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‘Papa John’ Schnatter claims he was ‘pushed’ to use n-word


Pa Pa said he was pissed off and was forced to use the n-word.  I can buy that.  How many people say things when they are mad they would not say in a normal conversation??

Do I feel sorry for John?? Not really; BUTT I think he was unfairly made into a sacrificial  lamb and was hung out to dry. Or possibly the executive board at the pizza palace was looking for a reason to shit can him anyway and this made it easy for them.

In all fairness, I  really don’t think there are too many people on the planet that haven’t  used the n-word at one time or the other.

On Friday afternoon, Schnatter, in an interview on WHAS, a Louisville radio station, said he was pressured to use the N-word during the conference call.

“The agency was promoting that vocabulary … They pushed me. And it upset me,” he told host Terry Meiners.

“It’s caused a lot of grief for my community, for my university,” Schnatter noted. “My employees are distraught, they’re crushed, and it’s all because I was sloppy and I wasn’t as sensitive. It’s the same mistake I made on the NFL comments.”

The executive caught flak in January when he said Papa John’s, a longtime NFL sponsor, saw its sales get dinged because of the league’s players’ national anthem kneeling protest.

Those comments led to him stepping down as CEO — and the NFL cutting ties to the chain.

Some of the black people use the n-word with great frequency and think nothing of it. IFFF it is so offensive to them, they should put their heads together and decide to set an example for all of us honkies to follow and practice what they preach.

In an effort to claim their identity, I have heard many blacks claim the n-word  is their word and only they can use it. I disagree; if it is distasteful for one race it should be distasteful regardless of who uses it.

Take it from Al:


I don’t think the one time pizza king will be missing any meals.

Papa John’s founder: How much is he worth? – Courier-Journal

“Papa John” Schnatter started 2017 with a net worth estimated at $1 billion by Forbes, but that dropped to $801 million by November.

As part of his severance package, John is getting a lifetime certificate for all the pizza he can eat.

Hold the anchovies on mine!!



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USA TODAY: Daughter kills dad after finding his child porn


They should have made this lady a national hero.

What the hell is the matter with the authorities over in the UK, this guy deserved to have his throat slit.

Hopefully enough people will protest the decision and the magistrates will come to their senses and let the lady out of prison.

I can’t help but wonder where her mother was when all this was going on??

According to this poor lady, the son of a bitch that called himself her father, kept her as a sex slave and raped her hundreds of times.

Now can anyone tell me that this piece of trash did not deserve to get his throat slit??

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From Fox News – Critics slam ’embarrassing’ Mayor Sadiq Khan for feuding with Trump while London faces rising crime, knife deaths

Critics slam ’embarrassing’ Mayor Sadiq Khan for feuding with Trump while London faces rising crime, knife deaths


There are thousands of fools like the mayor of London that don’t look in the mirror before they roll Boulders at anyone.

Before anybody criticizes another person for not wiping their butt, they should check their skivvies first

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USA TODAY: Manhunt on for paraglider who flew over Trump


Should have shot the clown down. If he was crazy enough to do a flyover, who knows what else do you edit was capable of.

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USA TODAY: Serena falls to Kerber in Wimbledon final


Even the best of the best eventually get beat. You got to know when to hold and know when to fold.

Rocky Marciano was one of the Smart Ones who retired undefeated. 49 and O, what a record. He was one tough Italian Stallion. Salute

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Breaking bread with the enemy ….

There are many situations in our live where we have to make choices; some pleasant and some very unpleasant. BUTT in either case, a decision has to be made one way or another. To be the procrastinating fool or not or not the procrastinating fool, that is the question.

Procrastination Pros and Cons. Most dictionaries define procrastination as “To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.” No one wants to be thought of as a careless or lazy person, especially in the office.Apr 30, 2015

Procrastination Pros and Cons – Ashton College

As the DI at Parris Island would scream, up close and personal; make a god-damn decision boy, one way or another, don’t just stand there with your thumb up you ass!! That was a very sound lesson in life.

We have to take the most economical, sensible, logical, best choice of our options for all parties concerned. Many times we have to break bread with the enemy, BUTT that does not mean we have to get in bed with them. We have to choose the lesser of two evil.

There are times the people/persons we have to break bread with are despicable individual, BUTT for all parties concerned and for the best end result, it is imperative a relationship does exist.

It is NOT necessary that we like the person/people we are dealing with. There is a goal that must be reached for the betterment of all concerned and the only avenue to the goal is through that person.

In the case of PDT and The Judo Guy. It is in the best interest of the world that the two men and the Super Powers they control live in harmony. There are droves of Boulder Rollers in the country and around the world that do not agree PDT should get chummy with The Judo Guy. These people are anti-Trump fools and regardless of what PDT tries to do or better yet accomplishes while sitting in the Big Chair, they will find fault with it.

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Is Putin all the things people say about him?? Probably a big yes and even most likely more. People in the USSR and around the world that bump heads with the former head of the KGB, have a way of going missing, with a bullet hole in the back of their head, or a poison dart shot out of an umbrella into their leg while wait to cross a busy intersection. BUTT according to The Judo Guy and his henchmen, by all accounts, these incidents are ALL co-incidental.

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Prime swamp land for sale at bargain basement prices.

Just for starters:

List of people Putin is suspected of assassinating – Business Insider


Mar 11, 2016 – People who criticize Putin have, in a number of cases, ended up dead.

Here are 10 critics of Vladimir Putin who died violently or in suspicious …


Mar 23, 2017 – Shooting in Kiev of Kremlin critic raises parallels with suspected … Here are some outspoken critics of Putin who were killed or died mysteriously. …. As a journalist and author who wrote about crime and corruption in the …

List of journalists killed in Russia – Wikipedia


The dangers to journalists in Russia have been well known since the early 1990s but concern ….. 11 May – Victor Mikhailov, crime correspondent for Zabaikalsky rabochy ….. Four accused in contract killing, acquitted in February 2009 [J].

Partial Justice and … · ‎Deaths and trials, statistics · ‎List of journalists killed in …

The Kid Dick-tator may be as brutal and criminally insane as The Judo Guy is, BUTT making an agreement with him not to fire off a few rockets at the USA and our allies, developing a relationship with the mad-man, is in the best interest of the world.

I hope this is not too complicated for some of the Boulder Roller to understand. Does it make more sense to develop a relationship and have peace, or continue down the same destructive path we have been on for years?? Key word; COMMONSENSE.

Sometimes we have to break bread with the enemy to achieve our ultimate goal. That is EXACTLY what PDT is doing with The Judo Guy and The Kid. It is called the lesser of two evils.

If anyone really thinks that PDT has an affection for The Kid or the Judo Guy, they have rocks in their head.  He has to say what he does to keep the door open.


Why is it that some supposedly intelligent people are as stupid as they come??

A prophetic quote from one of the century’s leading scholars:

In a nut shell. Many times we are compelled to do what we know is crossing the line, BUTT doing so, we have to choose the lesser of to evils for all parties concerned.

When ever anyone has to make a difficult; they should always consider the alternative before shutting the door. For the most part, if they have anything between their ears, they will make the right decision.

If in 8 years in office, our past president would have achieved what PDT has so far in a 1,5 years, his name would be a top contender for canonization or possibly be a saint already.

I can just see it; his most reverend  Saint Bay-Rock.


I don’t want to keep Rolling Boulder at Obama; I just want him and his flock to be fair and acknowledge what PDT has done for the world.

To the PC-ers and the Boulder Rollers; support PDT. Acknowledge all of his achievements as well as you are recognizing his mistakes.  Be as open-minded to PDT as you have been with his holyness.

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A FAG in the CRAPPER …..

Officials say vaping co-pilot caused Air China flight to drop 21,000 feet

The passengers aboard Air China Boeing 737-800 (B-5851) flight from Hong Kong to Dalian got an extra thrill for the price of their ticket.

The Co-pilot named One Hug Low had an uncontrollable need of a fix from his electric FAG (don’t get alarmed, FAG is an British slang for cigarette) so he went into the crapper (named after Thomas Crapper the inventor) to get his fix. When he fired up the little tuffy, the lit FAG made the air pressure drop in the cabin, causing the plane to take an unexpected nose dive 21,000 feet.


3/4’s of the passenger had to stand in line to use the crapper to clean up after the embarrassed One Hung Low came out of the crapper with his FAG between his lips and the pilot got the craft under control.


Origin of the word “crap”

It has often been claimed in popular culture that the slang term for human bodily waste, crap, originated with Thomas Crapper because of his association with lavatories. A common version of this story is that American servicemen stationed in England during World War I saw his name on cisterns and used it as army slang, i.e. “I’m going to the crapper”.

One Hung Low was expecting to get the Co-pilot of the year award coming up in November, held in Siberia; BUTT because of his overwhelming addiction to the FAG, he just flushed any of his chances of winning down the crapper.

The moral of this tale is; it is not a good idea to bring a FAG into the crapper on an airplane and lite up the FAG.  Beside being dangerous, it is against airline regulations.

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