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It takes a good person to admit they have made a mistake and for them to do whatever it takes to correct it. It takes a fool to go through life lying to themselves they are perfect.

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Hypersonic weapon

The most powerful and deadly weapon ever invented

If you have any doubts that China is working day and night trying to takeover the entire world at some point in time; you can put your doubts to rest; the time has already arrived; Charlie is just waiting for the right time to push the button.

They have developed a weapon called a Hypersonic weapon/rocket that is used from outer space. It is so fast it travels at over 6300 miles an hour and is virtually undetectable by radar. There is literally no defense against this weapon.

This is one of the reasons why I baffled at what Kamikaze Joe logic says publicly about the Chinese government. We should not be poking a stick into Chinese bee hives. Think what you want, but only say what is necessary.

Diarrhea of the mouth is something many politicians suffer from. In order to stay relevant, they are constantly running their mouth. Included are the high profile fools like JAWS (Fauci in Italian).

Fellas and gals, take 2 and call me in the morning

At any given moment Chinese can literally destroy the world by the use of this technology. They possess the most powerful and deadly weapon the world has ever seen. Although the USA is trying to play catch-up; their attempts have failed.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is some frightening and very deadly stuff, something not to be taken lightly. I wish for the sake of mankind, peace can be achieved by all parties concerned, but I have my doubts. Using a weapon like this will devastate Mother Earth and it’s inhabitants for centuries.

The only thing that could possibly prevent Charlie Chan and his clan from using this monstrosity, is common-sense and compassion for mankind. Something I know they’re not big on. They have their back against the wall financially and as they view it, they may not have any other course to take. It has been the Chinese’s ambition to takeover/dominate the planet for a very long time.

To think that there is such a deadly weapon in existence is frightening. For someone/country to use it against another human being, it’s unconscionable.

US conducts 'successful' test of hypersonic missile technology

The facts as we have witnessed, Charlie Chan’s demented determination to take over the world, something he is not keeping under his vest. I firmly believe that’s this weapon it’s part of their long-range plan of domination. Not very encouraging or uplifting when we think about it.

The only way to combat against this possible threat is to have a weapon that is equally as powerful and capable or through peace negotiations. I hope all part is concerned knock on door # 2.

I have stated this frequently; mankind is on a fast pace to self-destruction. This and other deadly elements are proof.

No crawling under the bed will not save you.

Man Revisits Old Hide-and-Seek Spots During Uncle's Thanksgiving Tirade

Folks; I wish there was some uplifting news to blog about, but it is like hen’s teeth, it is very hard to find.

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WAFL she gotttttttt …..

Kamala Harris going to Europe next month; no plans for US-Mexico border return

The vice president will travel to Paris in November but has no immediate plans to return to the southern border, which she last visited in June

The question is; what class is she flying, first cabin or tourist??

Talk about being pampered, catered to, treated like royalty on someone else dime!! I has to cost the taxpayers millions every time this dame decides she want to take a little trip. I am not implying she is the only abuser, they all are.

This is 2021where the cost of everything cost is as high as a Georgia Pine; especially with the outrageous cost of fuel. Telecommunication has never been more effective, cost effective and convenient, plus the cost is ZERO, like what is in the middle of a donut, 000000.

These figures were documented in 2020 for operating Air Force One or Two. It doesn’t matter who is flying, it cost is the same. According to an Air Force spokesperson, the FY 2020 cost per flight hour to operate the president’s plane was $176,393. You are reading that right folks, PER HOUR. This figure includes fuel, flight consumables, aircraft overhaul, and engine overhaul.

Essentially; when someone gets elected into politics, especially at the #higher-levels, they get a #free-ride for the rest of their #blood-sucking lives.

Whatever the case may be, the cost of travel these days is astronomical. I would think that our P P (#Pampered-Politicians) would #curtail their activities as much as they can to save the taxpayers some ca$h. That has never been the case.

On the other side of the coin, I have always said; if these #freeloading #mooches were picking up the tab out of their own pockets, they would be shacking up at Motel 6, eating under the Golden Arches and flying in the baggage compartment.

This does not apply to only Car-mella; it should apply to all politicians, city – sate and federal alike.

Some, very few may have good intentions when they are first elected, but it does not take long before the fools living with the cripples, begin to limp.

PDT was one of the biggest abusers of travel.

Trump’s travel costs during his first year exceed 13 million … › 2018/01/20 › trumps-travel-co…

Jan 20, 2018 — All told, the president has amassed $13,533,937.28 in total first-year travel costs, the organization found.

Are face to face meetings a necessity, depending on the circumstances?? Absolutely; but even if they cut 75% off their travel and used video conferencing, what a hell of a saving it would be for the American people.

Do any of the voters believe that the P P have the best interest of the voters at heart after they are in office??? Don’t be a fool. Before the votes are counted they talk all kind of trash and make promises they know they will never keep, (Check out K J’s act) that is until they get that size 13 in the door or in this case, Car-mella’s golden slipper. The rest is history and a life of luxury at someone else expense.

One of Carm’s interviews. She is a testy little lady.

What is the old saying about tits on a bull????

tits on a bull – Urban Dictionary › define › term=tits o…

Extremely useless, to the point of absurdity. Used when extremely frustrated. “Darn it, the screws are stripped. These are as useless as tits on a bull!” by …


I love these old cliche’, they are surprisingly spot on at times.

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K J (Kamikaze Joe), is playing with toy soldiers, while …

Follow up to an earlier post:

Charlie Chan is licking his lips ….

Posted on 10/22/2021 by The Goomba Gazette

After Biden says US would defend Taiwan from attack, China says there’s ‘no room for compromise’

China and US trade barbs over future of Taiwan

K J better not assume that he is going to push around the Chinese or any other of our enemies. Where for the most part, the USA is a very humane country, human life does not mean shit to them.

While K J is playing with his toy soldiers, all of our advisories in the world are playing for keeps.

We are (The USA) is in one of the most dangerous/precarious positions we have ever been in. The entire world is sitting on a powder keg just waiting for it to blow. This is not the time to make idle threats that we can not back up.

The people we are dealing with come from a different place, socially, mentality wise, aggressiveness, mind sets, views on brutality, values for human life. They have no rules they play by and are not the most hospitable people when it comes to fighting wars. They are not subject to public scrutiny/criticism as the USA is.

In contrast, in modern times, the USA has never had a major war on it’s home turf. If and when it does happen (I am sure someday it will), it will be a shocking awakening for many people. We are dealing with hardened military people that are not used to idle threats or anyone selling them WOLF TICKETS as K J has a habit of doing.

Militarizing Space - The Fallujah Fallacy
This is part of what they do to their enemies

A: To “sell wolf tickets,” an expression that’s about 60 years old, is to oversell yourself—to spread boasts or threats that you can’t (or won’t) back up. The usage was first recorded in writing in 1963, when sociologists noted its use by Black gang members in Chicago.

Just like when K J called The Judo Guy a KILLER. Whether it is true or not, that is against every law of diplomacy there is. K J is nothing but a loud mouth fools that only speaks when he should. In the Marine Corps, we call them paper assholes.

Personally; if I were in K J’s shoes, without being obsequious or a coward like John Kerry was when dealing Iran, I would relish a great relationship with ALL of our enemies. The people we are dealing with admire others with a tenacity, backbone, legitimacy, character and can pick a coward out of a crowd in a micro-second.

I was at a stage party/barbecue years back thrown by Collinwood Concrete. There was one hell of a crap game going on, that was a tradition for the event. One of the contractors had the dice, he was kicking ass. The guy was on fire. All he was yelling the entire time he had the bones was, bet what you want fellas, GOD HATES A COWARD.

That is the moral of this tale. Don’t sell wolf tickets and be able to back up what you say. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS. Only fools threaten other people.


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Charlie Chan is licking his lips ….

Biden pledges to defend Taiwan if China attacks

China has been amping up the pressure on Taiwan, which it considers its territory

WTF is the USA ever going to learn?? Based on what I see; the answer is never. We have a hard enough time taking care of our own necessities on our home-front; yet K J is making commitment that would atke us on the other side of the globe and get involved with the wars between China and Taiwan. That may be all Charlie is waiting to hear so he will have cause to move on the USA.

In my opinion the USA has NEVER in modern time been as weak as we are today with all that we are involved in at home and abroad. We better take care of our own business first. We can not even eat what is on our plate. When is the best time to attack your opponent?? When they are at their weakest point. WELLL!!

As I said so many times; I love to AXE dumb questions. What other country would come to our aid if our ass was in a jam?? 000000000000000.

The USA has a long history of sticking it’s nose where it does not belong. IFFF, I say IFFF we would come away with a victory, it would ease the pain or possibly justify the cause. That has not been the case since WW II. We have had our ass handed to us so many times it is shameful, #costly in the form or human life and $$$$ it is #beyond #comprehension, #embarrassing, #humiliating, #sinful and #disgraceful.

SOOOOO, you may AXE, why do we get into these wars we never win. Easy; there are winners in it all, the #MONEY-MEN and WAR #PROFITEERS.

For starters:

  1. Lockheed Martin Corp. • Country: United States.
  2. Boeing. …
  3. Raytheon. …
  4. BAE Systems. …
  5. Northrop Grumman Corp. …
  6. General Dynamics Corp. …
  7. Airbus Group. …
  8. Thales. …

What I would really like to see are the names of the people running these companies or have stock in them. Guaranteed there are some very well know names and many are in politics, the cogs that keeps these war machines going. This world, this country is so corrupter, it is mind blowing.

Tricky Dick, poster boy for the group

Dick Cheney | The Face of Hunger

I say this cold blooded bastard on TV doing an interview saying he has no regrets and would do the same things again. How does one describe a worm like him??

This was his pay off when he retired from Halliburton to run for VP with the Sr. Bush.

Halliburton will pay in Cheney case – POLITICO › story › 2010/12 › halliburto…

Dec 22, 2010 — Halliburton has agreed to pay $35 million to the Nigerian government to settle a bribery case that included charges filed against former ..

The 35 million he received had to be just the tip of the icepick he wound up with when the final pie was sliced up. How does a prick like him sleep at night. Very well I bet.

Fit Cheney like a tailormade glove.

Antisocial personality disorder, sociopath:


A mental health disorder characterized by disregard for other people.Those with antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) may begin to show symptoms in childhood, but the condition can’t be diagnosed until adolescence or adulthood.Those with antisocial personality disorder tend to lie, break laws, act impulsively, and lack regard for their own safety or the safety of others. Symptoms may lessen with age.Treatment may include talk therapy and support for affected family members.

Take a good look at Afghanistan and the #quagmire we are in there. We #deserted the people we committed to help.

Americans left behind: Biden broke his promise in Afghanistan › opinion › 2021/09/01 › bi…

Sep 1, 2021 — Biden’s broken promise: President shamefully leaves Americans behind in Afghanistan … This is how the U.S. mission in Afghanistan ends.

The BEST advice I have for K J (Kamikaze Joe); take care of the country’s business on the home-front before sticking your nose what it does not belong. Don’t make #commitments or statement you can not back up. A wise man (I said a #Wiseman) learns by past mistakes and do not do an #encore.

Only a #fool would take all of the food out of their refrigerator and give it away when their own family is #starving. Unfortunately, this is what the USA has a long history of doing. One of the primary reasons we have this hanging over our head.

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

US National Debt Clock : Real Time U.S. National Debt Clock

IFFF, I say IFFF we would come away with a #victory, it would ease the pain or possibly #justify the cause.

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Article by: Ben Owen – Black rifle company

text and logo over a background picture of a group of people posing for the camera

Here’s the reality of what happens to women (a girl, if we’re being honest) who speak out or act equal in Afghanistan: Mahjubin Hakimi, a player of the #Afghanistan national women’s volleyball team, who played in the youth age category, was beheaded by the #Talban terrorist group in #Kabul. In an interview with #Independent Farsi, one of the coaches of the Afghan women’s national volleyball team confirmed the death of this #Hazara female athlete. Where are all my woke warriors and the squad and the #metoo folks when it comes to this horrible violation of women’s rights? Are you really wanting to make a difference and take a stand, are you truly concerned about women having justice, or just the appearance of such?

Is it conscionable in this day and age, the year 2021, that barbarian conditions like this still exist in the world.

Did these savages ever stop and think; if it was not for the female population, none of us would be here. That being said; I would suggest that females should be regarded and respected higher than the male species or at the very least EQUAL.

Will the day ever come when these monsters become civilized and see the errors of their ways. This has been going on for 1,000’s of years, so I do not see any immediate changes coming soon.

I can’t help wonder if these uncivilized mindsets apply to their mother, sisters and grandmothers. I am almost be fearful of knowing the answer.

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Where is this world going ….

A Black girl was arrested at school in Hawaii over a drawing that upset a parent

(CNN)The American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii is demanding policy changes after a 10-year-old Black girl was arrested at school over a drawing linked to a “run of the mill” dispute among children.

I usually do not agree with many of the positions the ACLU takes, but in this one I do.

It seems that the girl had “allegedly participated in drawing an offensive sketch of a student in response to that student bullying her.” The cops were called to the school, she was aggressively arrested and handcuffed and hauled to the hoosegow.

In response to the incident, the ACLU sent a letter Monday to the Honolulu Police Department, the state Department of Education and the state attorney general’s office asking them to adopt policy changes, expunge all records of the arrest, and to pay $500,000 in damages for “harm and suffering” caused by their agencies.

The article did not state what the picture depicted, but how bad could it have been that resulted in a 10 year old girl being arrested in school, handcuffed in front of her peers. I think the girl and her family should get more than a 1/2 mill,

Ridiculous incidents like this are all part of the PC movement in this country that have gone way beyond insane. People have to be fearful of everything they do and say, walk on egg shells, because some fools is following them with a camera and tape recorder hoping to catch them on their knees or their zipper down.

Let me AXE another stupid question. WTF ever happened to this crazy bitch over this outrageous display of sadistic brutality?? How much worse can it get?? If anyone should have been arrested, it is this sicko. If anyone needs to see a shrink, she is the one.

As usual, it all depends on who you are, how many 0000000’s are in you bank account and who your sugar daddy is. If we are going to set the standards, they should be the same for everyone.

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Question …..

Under which rock were the TWO STOOGES hiding under in the nearly 100 years combined they served the public (using the word served loosely) ? They are the reason we have the deplorable conditions that are crippling the country. Only now, they have a new slogan (Build Back Better) that is going to be yet another sham like everything else they touch.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and House Democrats framed the passing of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda as being a “moral obligation” at an interfaith event on Capitol Hill Wednesday.

Pelosi, flanked by members of Congress and faith community leaders, said provisions in the $3.5 trillion reconciliation spending bill that address climate change and provide services for children and families were crucial for bettering future generations.

Both K J (Kamikaze Joe) and N N (Nasty Nan) played a very big role on how this country has developed in the last 30 – 40 years. Like K J did when he was going to fix everything that was wrong with the country when he was running against The Donald.

In all of his dementia state, he forgot to mentioned the fact; he and his partners in crimes are the one the FIU in the first place.

I love Sunday morning quarters backs. If they are as intelligent as they think they are; why are they not Saturday night quarterbacks and predict Sunday’s game before it is played, instead of after.

Joey, that right hand of yours is very close to home plate.

I am not going to hold my breath to see what the outcome of their new undertaking will be.

I will be the Saturday night quarterback and predict, it will be just another gigantic, financial flop as they all have.

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My question has been answered, but hasn’t ……

I have been asking myself, what are the most common reasons some people refuse to get vaccinated. So what did I do, I asked Mr. Google

A common theme:

Reason 1: Lack of access, real or perceived – the government should go seek them out

Reason 2: Covid-19 isn’t seen as a threat – what rock have they been living under

Reason 3: Vaccine side effects – the side effect have been minimal

Reason 4: Lack of trust in the vaccines – they do have a valid point, information changes everyday

Reason 5: Lack of trust in institutions – most believable/reasonable of all excuses

Reason 6: A variety of conspiracy theories – this is where commonsense has to prevail individually

All of the reasons people provide for not getting vaccinated, from lack of access to conspiracy theories, share a common theme: A significant portion of Americans don’t believe the vaccines are worth the potential downsides.

Everything officials and experts are now doing to vaccinate more Americans is in effect meant to beat back this theme. Better access would mitigate a major downside. Incentives could push the vaccine over the top, making it worth the downsides. Mandates could too.

If all of this is successful, the country could truly defeat Covid-19. But if enough people believe the downsides are still too bad, the threat of the virus could lurk for years to come.

My opinion: Taking all of the reasons/excuses into consideration, I still say, we as a nation have to play the odds and recognize by the statistics, wearing masks and getting the shots are WITHOUT A DOUBT the solution to killing THE INVISIBLE KILLER.

The #invisible #killer ….

Posted on 02/29/2020 by The Goomba Gazette

Proof of victory: Although I am not satisficed with the outcome of the presidential election, I can not think of a better example of people be victorious because they stuck together. Their tenacity and combined efforts (if the results are accurate) defeated Donald Trump.

The same thing applies. If Mr Corona is going to get his ass kicked and eventually defeated, it will take a combined effort of us all. CUT AND DRY.

As far as the excuses/reasons above, some of I do agree with and others I don’t; I say the risk is worth the price we have to pay. Just like in wars (we are in one now ) there is always collateral damage.

That being said; I wish everyone in the world would read my take on this. I believe it is very senseable and to the point. Pass this post on to everyone you know and ask them to do the same.

This may be one of the important articles ever written on the subject.

ANDDDDD; hell no, I am not a doctor – scientist or public official. Just a guy that has the public’s wellbeing at heart, who has a boat load of COMMON-SENSE & STREET SENSE.

Forget about race – religion – political affiliations – who rich or poor you are – who your daddy or mommy is and how great you think you are. Think of your fellow man, and possibly with everyone’s co-operation we can beat this killer.

While we are at it become a little more consolatory, we ALL can apply our new mentality to getting along with one another.

In case some of you don’t know it ; WE ALL BLEED THE SAME COLOR.

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I don’t know if the Newt is right …

NEWT GINGRICH: This is a purely corrupt, stunningly dishonest administration with zero regard for the rule of law, and it’s not going to last. I mean, you may be right about beyond Biden being three years from now, but the reckoning is going to come much faster than that because the American people are simply not going to put up with the level of pain and incompetence that this modern, big socialist, big government socialism represents. It’s true on every level; city level, state level, federal level – they are producing a level of incompetence I don’t think we’ve ever seen in America before. 

In my opinion, based on the power these scumbags have attained, I think they are going to win the war. Why you may ask?? Not exactly, but a good comparison; for the same reason THE KNEELERS got away with what they did, disrespecting the country; there is little to no patriotism left in this country. Just like their assaults on PDT, they stuck together.

If I am wrong, there would not be as much dissention and turmoil as we are seeing in this country. The freaks that support the socialist way of life are very weak, parasitic people that want to go through life on someone else dime and sweat. Their numbers are increasing everyday. From the people who have been on social programs for decades/generations that have been bleeding the government, to the up and coming voters (college kids) that want to have Uncle Sam to first feed hem and then wipe their ass because they are too lazy and irresponsible.

Could we ever imagine we would see 1,000’s of businesses closing their doors because they can not get anyone to work?? In many cases the government makes it too easy for them not to work. I see companies offering 20.00$ an hour and willing to pay for kids colleges and STILL can not keep enough people on to keep their doors open.

All of these ignoramus do not understand; the $oldi it will take to support them has to come from somewhere.

In reality; the guys living under the bridges, if they have .25 cents in their pockets, theoretically are better off financially than the USA is. The only leg up the fools running the USA have, they have the ability to print more dead presidents.

I don’t know for sure if Gingrich is right, I have some serious doubts. Based on the direction the USA is going, it will certainly follow the laws of gravity:

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