesci in a Manhattan bistro called Cafe Central, a restaurant frequented by celebrities, he had a minor career as an actor, with small roles in movies including Lost Highway, Predator 2, Goodfellas, and Ruby.

In 1992, Eppolito wrote a book, Mafia Cop: The Story of an Honest Cop Whose Family Was the Mob, in which he spoke of his attempts to avoid being dragged into the criminal life and having to fight for his reputation as a result of the Rosario Gambino corruption case. He moved to Las Vegas around 1994 and sold automobiles at the Infiniti dealership, where he would entertain fellow salesmen with NYC crime scene photos.


Stephen Caracappa
Born 1942
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Died April 8, 2017 (aged 74–75)
Other names The Stick
Police career
Department New York Police Department
Country United States
Years of service 1969 – 1992
Rank Sworn in as an officer – 1969
Detective – 1979
Other work Convicted on corruption, racketeering, and murder charges

Stephen Caracappa (1942–2017) had worked in the NYPD’s organized crime unit in Brooklyn, New York, since the late 1970s before he eventually retired on a disability pension in 1992. He subsequently worked as a private investigator and retired in the mid-1990s, moving to Las Vegas along with Eppolito. Caracappa worked inside the Las Vegas Women’s Correctional Facility as a correctional officer. While on trial in 2006, both he and Eppolito claimed that they were discriminated against during the proceedings.

Mafia careers

By 1985, Federal authorities recognized Eppolito and Caracappa as associates with the New York Mafia. Caracappa was at this point a member of the Organized Crime Homicide Unit within the NYPD Major Case Squad based in Brooklyn. Both were known for using inappropriate methods to get results in their police work.

According to Lucchese crime family underboss Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso, when trying to enroll in Witness Protection in 1994, he and his boss Vittorio “Vic” Amuso had paid Eppolito and Caracappa $375,000 in bribes — and payments for murder contracts — since 1985. Casso stated that in 1986 that, as retaliation for an attempt on Casso’s life — and on the orders of Casso and Amuso — the two police detectives kidnapped and handed over James Hydell, an associate of the Gambino crime family, to be murdered by Casso.

Again on Casso’s orders, this time with the assistance of Louis Daidone, Eppolito and Caracappa murdered Lucchese member Bruno Facciolo — because Casso suspected him of being an informant. Facciolo’s murder is famous for the stuffed canary Federal agents discovered in his mouth at the crime scene; considered to be a message to other informants.

At least partially in retaliation for the 1985 murder of Gambino crime family boss Paul Castellano, arranged by John Gotti, Casso ordered Eppolito and Caracappa to kill Gambino captain Edward “Eddie” Lino. On November 6, 1990, the detectives pulled Lino over in his 1990 Mercedes-Benz and shot him nine times.

On April 13, 1991, Caracappa and Eppolito provided information that led to the murder of Gambino crime family soldier Bartholomew “Bobby” Boriello on the orders of Frank “Big Frank” Lastorino, a captain in the Lucchese crime family. Lastorino was reportedly promoted consigliere of the family for this hit. As relations between the Gambino and Lucchese crime families worsened, Lastorino reputedly ordered Eppolito and Caracappa to murder Lucchese “made man” Patrick Testa in 1992. Testa was a former Gambino mobster and Lastorino wanted to make it look like the Gambinos arranged the hit in an attempt to start a war between the rival families.

After wholesale indictments came down for almost every crime family in New York City in the mid-1990s, Eppolito and Caracappa retired to Las Vegas. Casso later confirmed that both of the “Mafia Cops” were still involved in crime family business from Nevada. They were contacted in 1993 by Lastorino to murder the new head of the Gambino crime family, John “Junior” Gotti, whose father was imprisoned for life in 1992. The plot failed.

Lastorino also wanted the detectives to murder the underboss of the Lucchese crime family, Stephen “Wonderboy” Crea. This plot failed due to indictments brought against the family. In the late 1990s, both Eppolito and Caracappa conspired to kill former Gambino crime family underboss Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, who had entered the Witness Protection Program in 1992 after testifying against his boss John Gotti. A reward had been placed on Gravano’s head by Gambino boss Peter Gotti. Gravano was later arrested and convicted of drug trafficking in 2003 and was sentenced to serve 19 years in prison.


After a long investigation, highlighted by Burton Kaplan’s decision to testify against his former confederates, both Eppolito and Caracappa were arrested in March 2005 and charged with counts of racketeering, obstruction of justice, extortion and eight counts of murder and conspiracy. These included the murders of James Hydell, Nicholas Guido, John “Otto” Heidel, John Doe, Anthony DiLapi, Bruno Facciolo, Edward Lino, and Bartholomew Boriello — and their involvement in the conspiracy to murder Gravano.

On April 6, 2006, Eppolito and Caracappa were convicted on all charges. Kaplan, a businessman and career criminal, who had been the link between Casso and the two policemen, was the chief accuser, giving two days of riveting testimony.[1] On June 5, 2006, Eppolito and Caracappa were sentenced to life imprisonment.

On June 30, 2006, a judge threw out a racketeering murder conviction against the two detectives on a technicality — the five-year statute of limitations had expired on the key charge of racketeering conspiracy. On September 17, 2008, their racketeering convictions were ordered reinstated by a Federal appeals court.[2]

On March 6, 2009, Eppolito was sentenced to life plus 100 years and Caracappa to life plus 80 years. Each was fined more than $4 million.[3] On July 23, 2010, their convictions were upheld by a New York City appeals court.[4] As of April 2012, Eppolito was incarcerated at United States Penitentiary, Tucson and Caracappa at United States Penitentiary, Coleman in Florida; both are high security institutions.[5]

Caracappa was transferred to a federal prison in North Carolina before dying of cancer on April 8, 2017.[6][7]

These two were very bad people who allowed the greed and taste for the high life do them in.  They didn’t only steal an apple on occasion, or steal the fruit stand, they stole the whole market place and killed many of its shop-keepers.

They wanted to be big-shots and famous; they got their wish.

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Would you expect anything different??

Teens who recorded, mocked drowning disabled man charged for their involvement

Animals have no respect for human life. Would you expect anything different??


A group of teens who recorded and mocked a disabled man as he drowned in Florida last week have been formally charged for their role in his death, authorities said on Friday.

The charges against the five teenagers who recorded and made fun of Jamal Dunn, 31, as he drowned in a pond on July 7, were not detailed in a press conference, News 13 reported.

I know; they are all poor misunderstood kids.


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If they don’t care about themselves, at least ….

Rise in drug-addicted babies prompts judge’s controversial solution

If they don’t care about themselves, at least they should have some, I said SHOULD have some, concern for the kids they are bringing into this world, already addicted at birth.

Just like a slow growing cancer. If the use of heavy duty drugs like cocaine, heroin and other super powerful drugs are not eliminated, the effect on unborn children will sky rocket further out of control then it is already.  I don’t see the resolve ever happening.

The government must go after drug pushers as they should be against terrorists and street gangs, with a fire in their soul to rid the world of their existence.

Drug addicted men and women are pathetic, helpless souls that have gone down the wrong path in their life for various different reasons. The chances of the majority of them kicking the habit permanently is little to none. In the meantime, these very sad specimens of human beings are having babies by the droves and many of them are born already addicted.

It is not sad enough that the druggies are literally killing themselves and %$#@ing up everyone’s life they are involved with. These hopeless souls are bring kids into this world; who, before they take their first breath have serious health issues.

Judge Benningfield is extremely concerned with the situation and says he wants to stop prospective mothers and fathers from passing their drug addiction to their children. He is offering what he believes is a heartfelt incentive with nothing but good intentions. But naturally,  the critics say the judge may be crossing the line. I disagree.


I would base my decision on the degree of the persons addiction and if they had any chance of turning their lives around. If not, for the most severe addicts, why not  give them a vasectomy or a birth-control implant as the doctor is suggesting.

“I’m not on a crusade of any sort, I’m trying to help — trying to help people,” said Judge Sam Benningfield.

Someone has to take the initial step in the right direction. We can’t leave sensitive alternatives up to the PC-ers to resolve.  Many of them are opposed to any suggestion anyone makes regardless of what is it or what it is about.  They are obstinate just to be obstinate.

The PC fools would rather see generations of deformed, mentally ill, disfigured and handicapped kids brought into this world then to have a few people get their plumbing fixed.

These unfortunate kids will have to live the rest of their lives in misery, through no fault of their won.

Despite all of the adverse documented evidence; there are women and men, boys and girls out there that will continue to produce kids while they are on drugs. In some cases the excessive use of alcohol may result in the some outcome.

I am afraid the judge will never get his suggestion brought to fruition; it makes too much sense.

As like all of the elements that plague the USA and the rest of the world; the day of reckoning is coming. It is just a matter of time before the Chinese are going to come across the ocean on the brand new aircraft carrier they just built to collect what is owed to them; meteorically speaking or maybe not.

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Not about SHOW & TELL


Huffington Post

WOMEN 07/21/2017 06:02 am ET

After 55 Years, Navy Gets Its First Woman SEAL Applicant

Two women are applying for the Navy’s most elite combat roles, including the SEALS

As long as the ground rules for the ladies remain the same as for the men – as long as there are not any consideration or breaks because of their  sex – as long as the highest traditions of the Seals are upheld – as long as they can cut the mustard, which I doubt; then and only then should the ladies be considered.


The Navy Seals is a hard hitting, ass kicking organization that undertakes gigantic and extremely dangerous operations/responsibilities in most of it’s missions. They do not need to drag an anchor along on a mission just because the pathetic powers to be capitulated to PC pressure.

I have always been in the ladies corner as to equality between sexes. If they can do the same job as their male counterparts, without any slack or quotas that need to be filled because of their sex, they should not be shut out of any position or make any less $oldi than a man does.

BUT, the BIG BUTT. In my opinion there are particular occupations that males perform that MOST women are not suited for. Like running a 90-air-hammer all day long as the men do. If we have to pick and chose what is suitable for them based on their physical capabilities, they should not be hired.

In the same token; there are occupations that women do that are not suited for men.


I think one very important element that the government has over looked is the harassment factor. The male Seals are going to literally take these ladies over the coals and possible be more severe with them than they would be with the men.

It is just like when the BRA BURNERS wanted to infiltrate the YMCA. I asked WHY??? There is absolutely nothing wrong with male and females having separate organizations.  All of this non-sense was generated by some left-wing screwballs that had nothing better to do.

You can take my word for it. This is not going to be walk in the park for the gals or a glamorous Hollywood setting like with Dimi Moore in the movie G.I. Jane. I will go out on a limb and predict that these two ladies are going to regret the day they ever wanted to put on a jock-strap. Like with the YMCA; WHY???


I am not a male chauvinist pig; just a realist that would want the person that is the foxhole with me to be able to carry their end.  These two ladies are going to have to be exceptions to the rule and not just run of the mill intruders. They may be weeded out before the sun sets.

IF – IF – IF, they are given any slack because of their sex, the person in charge should be shit canned on the spot. This is not a game of hide and go seek or pin the tail on the male; this is very serious, life on the line business.

I would like to see the media do a follow up on the two gals to see if they made it to the finish line. If they possibly make it, the liberal media will have it all over the front page. If they fall out; we will never hear about it.

I don’t want to see them fail but if I had my choice of having a Male Seal or a Female Seal on a mission with me; I would take door #1. The PC-ers are going to love that one.

You know what I say; my name is Donald Duck and you know the rest of the verse!!

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Should have let her take a dive ….

Canadian official touches Queen, blames carpet for protocol breach


Canada’s Governor General helped Britain’s Queen Elizabeth down some stairs and ended up raising eyebrows, after touching the monarch’s elbow, in defiance of royal protocol.

Give me a Royal break. These snobbish fools would have rather seen the Old Girl take a nose dive down the steps before they would allow some COMMONER to dare touch the Queen.


I would say they are a Royal pain in the ass.

The Queen should Knight the guy for saving her royal knees and shins from getting banged up.



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Those who laugh last …

Orenthal Simpson has lead a Charmed Life except for the one conviction he was nailed with in his Sin City stick up. Today was another example of him laughing at the system.

After serving nine years of a 33 years sentence, Orenthal will be paroled in October.

The parole will be conditional. If I had to guess, I would put my money on Simpson breaking the parole in some fashion and winding up back in the slams.

Today when the parole board granted his wishes, he had the same shit eating grin on his face as he did when he beat the rap for killing Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.



As a human being, if that’s what we want to call him, he is on the lowest rung of the ladder as an individual can be.

The fact of the matter is, that to this day, he still does not have any remorse for the heinous crime he committed when he killed those two people. He is absolutely an perfect example of a despicable human being

Narcissistic people like Simpson will never acknowledge the fact that they should assume responsibility for their actions. Every predicament they get it is always the fault of the other guy and never theirs.

Although I do not agree with the finding of the parole board, they did what they had to do in the eyes of the law. The killer did his time; it was almost mandatory to grant his parole.

I can’t see that I wish him any good luck and I hope somewhere down the line he pays the ultimate price somehow.  Low-lifes like Ornethal ALWAYS fall off the wagon. In his demented mind, he BET the system today. As I called him in my  previous post today; the thinks he is the untouchable, Black John Gotti, the Teflon Don.

Poetic justice for the Juice

The only thing that was missing in this pathetic saga was, jail house justice was not executed where another prisoner or prisoners should have put out this killers light for keeps.

I cannot help but wonder what happened to the brain cancer this lying bastard claimed he was suffering from. It looks to me like he had a miraculous recovery.

Possibly his amico Mr. Obama saw through his Smokescreen when he petitioned him for early release.

I really don’t think that this we have seen the end of the Simpson’s story.

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Don’t rush into anything fellas

Dangerous Drones

I see that the light has gone on in some the empty heads of the decision makers in this country as to the dangers of drones.They are just starting to consider the dangers of the lethal toy and MAY- I said MAY act on it soon. The word soon in a politician dictionary maybe 8 – 10 years from now.


One example:

When does the BIG PUSH in this country come to repair some of the decaying bridges that so many of us citizen take our lives in our hands by going across them on a daily basis? Only after one of them has collapsed and killed a dozen or more people. WELL!!


I have done at least 6 – 8 posts on the potential dangers of the mini-monstrous flying machines. It is just a matter of time before one of the nuisances will be used for nefarious purposes by terrorists  or some other wack  jobs looking for an easy way to take out a few 100 people or take down some buildings. There have been several attempts to use them but none have resulted in any significant damage or injuries; SO FAR!!

I cannot believe the efficiency or the tunnel vision of the people on top as to the possibilities and seriousness of terrorist used drones. It seems to me that they ONLY react after the fact and rarely before a catastrophic event.

I am very surprised that drones have not been used by the terrorist in this country and around the world at any significant level. It is just a matter of time.

I still maintain; for all drone enthusiast there should be designated areas set up where they can be used in a recreational manner. But any day to day usage should be restricted only to law enforcement and Military purposes.–theyre-dangerous-and-they-must-be-regulated/

Let us not forget folks; the August break is coming for the parasitic politicians in DC. We would not want to over-tax their work-load and force them into making a decision that really makes sense.

Unless I am wrong; they will wait until they are forced to make a move. Being proactive makes too much sense. Par for their course.

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