Liberalism ….

Residents in Los Angeles’ Venice neighborhood frustrated over large homeless encampment, shootings, stabbings

Residents in Los Angeles’ coastal Venice neighborhood are calling for action

Once a beautiful tourist attraction has turned into a garbage dump and they have no one to blame BUTT themselves. Not only are these areas an eye sore, but they are very dangerous and unhealthy places to live or visit.

This is the end result of very poor or no governing at all. The leadership and discipline in some places is almost are nonexistent. Like Portland; the mayor waited until his city was half way destroyed, before he put on the brakes. Stupidity comes with a big price tag.

The USA was once the beacon/shining light of the world; in some areas is now very close to being a 3rd world country.





Is it incomprehensible that these places once were the crown jewels of the USA. This is what liberalism and lack of common-sense leadership eventually brings about.

Government without rules and regulation will NEVER be the key to success and stability. Like a spoiled rotten kid that is raised without guidelines; by the time they are 5 years old, they become unmanageable.

Is it coincidental that all of these jurisdictions are governed by socio-democrats?? Is this their answer to leading their people into prosperity and achievement??

I would much rather live in a place like Singapore that has harsh rules and regulations which may be off the wall, but the end result is what matters.

Crime in Singapore


Are some extreme?? You betcha, but at least their citizens can live nearly crime free, If that is the price; I would be willing to pay it.


Crime in Singapore is extremely low compared to other developed nations and the world in general. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit 2019 Safe Cities Index, Singapore was ranked as the safest city in the world, especially in regards to digital, personal and infrastructure security. Wikipedia


Chinatown. Walk Through The Chinatown Streets In Singapore Stock Photo,  Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 122541632.

The citizens know the rules and abide by them; if not they know the consequences.

That is what I am talking about.

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The four letter word they really hate – WORK ….


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There are too many sons-a-bitches in this country that have entitlement tattooed on their forehead. They always have a 4 letter word that makes their skin crawl; the new one is WORK.

It is not totally their fault; I put a lot of blame o the government for aiding and abetting them.

The old story; give a fool a fish he will eat for a day; give a smart person a fishing rod and they will eat for life.

With all the time and money the government pisses away; why is it they can not set up multiple committees (that is what they do best) to go over the welfare books and demand that everyone on THE LIST who is not disabled, they must WORK (the 4 letter word) for their keep.

Like the Chinese say; no ticky not laundry!! They don’t work, they don’t get paid.

Will it piss off a lot of people initially?? Hell yes, BUTT we have to start somewhere. Complacency is killing the country.

I can tell them 1,000’s of jobs around the country that are in dire need of cleaning, repairing and fixing.

I know, the liberal idiots do not ant to piss off the fools that voted them into office. It is all a BFJ.

Tell me; what is one of the things a GOOD parent should teach their kids?? Be independent and self-sufficient. I did say a good parent. BUTT if that parent has been eating/mooching off of the welfare system all their lives, they play dumb like a fox and that is what they teach their kids.

Folks; get and handle on it. Inch at a time we are being driven deeper and deeper into the ground and the government is the main/principle offender.

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Female turn-key, hell no …..

There is no way any female should be allowed to be a prison guard. This is a good example of why not. It could have turned out much worse, with the coward putting the boot to her or even killing her. Administrative work OK, prison guard no.

The creep that nailed the guard is probably chosen by his inmates as THE MAN of the month.

I must say; the lady has a good jaw and can take a good left hook.

An ounce of prevention is ……

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Big part of the problem ……

LA County DA Gascón won’t seek death penalty for pair charged with torturing, killing boy, 10

A prosecutor in Gascón’s office has lashed out against the decision

A prosecutor with the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office is blasting DA George Gascón’s Thursday decision to drop the office’s bid for the death penalty in the case of a woman and her boyfriend accused of torturing and killing her 10-year-old son. 

Getting sent to prison is no big deal to these thugs. It is like old home week and a badge of honor for the scumbags. So what is the deterrent to keep them from committing a crime?? Nothing.

Liked Brer Rabbit being thrown into the briar patch, the fox thought he was punishing him, but that is exactly what he wanted.

I often wanted to AXE some of these liberal idiots who call themselves judges; what if it was your kid who was the victim of the heinous crime?? I would love to hear their answer (or maybe not).

How else can the justice system get a message across to these animals, if they do not make them pay the ultimate price?? I say ship all their asses to South Carolina.

South Carolina House adds firing squad to execution methods

The South Carolina House has voted to add the firing squad to the state’s execution methods amid a lack of lethal-injection drugs

By JEFFREY COLLINS Associated Press

May 5, 2021

Face fact folks; in the big scheme of things, the majority of people doing time are living a better life behind bars than on the outside. Adding to there reward for a life of crime, many prisons allow conjugal visits. SOOOO, tell me what the hell is the downside to committing crime??

As good as many motels
Next time, see if your sister wants to visit
Judge YFAH, take a good look at this precious kid and then tell me your decision was the right one.

It seems in many cases our judicial systems has more regard/sympathy for the criminals than they do the victims.

Very sad times we are living in all the way around.

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They are brutal bastards at our expense…..

Lawmakers want billions in government spending on unusual pet projects, Fox News investigation finds

Earmark requests from both parties top $6B in value

One party is no better than the other. They are all crooks who think when they get elected they have an open check book and unlimited access to the taxpayers hard earned money.

Is this why we bust our ass working all or lives and paying taxes so the crooks can piss away any amount of money on any pet project they have.

 $1,750,000 to spruce up the Japanese Garden in Portland. $436,100 for a “meditation and restorative yoga” program in New Jersey. And $250,000 to expand the Michelle Obama Library in California.

WRGAF about Michelle Obama’s library that they want to spend 250,000$ on?? Not me. Why does Michelle rate a library anyway; because she is the wife of the 1st Half white & half Black president??

The idiots allow a bunch of scumbag rioters to destroy their city (Portland) now they want 1.8 million to spruce up the Japanese Garden.

On top of that; 436,100$ for a meditation Yoga program in New Jersey. These bastards are insane.

With all the bitching and complaining the politicians are doing about being broke and having to raise taxes to make ends meet; one would think, they should not be allowed to spend a dime that is not absolutely necessary. The list of pet projects they are look to fund are endless.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind; one of these days, I have no idea when but it is coming, the ceiling is going to come crashing down and the USA is going to go belly up. It is virtually impossible to conduct business so recklessly and stay afloat.

Nearly HALF Of Small Businesses In US Could Go Belly Up - YouTube | Blog  talk radio, Small business, Talk radio

Mark my word.

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How should this thug be dealt with????

Watching this is sickening. How should this thug be dealt with???? I say severely.

Lock his greasy/punk/thug ass in a room and let this lady’s family take care of business.

Is this what the USA has regressed to?? I guess so.

I know; the bleeding hearts will say; he is just a misunderstood kid that need a little affection. I agree; with a ball bat. Turn around should be fair play.

I say lock his greasy ass in a room and let this lady’s family take care of business. That will be the only language the punk will understand.

Did he ever hear the 4 letter word punks like him hate; WORK or get a job??

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Why not, it is easy – clean and quick ….

South Carolina to bring back firing squads for executions

‘One step closer to providing victims’ families and loved ones with the justice and closure they are owed by law’

I say; why not, it is easy – clean and quick, depending on how accurate the riflemen are.

Years ago there was a guy who was on death row waiting to be executed, been there about 15 years living the life of Riley. Every time he was about to get the FINAL SHOT his ambulance chaser would have one excuse or another to delay the execution.

One of the preposterous reasons they came up with, they did not know if the needle was sterilized. I don’t see what difference it would have made if the thug was being put to death anyway, Just another rouse.

By using a firing squad, possibilities like that could be eliminated. But; the real key to the success of anything; it has to be put to good use.

Giving someone the death penalty who has been proven 100% guilty, without a shadow of a doubt through DNA testing or credible eye witness testimony, they should be executed that very day before the sun goes down.

I am really sure if the death penalty is a crime deterrent; but, if all criminals knew they would be put to death the same day they were found guilty; I would assume many of them would reconsider their lives of crime. What better – faster and easier way can there be being than being put to death by the firing squad.

There are 27 states that have the death penalty, but very few use it for it’s intended purpose, CRIME PREVENTION. If immediate action was taken and the crime rate was reduced by only 5-10%, I say it would be doing what it was intended for.

If I had t chose one way of checking out, I would chose the bullet.

I know; there are many bleeding hearts out there that have more compassion for the criminal than they do the victim. I hear them say; it was god’s way or some other idiotic statement like it is cruel and unnecessary punishment.

I say GMAFB. It is like having a Bentley parked in your garage but never drive it. Why the hell have it??


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This is what I’m talkin about …..


Advancement through EDUCATION.

The gentlemen that started this club should be congratulated and adequately funded by the government by provided them with all the recourses they need to continue their outstanding work.

The government should recognize the contribution these men are making and encourage 1,000’s of more people to start initiatives like this. Start spending some of that give-away money on our own people to raise them out of the ruts they are stuck in. The only key to success is through EDUCATION!!

No alternative text description for this image
What a proud group of people and they should be

That is what I am talkin about, EDUCATION.

IT would be very interesting to follow these young men through their lives to see where their disciple and education brings them.

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What a phenomenal lady ….


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I could not agree with her more. Instead of the instigators preaching EDUCATION and harmony, they are constantly stirring the racial hatred pot.

If someone constantly has hatred pounced into their head from the day they are born; what are they expected to believe.

This is an example of how kids are taught from infancy to hate the USA. The same thing applies to kids in this country. If they are taught from when their heads pop into this world to hate the establishment; what the hell do you expect them to believe??

Are there nasty/low-down/rotten/despicable people in the world coming from all different races and backgrounds?? Absolutely, but they should be separated and exiled from the rest of us.

As Candice alluded to; there are elements in this country that DO NOT WANT PEACE. If there was peace, guys like Albert Sharpless and his kind (there are a multitude of them) may have to get a real job. Albert has been making a hell of a living keeping up his people pissed off for years.

The instigators as well as the offenders should be placed on an island in the middle of the ocean, issued all the wine and razor blades they want; in very short order, our problems will have resolved themselves.

Wishful thinking.

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Way beyond reasonable ….

First it is an inch – foot – yard – mile, until there is no end. If the main stream fools continually capitulate (same as bending over) there will be no end to this outrageous behavior and demands.

Whatever happened to equality instead of dominance??

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