Can’t do worse than K J ….

‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic runs for president from prison, Libertarian Party says he shouldn’t be taken seriously

‘We are not a landing pad for former reality stars and D-list celebrities,’ the head of the Libertarian Party said of Joe Exotic’s announcement

I hate to see how many votes the goof- ball will get.

On the other side of the coin, why not, he could probably do a hell of a lot better job than this Wack job that is presently occupying the big chair.

Adding to his unexplainable, unqualified, socialist decisions he makes; this one really puts the icing on the cake, or can we say, puts the cookies in Joe Biden’s pocket.

President Biden’s DOJ is quietly trying to orchestrate taxpayer-funded bailout of Moderna

Can you believe this bullshit; this fucking crook must have envelopes flying at him from all directions. He does it without any reservations or misgivings. K J is so used to stealing, and on the pad that it has become second nature to him. I would like to know exactly how many people here shook down or how many companies have paid him off since he’s been in politics. Gotta be thousands.

Where the hell do you think his degenerate son got all of his on-the-job training. Here it all is all down in ink.

It really wouldn’t surprise me if we dug deep enough we would find that THE BRAT may be sitting on the board of some of these pharmaceutical companies that made billions.

If he did it in Ukraine and didn’t know shit about oil reserves, what would prevent him from doing it in the Pharmaceutical industry??

The fact of the matter is Kamikaze is an upright solid pig that keeps filling that face of his with dead presidents.

So used to beating the system that nothing phases him.

Tell me why in the fuck should Moderna or any other company be bailed out at taxpayers’ expense??

These are all the whofe deals that have been going on for decades and the only losers and the transactions are the taxpayers

Biden’s DOJ is quietly trying to orchestrate taxpayer-funded …

Fox News › politics › bidens-doj-quietly-…

5 hours ago — Biden’s DOJ is quietly trying to orchestrate taxpayer-funded bailout of Moderna. US government’s argument taking on Moderna’s liability is …


Is this pattern of the American taxpayer bailing out corporate America fucking joke or what?? When they make billions and billions and billions of dollars we don’t see one red cent of it. As soon as they go down the tubes, they expect put taxpayers to pick up their tab.

It would not surprise me if these bankruptcy deals have been arranged long before they’ve taken place, all in another way to scam the taxpayers.

If what Pompeo is predicting, it will be the biggest bomb dropped on the USA under Kamikazi Joe’s watch.

I’ve said it so many times before; when we analyze the circumstances we have to wonder whose fucking side are they on anyway

Mike Pompeo sounds alarm on China-Russia alliance: Biden is making an ‘enormous strategic mistake’

Russia hosted three days of talks between Putin and China’s Xi Jinping in Moscow

If Kamakazi thinks Charlie Chan and the Russian roulette guy are playing fucking games he’s out of his mind. They will team up, launch their missiles, physically invade the country destroying the United States, and take it over.

There’s no way that the United States can ward off both of these enemies at one time. Because of our disastrous leadership over the years, our military has shrunk to a fourth-world country level. our only salvation is the United Nations and other countries we’ve helped, but as I said, don’t hold your breath.

MIKE POMPEO: To hear the White House play this down as if it’s insignificant or unimportant is an enormous strategic mistake. It may be a shotgun wedding, but they’re still married. And at least for today, the Chinese Communist Party is providing lethal assistance to Ukraine, almost certainly. Now, China is getting energy at a discounted price. Think about that. American manufacturing companies are paying full freight for energy today and the Chinese are getting a 15, 20% discount on each barrel of oil, allowing them to continue to dump their products here in America. Now, the Biden administration has failed. They have allowed the Russians and the Chinese to come together in this way and it presents enormous risk to the United States of America and every citizen.

This will not be like any other war the United States has witnessed or been involved in, it is going to be on its own turf and in the long run, look exactly like bombed-out Ukraine does.

Do you think because Putin had no compulsion of destroying and decimating his neighboring countries that he would think twice about doing the same or worse to the United States. He has been salivating for years to pull this one off.

It is totally astounding that this egotistical, ignorant, arrogant administration puts so little legitimacy to these critical, dangerous world situations that hang so heavily over the USA. Just like everything else negative that K J is been involved in, he plays it down to the hilt.

For years I referred to Obama as the Manchurian candidate or TMC – I may have to reassess who was the more deserving of the uncomplimentary title, or worst threat to our country, the old TMC or his successor the new TMC.

These two seasoned warlords above are playing this game for keeps while the fool that sits as the leader of our country still thinks he’s in Pennsylvania playing in the schoolyard. Everything is a big fucking joke to this guy except his love for ice cream and that Corvette of his.

One is not enough for the hog.

If K J paid as much attention to the horrible conditions his country is facing as he does his toys, we would be in much better shape. We all know where Kamikaze Joe’s priorities are, Joe comes first on his list.

Buckle up folks, the fun has yet to begin. I want to see which liberal, socialist fools are laughing and taking our two worst enemies so lightly when this shit hits the fan. As unpredictable as this world is, I wouldn’t be surprised if the kid dictator from North Korea joined forces with those other two monsters. never say never.

If and when this confrontation takes hold, I want to see which countries that we have spent literally trillions of dollars on defending and supporting will come to our aid.

Don’t hold your fucking breath.

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They better shit can their so-called experts and hire me as their consultant …..

The state of the U.S. Navy as China builds up its naval force and threatens Taiwan

Below are just a few of the many post I did on China building up their military arsenal especially their Navy.

Don’t cut the military budget

Published on Feb 19, 2013 at 4:47 AM

Keep your friends close and your allies closer

Published on Aug 24, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Get in step or get ran over

Published on Feb 24, 2017 at 7:17 PM

Paul Revere in Chinese – 中国人来了

Published on Sep 15, 2015 at 11:50 AM

Some of these posts I did go back over 10 years. I’m still asking myself the same question, who the fuck are the higher-ups in the United States government working for, the fucking enemy or for us to preserve our country??

If the condition of our country are not perplexing to you, you got a major problem. I gotta believe you are an anti-American son of a bitch. If the SCARPS fit, put them on.

With incompetence bullshit like this, it kind of makes you wonder. If you are not wondering, you got a mental problem. I wouldn’t put it past the realm of possibility a good percentage of our politicians in this country are on the Chinese tab as well as some other foreign country’s payroll.

Just look at that rotten son of a bitch we have for a president and his low-life fuckin maggot kid and tell me that there is not some severe hanky panky going on behind closed doors.

These two despicable bastards and some of their families are guilty as sin. Sad to say, I doubt that there will ever come a day when they will stand up and take what’s coming to them. They are two insulated with money and power in political influence.

Talk about arrogance; the two pricks literally wrote the book on it.

 If nothing else this book is something that they cannot bullshit their way out of, it’s all down in black and white.

What kind of caring father would allow their son to continue down the path this fool has gone in support him every step of the way is most disturbing, When hunter starts screwing his dead brothers wife shortly after his death, the Hunter was given a thumbs up by our illustrious president and his doctor wife on the arrangement. pretty sweet huh??

As far as I can see Kamikaze Joe never did a thing to try to help kids straighten out, the only thing he did was bounce him around from organization to organization to try to hide him.

Kamikaze even got his kid enlisted in the Navy way past the eligibility age, but in true form, the fuckin deadbeat punk got thrown out not long after he joined.

That kid should have been taken to the woodshed when he was a lot younger and gave him a gigantic attitude adjustment, but all, Kakazue did was contribute to his delinquency by turning his back and pretending there was not a problem.

The mentality that Kamikaze displayed then carried over into his political career where he was always trying to soft soap and conceal the truth from the public as to just how bad things truly are. I don’t know if I ever despised a person more than him for what he has done to this country.

Talk about a fucking dysfunctional family, they take first prize.

Why in the name of anything holy or unholy would any sensible human being see their next-door (proverbial China) neighbor they have been feuding with for years, gearing up to come over and decimate them. What does he do, deliberately downsized his defense capabilities, tear their fence down to give them easy access, and in some instances aids and abetting them.

Folks; if you don’t think that there is a gigantic boil festering in this country and waiting for it to pop and flood everything in its path, think again. Where do you think all this complacency and inadequate performance of protecting our country is going to lead?? Nowhere good I’ll tell you that.

Remember what I told you some time ago, you better get ready and learn how to use chopsticks.

Charlie Chan and his crew were on the way and make no bones about it. It is one thing if you get your ass kicked by someone sneaking up on you, that may be excusable. But when someone tells you that they are coming to destroy you in two months and you do not prepare yourself, there is absolutely no excuse for that. Charlie has been putting the United States on notice for a couple years now let’s see just how smart our leaders are. I am not very hopeful!!

We probably have one of the best military forces in the world but just like the cops that have been handcuffed and not allowed do their job, that alone puts a gigantic nail in our coffin.

Hold the egg roll – I am trying to watch

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Clean up your own backyard first …….

New Proposal Will Seek to Authorize Military Force against …

National Review › corner › new-propo…

Jan 10, 2023 — Soldiers patrol the streets following the detention of Mexican drug gang … U.S. military capabilities against drug cartels in Mexico.

If the American authorities can pull it off in the Land of Hot Tamale, why in the name of Batman and Robin can they not do the same thing in the United States.

The real problem is, someone must have put super glue on the thumbs of everybody in Washington DC and they suck it up their ass and now they cannot get it out.

I have been preaching for our government to be proactive and to go after the Bandidos and snuff them out. they know where they are, they know who they are, and they know that their intention is to take down the United States, that in itself gives the law permission to do anything within their means to put these people down.

What fuck are you waiting for?? You see the burglar crawling through your window and what do you do about it, you go in the garage, get a ladder and help him through the window.

From what I can see all of these have baked attempts and making a difference not only half-baked attempts. Typical collaboration in Washington and business as usual.

I wonder if any of the Wizards in DC know the definition of proactive and preemptive. Those two words alone can be the difference between success or defeat. From where I sit, the Super Glue guys with their thumb up their asses are losing the battles coming from every direction. The best thing they accomplish is rolling boulders at one another Trying to shift the blame away from themselves.

the USA better get their shit together, Mexico never thought that they would be in the dire straits they are today either.

Let us worry about getting the United States squared away first and then we can focus across the border. I am not just referring to drug dealers but every criminal in this United States should be permanently put out of business. They’re breaking the law and it is against the law, do some fucking thing about it.

Read so my post going back 10 years or more where I predicted that someday the bandidos in Mexico will be more powerful than the government. I should get paid for these revelations.

The ignorance, stupidity, complacency, dishonesty, and politics of the United States it’s totally off the charts. These primadonnas don’t give a shit about anybody but themselves. If they did we would not see the country in the deplorable condition it is in today.

Pete repeat: Take this to the bank – how many of you remember me saying; if the politicians in the United States had to live by the same rules and regulations that the citizens do, we would see a much different performance.

They are the quarterback that sat on the bench for 15 years because she did not wanna play. He got paid his big nut whether he played or not, so why take the chance of getting beat up.

It is disheartening to say how much the United States has regressed in the last few years, it is shameful.

We are o the way out

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Manhattan DA says his office won’t tolerate ‘attempts to intimidate’ following Trump posts

If The Donald only knew how to firme HIS La Bouche,

There is no doubt in my mind that he would still be sitting in the big chair, if he could have close his mouth and locked that gigantic ego of his in the closet.

I keep asking myself; how did he ever attain the status he did, financially and in the business world being as obnoxious as he is?  It had to be the money that did the talking and his very wealthy influential father didn’t hurt any.

It is very difficult for someone to have thousands of people standing in line waiting to kiss their ass, It’s very difficult to keep your head out of the clouds and get down with reality. After a while they start believing they are bullet proof.

The Donald has had thousands of people bowing down to him for years and does not know how to take no for an answer. In some respects that can be very beneficial, but in others, as we can see it did not work out so well for Trump.

Take the time to read the, they are impressive.

The long and the short of it, the man has everything but the man has nothing. Smokey the bear used to say, only you can prevent forest fires!!

A nun told me way back when I was in the 2nd grade that empty barrels made the loudest noise. I probably could not grasp the intent of that cliche but as we grow older you can see the value of what’s some of the old timers have the say.

The true  sign of an intelligent person is knowing when and when not to take advice from the people surrounding you. As we all know this is not one of The Donald strongest attributes.

I would like to ask Mr. Trump a question to see what his response would be. why does she even bother hiring advisors if he does not take their advice.

I said way back when,  Trump shit canned so many people he should have put a revolving door on the front of the White House.

With all due respect there is one element that could be changed instantly and not cost him a dime if he was only smart enough to recognize it. put that ego in the closet buddy and think before you answer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t have the answer. 6 words can change his life.


Do I think he’ll ever learn?? Absolutely not there is too much ego involved. why does the dummy keep sticking his hand inside of a raging furnace and burns the hell out of this and every time?? The kicker is he keeps doing the same thing day after day.

Everything that comes into his ear a microsecond later he has the answer coming out of his flytrap, whether he knows the correct answer or not. he has never learned to say I really don’t know and I could get back to you .. I don’t know if it’s his ignorance or bad habit he has developed through the years. There is absolutely nothing wrong was admitting there a person does not have the answer.

Aside from being impulsive with his answers, some of the commentary that comes out of his mouth would make Atilla The Hun shudder in his skivvies. Why would the Donald ever say he has no use for losers, making reference to John McCain who was a prisoner of war for a number of years. To me statements like that shows with persons arrogance beyond belief.

I have to wonder how many veterans cast their votes based on Trump’s remarks. It had to be substantial.

Donnie I made the the offer several times to come in as an advisor and help you get over your idiosyncrasies, but you never took me up on it. The offer still stands. It is all about common sense and I have an abundance of it.

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Even whales shit is not that low ….

California man arrested for child porn after wife found hidden camera, turned him in

Ryan Rovito, 34, was charged with the possession of child pornography

Police obtained a search warrant for the devices and detectives performed a preliminary forensic analysis in which more than 900 images of child pornography and multiple videos from the bathroom camera were found.

Is this perverted son of a bitch holding his head down because of guilt and shame, or is it because he got caught videotaping his kids and house guests in the bathroom.

As far as I’m concerned; that is about as low as a person can get on the human chain anyone can get.

I might even cut the guy some slack if he was a peeping Tom and getting his rocks off secretly spying on other people, but his own kids, that is pretty low

After tying him to a goal post and receiving 900 severe kicks in the nuts, one for each image, by a professional football player, extra point guy, he should be beaten with a ball bat for 1/2 hour and then locked for his long as it takes in a mental institution to get his head right. I think that is a fair and just punishment.

I would be willing to bet and if they scrutinize this perverts background they would find the lot more skeletons in his closet.

When we think we heard it all up jumps the devil.

Better yet, let’s get Lorena Bobbitt out of retirement and put her slicing and dicing skills to good use.

John and Lorena Bobbitt – Wikipedia

Wikipedia › wiki › John_and_Lorena_B…

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I think some of them would sacrifice their own Mammy to bring down Trump

Come on people stormy Daniels was nothing but a fucking high-priced hooker. Can you even guess how many ladies of the night have visited the White House after hours or been taken to a hotel motel by the not-so-secret-service fellas where the leader of our country was anxiously waiting with open legs??

I don’t want to claim that this is/was a common practice but I can assure you, just about every president that sat in the big chair had a gigantic hard-on underneath that desk.

Speaking of underneath the desk, what about the performance that Wild Bill Clinton put on with that starey-eyed stupid intern of his, and lied through his teeth for years.


After he come to the realization that his prick was in the ringer he had no other alternative but to come clean. What happened to Bill Clinton, not a fucking thing, he just become more popular with all the horny bitches in this country.

Take a good look at the Kennedy boys, they were probably some of the worst offenders when it came to the opposite sex that ever set foot in the White House.

Speculation is they may have even killed or had Marilyn Monroe killed because she knew too much. It is no government secret that she was given her trim to JFK & Bobby boy. I wouldn’t doubt if they had some threesomes going on

Teddy Boy even had a hand in killing Mary Joe and got away with it. There is no end to what fame and fortune can buy, especially when your father is one of the premier bootleggers in the United States, good old Joe

Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick Crash: Mary Jo Kopechne’s …

People › politics › 52-years-after-chappaq…

Jul 14, 2021 — Fifty-two years after Ted Kennedy’s car plunged off the Dike Bridge on Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts, killing passenger Mary Jo …

Lyndon Johnson, he was another whore master, balling everything in sight.

I think basically most of Top Seaters crossed the line many times. One exception may have been Jimmy Carter who was a very timid guy and preferred to count cotton balls instead of getting laid.

It is incredible what lengths the socio-democratic party will go to to bring Trump down. The one and only reason – the one and only reason – the one and only reason they are so adamant with their Crusade to kill Trump metaphorically, is because they are scared shitless of this guy.

I have said this so many times before. I don’t give a fuck who is in that Casa Bianca sitting in a big chair, Race color or creed does not matter to me as long as they perform their presidential job as they swore to when elected.

It doesn’t bother me what they did 30 or 40 years ago or 10 years before they got elected as long as it was not committing a capital crime. I wonder how many of the sons-of-a-bitches in the lynch mob chasing Trump have screwed everything in their sight. Got to be a lot of them.

They (The political progressive reprobate tried) for years and are still trying to make something stick on PDT that cost our government billions of dollars and thousands of man-hours that were wasted totally on revenge bullshit. All that time and $oldi could have been put to better use trying to get this country back in line. Could we even imagine what our government could have accomplished with all those hours and dollars they spent on chasing Trump?? Nobody wants to address that.

If they were capital crimes we are talking about with Trump or even rape cases than I would be the first one to stand in line to make him pay the piper, but that’s not the case.

I take a quote from The Goomba Gazette bible; which one of you motherfuckers is without sin and pure enough to cast the first stone???

At this point in time, my crystal ball is a little foggy and I cannot predict what is going to happen in the up and coming 2024 election. But I can tell you one thing my crystal ball is telling me, if it goes the socio-democratic route we are screwed blued, and tattooed.

Let’s select the person, man or woman on their merits (not a fuckin TOKEN) and not who they’re shacking up with, or who their cousin is. So far in Kamikaze Joes’ administration, they should be front page and have been featured in Mad Magazine based on the selections this idiot has made.

Should it be obvious to the halfway intelligent people that Kamikaze Joe is out to destroy this country?? If you don’t see that you’re a complete moron. Maybe if you fools kiss his ass enough, he will ask you over to his crib to wash and wax that junk-ass Corvette he thinks so much of.

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Bursting the Irish Bubble … PASTA PATRICK

I hated to be the messenger of bad news and screw up a major holiday for the Irish people, so I waited until the day after, when all the Paddy’s are nursing a gigantic hangover.

For many centuries the Irish Community around the world celebrated St Patty’s Day as their patron saint and the person that chase all the snakes out of Ireland.

They celebrate with corned beef and cabbage pigs knuckles sauerkraut and all the 18% alcoholic beer they can muster up. By the end of the celebration day most of the Irish men don’t know if it’s Thursday or Sunday.

The guy that they’re celebrating is St Patty and always with the understanding that St Patty was Irish. I hate to burst their bubble, but I known for a fact, St Patrick was Italian. Both of his parents were born in Italy.


Patrick’s parents were Calpurnius and Conchessa, who were Italians living on a British estate. So – he’s Irish-Italian! Jeff Holliday and 958 others like this.

I don’t want to put a damper on your jubilation but we have to address the facts of, Patty was not a mick he’s a dago.

A friend of mine Tommy Dolan, one hell of a guy, will have a nervous breakdown after he reads my post. Tommy is about as Irish as any Irishman can be. The smartest thing he ever did in his life was married into an Italian family.

Another Irish friend of mine that is gonna be devastated by the news is Russel Davis (AKA Russelalino Deviso). Years back I made him an honorary Italian to try and satisfy his insatiable desire of being Italian.

Russell and I grew up together in all Italian neighborhood, Mt Carmel/Luna Park/110th Woodland. Russel had the headache of contending with the badass Italian boys all his life. He did a good job of it and is still kicking while many of them are 7 feet under, six was not enough.

To all the Irishmen out there, they have to concede that Paddy boy was a Dago and not a Mac, I will give them some slack and not break their balls too bad, they need all you can get.

Erin go bragh, which means Ireland forever and Ireland till doomsday. What else is there than being proud of one’s nationality/heritage?

You guys need something to be proud of and celebrate instead of just potatoes and cabbage. It might as well be pizza and perogies.

All in jest, the Irish people are very decent, law-abiding, fun-loving, stand-up hardworking citizens and should be respected with the best of the best, even if they have been foolish enough to be praying to the wrong guy all these years. I know it’s a tough pill to swallow and people will be disappointed with this revelation, but facts are facts,

I would be remiss in my duty to an old friend John Martin I served in the USMC with if I didn’t put him very top of the list “A” of good Irish friends. We have the scars to prove it.

To my liking, Dean Martin is much more pleasing to the ears.

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I said the no good bastard Kamakazi Joe was out to destroy this country and, this is just another example of his socialist stupidity.

Dr. Rachel Levine says changing kids’ genders will soon be fully embraced: ‘Wheels will turn on this’

Levine also said gender-affirming care for minors had the ‘highest support’ of the Biden administration

Levine is the highest sissy/transgender in the US military or is she/he an I can’t figure out who I am.

We can probably place Levine in the same category as Car-mella, just another token, only in a different branch of the do-nothing government.

It’s absolutely incredulous that people are appointed to these prestigious, high-ranking, important positions, not for the knowledge they are supposed to function well in the field they represent, but instead by, whose bed they’re sleeping in or what side of the progressive sizzy bar they are on.

What they did this with some civil service tests years ago where the admission qualifications were too difficult for some of the minority applicants to pass. WTF did they do you may ask?? Naturally, lower the qualification levels so minorities would qualify.

I said this at the time; I would feel that the people involved in this, the applicants, would be insulted by given special considerations so they can pass a test. It would be just like a surgeon getting his shingle that does not know how to operate.

As far as I’m concerned the black community should be insulted by a move like that, implying that white people are a lot smarter than they are.

You want to know why our country is so fucked up?? This is just one of the thousands and thousands of examples.

Levine did not get that position because of her stellar work record or Achievements, It is only because she is a transsexual.

I hope the fools who sanctioned this type of Prejudicial assigning, someday will be laying on the operating table with that surgeon standing over them that does not know a scalpal from his set of nuts.

Not much of an impressive history:

Rachel Leland Levine is an American pediatrician who has served as the United States assistant secretary for health since March 26, 2021. She is also an admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Wikipedia

Born: 1957 (age 65 years), Wakefield, MA

Spouse: Martha Peaslee Levine (m. ?–2013)

Nationality: American

Office: United States Assistant Secretary for Health since 2021

Previous office: Secretary of Health of Pennsylvania (2017–2021)

Descendants: Dayna LevineDavid Levine

Education: The Mount Sinai Hospital (1988–1993), Tulane UniversityHarvard University

Dr. Rachel Levine says changing kids’ genders will soon be fully embraced: ‘Wheels will turn on this’

She is just another TOKEN that is not satisfied with young adults maturing and making decisions of their own at the right time. Subliminal brainwashing.  

Just another nail in the coffin of the good old USA that is racing down the slope to oblivion faster and faster. Our doomsday may be a lot sooner than I expected with leaders like this at the helm.

I can say with absolute certainty that our enemies and adversaries are scrutinizing everything the United States is doing making it weaker, just waiting for the opportune time when they will pounce on us without any forewarning.

By putting tokens of any sex, race, or religion into a position just to fill a quota is absolutely insane and gigantic kicking the nuts to the rest of the American people.

The old cliche that the farmers used is, you reap what you sow.  I can’t wait to see what kind of harvest comes up with the insanity seeds they are planting.

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Do nothing TOKEN Black broad ……

Stephen Colbert calls out Kamala Harris sidestepping question of what her ‘actual role’ is as vice president

Harris admits the HBO show ‘Veep’ is ‘quite accurate’ to her life as VP

Do nothing TOKEN Black Broad about sums it up. What else can she claim to be? She has been doing the same thing throughout her political career; as little as possible and enough to stay out of trouble.

You know the old nasty son of a bitch has a way of showing his affection and gratitude to the opposite sex. If you don’t believe me, AXE Bill’s Broad. K J grabs just enough to get his thrill, and satisfy his obsession as a ladies man.

If there is nothing else that this broad does well is smile like a cheesy cat ,with that phony grin she’s got pasted all over her face. Other than that, I can not think there is anything else of redeming qualities complimentary about her.

Car-mella sits around most of the day looking at her watch wondering when her Jack-off boss is gonna either fall over from a heart attack or something from our space is going to get them.

Is it hard to conceive that critics claim she is 10 times worse than him as a liberal progressive? That is nearly impossible.

Can we even imagine giving Carm control of the reins of the country? The thought is frightening. She can’t even handle the position she has let alone one step higher.

Really; I think the only thing she may, and I said may, be qualified for is being the urinal cadet cleaning out all the shit houses in the White House. male and female. Did I say maybe?

You gotta give it to the old bitch; she’s got big oysters. When they took office, KG told her to go check the border. Naturally; that must have interfered with something more important to her, so she told him to fuck off, she was gonna do it when she got ready.

If my memory serves me correctly, it took her nine months before the token to showed them pearly whites down in Mexico. Rumor has it that’s the only reason she finally did go, she heard there was a huge garage sale going on in Tijuana.

“Does he understand what it’s like to be vice president?” Colbert then asked. 

I would say that is one of the dumbest fucking questions I ever heard Colbert asked. He must be a cousin of KJ  not remember KJ was vice president for eight years. B ased on his accomplishments Colbert may be correct in asking does he know what it’s like to be a vice president.

“He does, he does,” Harris replied. “He really is a true partner and he understands that job. And remember, we came in during the height of the pandemic. And so much of the work was about okay, we’ve got to cover a lot of bases and let’s figure out between us how we can do it. But he’s an extraordinary leader and I wish people could see what I see because there’s only one person who sits behind that Resolute Desk. And the decisions that person has to make are the decisions that nobody else in the country can make. And he’s an extraordinary leader. He really is.

Possibly Joey Boy will AXE Car-mella to his private chambers to show her some gratitude for all the accolades she laid on him.

The old boy was right upside those hotters and Horney Hillary seemed to enjoy it.

Kinda makes a guy want to pull his hair out.

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The golden arches are not so golden

NYC Democrat calls out liberal governor, Biden as city turns shuttered McDonald’s into migrant ‘mega shelter’

Robert Holden suggests migrants should stay in Mexico, cites backlogged system for asylum claims

If Kamikaze Joe could get his way, I would bet that his next conquest for housing homeless and illegals is Trump Towers.

Just like Kamikaze Joe’s kid. K J let his behavior get out of hand for so long never pulling in the reins on him, the SUPER BRAT went out of control at every level. There is probably no way of ever saving him from himself. But what is normal for the Biden family?

I don’t know what you people are looking at, but from where I sit the other side is surely winning the war in every facet of government and domestically.

They are winning because they are unscrupulous and deceitful and can get away with their shenanigans, when you have the president of the United States (no matter how febble minded, and incompetent he is) backing in your anti-American ass. I guess it gives them an added degree of safety. There are no rules where they’re concerned

They are winning, we are losing. Remember one important fact of life; once you give it up, you’ll never get it back.

That scumbag socio Democrat Kamikaze Joe and his puppeteers’ are winning the war. They do it by any means, hook or crook, lie, cheat, steal, put their sister on the street, hustle their 99 year old granny, steal their crippled grandfathers wheelchair, rob the Salvation Army’s kettle on Christmas or anything else it takes to come away with the W.

I’ve said it so many times before; as much as I despise the other side I have to give them credit for being relentless in their quest to dominate/socialize this country.

Nobody ever asks or cres who came in second and how they did it.

When the roof of cold hard facts caves in on top of them, and realization shows it’s ugly face, the imbeciles who we behind the movement, they’re gonna look at each other and ask who, how the fuck did this happen?

That is when the finger-pointing will start and nobody all admit their culpability in the demise of the USA. The only winners are gonna be the ones on top of the Ponzi scheme collecting big-time bucks, while everyone below that supported them are only getting shit on.

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