Wouldn’t you get your hat??


ISIS leaders may flee Mosul as their ranks are decimated

That is the good news.

On the other side of the coin; if someone that was a very formidable adversary of yours sent you a SINGING telegram and told you that they were coming to kick you ass in a couple of weeks, would you stay put and get destroyed or would you get your hat??? If you stuck around, you would be a fool.

I have been preaching for years, the element of surprise is one of the most effective ways of overpowering an opponent/enemy.  The Donald agrees with me.  Our leaders have a compulsion of running their mouths and broadcasting to the enemy exactly  what they intend to do, when and how they intend to do it. BRILLIANT!!!

For about a month, the geniuses that run our military have been broadcasting that  they would be going after ISIS’s top DOGS very soon. What does ISIS do? They got their hat.

BB and her Storm Troopers have been running an ad using a general from the Marine Corps (sad to say) that states Trump is not fit to be president.  The general probably is one of  the scholars that must agree with the military tactics employed by the Obama administration, forwarding the word to the enemy that an attack from the  USA is right down the road. So much for the  guy’s credibility.

Needless to say; I have the utmost respect for the Corps; I proudly served with for many years.  But this general and people like him that side with the methodology employed by Obama and his so called advisers, they have one hell of a lot to be desired.  Possibly a promise for future advancement.

What the terrorists have thought up was very innovative early warning signs.  They stationed  a guy on horseback waiting at the beach front as a look out for the on-coming enemy.  If and when he saw any sign of an attack, he would ride through their villages yelling الأمريكان قادمون – الأمريكان قادمون


Great idea

By the way. The media has been beating up Trump for saying he likes the element of surprise and doesn’t want to be predictable. What do these fools think he means by that???  They know what he means, they just love twisting the facts. No smart military strategist would disagree with him.

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All is well in hell FOLKS

Republicans blast ObamaCare after premium hike announcement

As the sad story of the nightmare goes. The speaker/salesman stood before a very large group of people, people of  whom he had just invested their life saving/retirement benefits on a whim of his.

He didn’t ask their permission to use their money, we can say he commandeered it without their permission to use  on a vision he had – a project he knew would probably never fly – one that, in order for him to get it off the ground, he had to steal a significant amount of money from Peter to pay Paul to fund it; all along telling his subjects; don’t worry, I got your back.  Sound familiar??


How can any project claim to be  successful when; in order to get it off the ground, such drastic measures had to be taken, almost wiping social security off the map?

Many times I have said it and many times I can back it up. They are in it for their own gratification, nothing else.

Obama had a plan when he stood in front of the world with his hand on the bible in 2008. He was going to be the 1st president to make sure that all American people had health insurance so his name would go into the history books as THE ONE.  A vision, that if it had been conducted/organized more realistically  with qualified experts in the field, coordinating it professionally instead of a group of people at a crap game using someone else’s money , may have succeeded.

It is phenomenal to have visions, aspirations, and expectations, goals to shoot for in life but the key is, they have to be realistic and workable.

Against the recommendations of many experts in the field telling him that his plan was not feasible, Obama pushed ahead. The entire debacle began with the development of the website site which started off like a fart in church. It stunk to high heaven.

Obamacare Website Costs Exceed $2 Billion, Study Finds. The federal government’s Obamacare enrollment system has cost about $2.1 billion so far, according to a Bloomberg Government analysis of contracts related to the project.

2 billion dollars. 2 billion dollars – Go Daddy develops websites for $9.95.

Adding insult to injury, the development of the website, that from my understanding is still not 100% functional,  Obama GAVE the project – GAVE the project to a Canadian company; where one of Michelle Obama’s college roommate is a honcho.


Our northern cousins fumbled the ball so many times with delays and one excuse after another,  the project was finally given to an AMERICAN company to fix and complete. You ask if the Canadian company ever refunded any of the 2 billion??  We all know better than that.

All along this bumpy road to financial disaster, the main sales person, Mr. O was continually deceiving the public just how well his pet project was moving ahead. Transparency at it’s finest.

The kicker in this entire charade; Mr. O had to essentially steal money from one fund in order to fund his pet project. With the stroke  of a pen, Mr. O took 700 billion dollars from the social security. 700 billion dollars of hard-earned, backbreaking money that the taxpaying citizens of this country worked so hard for, just to satisfy his unworkable whim.


Keeping with the tradition of a politician; Mr. O continued and still is today trying to sell his snake oil to the public. It has been a  bad investment from the beginning and will eventually fall apart.

Just like the 2 billion he GAVE to the Canadian company that was a train wreck and never recovered, the 700 BBBBBillion he took from social security to fund his whim has also been blown across the desert like a piece of tumbleweed in a wind storm never to be recovered.

These are the stories the administration does not want the public to know about.

This incident is only one of the many incompetent decisions made during his administration that has been disasters.

If the American people want to dig their heads out of the sand and evaluate what Obama has or hasn’t been forthright with, they will come to the realization that we have been snowballed for 7.9 years, just to make Mr. O to look good.

We do not have an unemployment problems – terrorism is on the decline – we are beating ISIS (ISIL as he calls it) – there is no such thing as Muslim extremists – our infrastructures are in good shape – no problem with Obamacare – cutting the military, not recognizing the threat from Russia, China, Iran and North Korea – they have a handle on the out of control immigration so well that BB is going to increase the influx by 500 % if she gets the nod.


This what our country will look like if BB gets the nod.

FOLKS, the way I see it, there has been one deception after another in this administration. I don’t claim that previous administrations were virgins in the bull-shitting/lying departments, they all are a bunch of deceptive wolves in sheep’s clothing, only telling the public what they want them to hear.

I would have to go back a significant number of years to come up with an administration that was for the people instead of themselves.

As of 2014, the last five U.S. presidents were Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. With the exception of George H.W. Bush, each president served two terms in office. I would have to choose Ronald Reagan as the best out of this bunch. A person that was a patriot and did the right things for the betterment of the country.

As a run of the mill stiff; I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to run an entire country. The task has to be monumental.  But I would think, having competent assistance in critical areas, experts in their fields, being up front with the people, it would make the job a lot easier.

This is a predicament this country is in today. One of the candidates running for the Big Chair. She has such an obsession with lying that it is automatic when she opens her mouth. She has been caught lying more times than Japedo’s kid has.

Do we need 4 – 8 more years of this type of government? By the end of her term, there will be nothing left of the country but a pile of ashes.

There are a multitude of changes that should be made to get the USA back on track. BB is not the one to do that. She has promised she would continue with Mr. O’s legacy.  I call that pouring gasoline on an already raging fire.

Trans-parent to this administration means – a married couple that is contemplating changing the sex.

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Not speculation anymore

This is a must see video for all to view; especially the foolish PC BELIEVERS/SHEEP  that have been sucked into the put on Southern-Charm of the Clinton Machine for so many years.

It goes to show exactly what kind of people they really are and to what extent they have gone to and will go to in order to bamboozle the American people into winning this election.

The video is about 16 minutes long but is well worth the time to view.

If after watching the video, if you still are not thoroughly convinced of the corrupt nature of this family  – the underhanded and criminal acts associated with them and their co-conspirators;  you have a major  problem.

If after viewing the video, if you still believe in the honesty and integrity of the family, I still have 30,000 acres of PRIME swampland for sale at bargain basement prices . Better hurry before they are all snapped up.


White House Issues Literal Warning to People Watching O’Keefe Videos

This video is one of series of videos made by Project Veritas that have revealed even more corruption than we can ever imagine inside the Clinton Machine; including many  people hired to do their dirty work.  To be fair;  I am sure that out of the entire flock, there has to be a few people who are decent but are very gullible and naive.

When Donald Trump makes claims that the election PROCESS is rigged, his accusations are not directed exclusively to voters fraud, they can involve many other unorthodox methods, in some case,  criminal tactics that are used to discredit him.

This is exactly what the Clinton Machine  has created, a Panzer Division of storm troopers using devious methods of casting a shadow on Trump’s campaign.

As the video shows; The Clinton Machine hired PROFESSIONAL thugs to disrupt Trump’s campaign by starting fights and causing disruptions to make it look like Trump’ people are the aggressors. Many of the thugs involved have extensive criminal histories.  Birds of a feather.

Based on what I have read through the years about the Clinton’s background and their quest for greatness, it really doesn’t surprise me that they will do whatever it takes to get whatever they are SHOOTING for.

There has been so much speculation over time of criminal activities connected with them but like with the Teflon Don, so far nothing has stuck. But – always the BIG BUT; sooner or later the hammer is going to drop on them just like it did Gotti.

If I were a betting man; I would wager that BB is the King Pin in the organization. Wild Bill had a very questionable track  record but nothing like we are seeing in this election. You can be the judge.

If Trump doesn’t use all of this material and videos to expose the Panzer Division, he will be missing the boat.

As bad as the believers/sheep, in this case, (the same thing) want to support BB, they have to be deeply offended by her to see what is going on in the Clinton camp. If we want to get down to brass tacks; the Clinton Machine is spitting in everyone’s face that is supporting them by using and abusing them through their deception.

What we see in this video is absolutely criminal.  It is a mockery to American justice that they have been able, with the help of the Main Man in some cases, to become as untouchable as they are.

Let us hope that ALL of the American people open their eyes as see exactly what their flimflam operation amounts to and put their X’s in the Trump box in November. If not, what we have witnessed in this video is the tip of the iceberg.  I would hate to have to say I told you so. But I will.

This puppet is actually studdering trying to answer a question asked of him by a reporter.

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ACLU – bites the hand that feeds them

ACLU chapter: High school’s police event sends ‘frightening message’

The ACLU is continually sending out messages in an effort to stir the pot.


I have one message for them. Go get a real ^$*&#* job and quit breaking balls. 

If it were not for the USA, fools like them would not be protected under the laws they so frequently criticize.

Go get a real ^$*&#* job and quit breaking balls.  Try not to forget; don’t bite the hands that are protecting you!!!!


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They are fighting 2 wars

Pentagon demands return of cash bonuses paid to California soldiers for going to war a decade ago

With all of the soldi the pentagon pisses away daily or should I say by the milliseconds; they have the nerve to ask or possibly demand money returned from bonuses that they paid our soldiers; better yet, the government admits it was their own error.  We are not talking about last week or last year, the blood sucking officials are going back 10 years. I wonder if they have the nerve to go after the survivors of the recipients who have died since then???

The overpayments made on account of the government error, the soldiers did not forge documents or obtain the money surreptitiously

At the end of the day, the soldiers ended up paying the largest price,” Maj. Gen. Matthew Beevers, deputy commander of the California Guard, said. We’d be more than happy to absolve these people of their debts. We just can’t do it. We’d be breaking the law.

I have news for General Beevers (catchy name, bet he caught hell with that growing up); the government breaks the law every day and sweeps it under the rug.

Whatever the total sum of the screwup amounts to, it can’t come close to what Uncle Sam squanders.  The government should chalk it up to a TYPO and march on.  The people who put their ass on the line every day for us are fighting two wars, one across the pond and the other  at home. They do not make enough to start with.

California Guard officials conceded to the news media that taking back the money from military veterans is distasteful. That is the first thing they got right.

All it would take is the stroke of a pen from the right person for this to go away, like it never happened.

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This is just part of what the government passes-out/gives away/squanders yearly.


It is not that we don’t squander money all over the world unnecessarily; many of whom we are donating to are trying to kill the goose that laid their golden egg.

If they need the soldi that bad; I would suggest that the government deduct a few dollars from all of the non-working stiffs on Pennsylvania Ave. that have been on the gravy train for years and are grossly overpaid.

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Sad to say, it is one thing falling asleep during a meeting  but the scary thing is; when they wake up they are voting on an issue or laws they know nothing about. America’s finest.



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One extreme to the other

Rape sentence of 1,503 years a contrast to controversial Montana case

In the Grizzly State of Montana, there is a brain-dead judge that gave a low-life degenerate a  60-day sentence for raping his own daughter.  Being the benevolent ass-hole he is, his dishonorable  even took off 17 days for time served,  giving the scumbag rapist a grand total of 43 days sentence for his despicable crime.

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Since then, there has been a strong outcry from the public for the imbecilic  judge to step down.

In sharp contrast to that;  a judge in California who seems to have a little something between his ears gave another scumbag rapist of his own daughter a 1,503-year sentence for the same thing. The case in California; the poor girl was raped 2 – 3 times a week for 4 years.


This demented bastard tried to put the blame on his daughter for the crimes; saying she enticed him.

One thing Jose can bank on beside a very long sentence. When he gets to the slams, he will find out that even the most hardened criminals have a very big disdain for scum bags that rape their own daughters. I am sure they already have a welcoming committee waiting for him. You can bet they are sure to break his pinata along with a few other things.


Jose has to look at the bright side of his situation. After he serves 50 years he only has another 1,453 to go.

Here again is a strong case for my suggestion to make ALL crimes in our 50 states have the same mandatory punishment; eliminating the possibility  of bleeding hearted or judges on the take to get away with illogical sentences.  Common sense folks.

Castration should be mandatory for any animal that rapes a family member.


Don’t forget;       download-3

Let us get rid of the bleeding-hearted PC-ers that have run this country into the ground.

Give some justice to the victims of crimes instead of rewarding the criminals; many times by granting them early releases for LOW-LEVEL crimes.  What if it was your daughter????


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Talk about; The fix is in

Obama Goes Off on Reporter Who Dares Ask Question That Didn’t Get Pre-Approval:

I am sure this selective practice was or has not just been implemented during the Obama administration but has been followed throughout many presidencies.

Obama Goes Off on Reporter Who Dares Ask Question That Didn’t Get Pre-Approval

I don’t know how many people are aware; all reporters are hand pick to attend press conferences and better yet, their questions are scrutinized by the president’s people as to what they can and can not ask during the Q&A period. How about those apples.

This procedure is just another example of how corrupted the system is, that all question must be approved before the answer is given.  Give me a ^$*&!@ break.

If in fact, their question is not to the administration’s liking, the reporters are not permitted to attend or they will not be called upon.

There is absolutely no end to their lack of transparency and concealment.

The moral of this story is; literally, everything the president does is scripted as not to embarrass them.  I always said; if there isn’t anything to hide, what is the difference what the question is, as long as it does not jeopardize national security.

The more the public is kept in the dark in certain matters, the less trouble the big wigs can get into.

I worked with a person years ago that was the president of a major phone company.  The initials for the company started with an A and ended with a T. Take a guess.

This man would shutter if someone asked him a question and would literally not show up for meetings, fearful of that fact. Like in politics, he was just a figurehead or a token that was placed in that position.

Name withheld because of embarrassment.

Se le scarpe montarli messo su

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