No justice …. 16 times???

Black teen’s family laments sentence given to white officer

Explosive video of a white Chicago officer shooting a black teenager 16 times in 2014 shocked consciences around the world. Graphic images of Laquan McDonald crumpling to the street while bullets kept striking him stirred expectations that the officer might be convicted in the killing and pay a heavy price in prison time. 

Are you kidding me, shot 16 times!!! Should that be considered a case of over kill. On top of that, the cop only got 7 years.

Black teen’s family laments sentence given to white officer

Updated on: January 19, 2019 / 11:29 AM / CBS/AP

But on Friday, a sentence of less than seven years for Jason Van Dyke — and the possibility that he may serve only half of that — led McDonald’s family and at least one activist to question whether justice had been done and the right message sent to other officers. 

McDonald’s family lamented that the penalty was too light. His great uncle, the Rev. Marvin Hunter, said the sentence reduced McDonald’s life to that of “a second-class citizen” and “suggests to us that there are no laws on the books for a black man that a white man is bound to honor.” 

William Calloway, who was instrumental in the legal battle that led to the release of the dashcam video in 2015, described the penalty as “a slap in the face to us and a slap on the wrist” for Van Dyke, who was convicted of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery — one for each bullet fired at the 17-year-old McDonald.  

Chicago Police Laquan McDonald
The Rev. Marvin Hunter, Laquan McDonald’s great-uncle, speaks with reporters at the Leighton Criminal Court Building in Chicago on Friday, Jan. 18, 2019. Teresa Crawford/AP

His sentencing came a day after a different judge acquitted three officers accused of lying about the shooting to protect Van Dyke, who was probably the first Chicago officer ever found guilty in the shooting of an African-American. 

How can anyone under the same circumstances not feel betrayed by the judicial system based on the sentences and acquittal in this case? I do not blame the families at all for their reactions.

This is just another great example of why a NATIONAL STANDARD FOR SENTENCING is needed as I have suggested many times. The same penalty for a crime committed in Alaska or Florida. It would eliminate a lot of unfair sentencing on either side of the issue. Not to mention, taking the power away from incompetent judges and ones that need a swimming pool or a new car.

Who can justifiably blame the black community for being pissed off at the judicial system? AGAIN I AXE; WHAT IF IT WERE THEIR KID???

When if ever is law-enforcement and the fools wearing the black robes going to get it right?? They are a very big element in the racial divide in this country.

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A dapper rapper in sheep’s clothing

R. Kelly and Sony Agree to Part Ways Amid Allegations


R. Kelly and Sony split as pressure mounts over sexual misconduct allegations

He may turn out to make Mr Huxtible look like a punk/novice.

I watched the segment on TV last night about R (my stand for RAPIST) Kelly. IFFFFF, these allegations are true and all indicators point that way. Kelly is another in the long line of serial abusers with big buck$ and a lot of clout that has bought his way out of many jackpots, and kept his greasy ass out of jail up until now.

There have been several settlements made to his victims, one as high as 1.5 million to keep their mouths shut. BUTT like all the rest, they deny any responsibility.

I could never understand why anyone would pay someone off, especially such huge amounts, if they claim they are not guilty.

Michael Jackson got away clean without doing any jail time, BUTT it cost him a fortune to pay off all the kids he molested. Naturally, like all the rest, he denied it to the hilt.

It takes a lot of courage for the ladies/victims of high-powered people to come forward. It opens up their entire life and many times their lives are on trial instead of the perpetrator.

In Kelly’s case, he has gone a little further to protect himself. He has/had some low-life/goon/enforcer on his payroll that was going to take physical actions against his accusers to hush them up.


After a brief delay, R. Kelly’s former manager James Mason has officially turned himself into police after facing an outstanding arrest warrant was issued in Georgia last summer.

According to a report CNN published earlier today (Jan. 18), Mason surrendered to Georgia’s Henry County Sheriff’s Dept. after he was accused of making terroristic threats towards the family of Kelly’s alleged victim Joycelyn Savage last year. Her father, Timothy Savage, told police that Mason sent him text messages that made him fear for his family’s livelihood.

Let us put this in perspective. Kelly paid of millions of dollars to ladies that accused him of molestation, his low-life/goon/enforcer threaten bodily harm against them to silence them, BUTT Kelly claims he is not guilty.


My hats is off to all of his victims and to others that have the courage to come forward, knowing that it will be a very bumpy road ahead for them.

Some of his accusers: The degenerate has a propensity for under-aged girls. Many that he had affairs with with were as young as 13 – 14 years old.


I am elated to see that many of his sponsors and business associates are separating themselves from the rapist/molester.

I try to be very opened minded in most cases, BUTT one of the things that disturbed me is; the following these criminals have when they are as guilty as sin. It is much more prevalent in the black community than the white.

Kelly has thousands of supporters supporting him, even though all indicators suggest his is guilty. I will label it the OJ Syndrome.  

Do these fools ever stop and AXE themselves, what if she was my daughter that was raped/molested or don’t they care??

Did any of the fools that supported OJ, ever stop and AXE themselves, what if Nicole was my kid? Or was it because she was white??

Guilty is guilty regardless of what race a person happens to be or how many 0000000’s they have stashed away. Fools that support someone like Kelly or OJ, knowing they are guilty are about as ignorant as anyone can be.


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Truth in reporting?? Hens teeth …

Far and few in between:


Tucker Carlson reacted Friday moments after Robert Mueller, through a spokesman, denied the veracity of a potentially damning Buzzfeed report about President Trump and his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen.

Peter Carr, a spokesman for the special counsel’s office, said that Buzzfeed’s “description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate.”

Carlson reported that Buzzfeed’s story claimed Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress about a plan to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Trump has been accused of being too close with Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

Many years ago, we used to hold certain people and institutions in high regard. Police – doctors – clergymen – teachers – coaches – the government – newspapers and the like. For the most part they all were beyond reproach.

Exceptions: We knew that the Enquirer was a sensationalist magazine, BUTT accepted it as such. Who or what can we trust these days?? Virtually no one or anything. Sad to say; especially the people closest to us, including so called friends and family members. Trump’s situation with his Judas, Cohen is a great example.

Gone is the integrity and honesty we once knew and trusted. It used to be that a picture was absolute proof of an event or if the news media published it, you could take it to the bank. Not anymore. Pictures are doctored up and much of the news media have become professional bull-shitters just for the rating$ and buck$.

Why do these people and institutions do what they do?? Because they are very mental, malfunctioning midgets that are driven by sensationalism and greed. They are as pathetic as the celebs who get out of a limo with no skivvies on and their lags spread, pretending it is accidental. The media does it for attention, greed and to TOP the other news outlets.


Not only does a good percentage of the news media lie through their teeth, they incite a bunch of crazies out there that may retaliate in some fashion. They promote violence. How many well-known people have been shot or killed by some nut case that was enraged by what they saw on the tube or read in the news. Too many to count.

I don’t care who the person is, white – black – yellow or brown, I don’t care what the circumstances are, or what the position a person hold in life, the truth must be told.

I try being very careful when I am quoting the news media; by the majority of the time qualifying what I am saying by stressing, IF IT IS TRUE what is being said.

When anyone is accused of a crime or infraction of the law regardless if they are guilty or not, that stigma stay with them for life. The sad part is when someone is NOT guilty of what they are accused of, regardless it destroys their life.

I remember years back reading about a farmer who the IRS accused of tax-evasion. They made his life so miserable, the guy took his life. Shortly there after, to find out the government was wrong. Inaccurate accusations can devastate a person and their family’s lives.

For the fake news media to go to the extremes they are trying to take PDT to the gallows, is unconscionable. There absolutely should be penalties attached to their actions.

It is bad enough that he has crossed the lines in certain areas, which he SHOULD be held accountable/responsible for, BUTT to accuse him or anyone by making TRUMPED accusations; they should be punishable by jail time and a healthy fine. Leaving these sensationalists-parasites to continue their irresponsible reporting is very detrimental to our society.

There has NEVER been such a division at all levels in this country EVER. It is being made worse by these sleaze news media that are fanning the flames being allowed to print untruths. Freedom of the press is one thing, BUTT defamation of character is a punishable crime and should be acted on.

Under common law, to constitute defamation, a claim must generally be false and must have been made to someone other than the person defamed. Some common law jurisdictions also distinguish between spoken defamation, called slander, and defamation in other media such as printed words or images, called libel.

Punishment for defamation. 500. Whoever defames another shall be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.

The laws do exist for prosecution. It is very strange why isn’t PDT using them against his false accusers and the fools that have threatened him and his family lives?? MYSTERIOUS to say the least and

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The Galloping Gourmet

Jesse Jackson: White House serving Clemson a fast-food meal was ‘disgraceful’

It looks like Jesse Jackson feel slighted that he has not getting any ink lately, so he decided to select a very critical issue to complain about.

Jesse Jackson said he was “offended” that President Donald Trump served fast food to the Clemson Tigers at the White House after they claimed the College Football Playoff national championship.

“The national champions deserved better,” said Jackson, a native of Greenville, South Carolina.

With the White House staff on furlough because of the federal government’s partial shutdown, Trump paid to have a buffet of burgers and pizza brought in Monday to feed the Tigers.

Jesse is so used to chowing down at the finest places in town on someone else dime , it seems that America’s favorite foods, burgers and pizza do not meet his standards.

Could PDT have selected a better menu?? Possibly, BUTT for Jackson to say he was offended, I think that is a stretch. I am offended that he was offended.

If Jesse is looking for a little attention, he should at least pick a worthwhile topic to hash over, like violence in the streets. Burgers and pizza??

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Trump instructed Michael Cohen lie to Congress: Report

Trump instructed Michael Cohen lie to Congress: Report

Talk about having your tits in the ringer. I hate to say so, butt I think this is the Tip of the ice pick that will eventually bring down Donald Trump. The hair is a little different, BUTT you get the point.


These are two separate issues, at two different times in history, BUTT there is a parallel. Tricky Dick had the election won hands down in 1968 when he ran against Hubert Humphrey. There was no need for him to cheat (Watergate) and better yet, lie about it.

Same O – Same O with Donald Trump. For all intents and purposes, he would have beat CHC clean and without any help from The Judo Guy, if in fact, he really did intercede, as all indicators are pointing.

I have always maintained, IFFF I ever intended to rob a bank robber, I will do it myself. That way no one can hang me except myself.

The Donald, right, wrong or otherwise, put his faith and trust in someone he thought was his close friend Cohen, BUTT Judas turned him in for a bag of silver. Guess who is going to be instrumental in taking PDT to the proverbial gallows. GOOD GUESS.


Most people view true friendship very lightly. A true friend is a person that can live in your house for 6 months while you are out of town, and you don’t have to worry about them sleep-walking.

Most people have no idea what a true friend is. They fall in love with everyone they meet in 15 seconds, and spill their guts to them. Friendship is earned over time, not taken for granted. Friendship is more important when the chips are down instead of when everyone is living high on the hog.

Loyalty, especially in big business or with the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE is virtually non-existent. The pirates out there are only in the game for themselves. As soon as the heat is turned up, they drop their drawers for a dime like a Saturday night hooker on Prospect.

I certainly do not condone the behavior of PDT with some of the shots he has pulled, before and after sitting in THE BIG chair, BUTT that is the way big business is conducted. Gotta get a leg up on the competition, by any means possible.

There is NO ONE that hit the B-MARK in their life that did it without cross the nasty line somewhere down the road. I will include many of the folks in the M bracket as well.

I still would like to see an investigation on everyone that has Rolled Boulders at PDT since he took office. If that was ever conducted, guaranteed, the halls of congress would look like Chernobyl after the melt down.

In a very unusual way, depending on the severity of the crime, I have more respect for the perpetrator than I do the FINK. Remember something; if they will drop a dime on someone else, they most certainly will drop a quarter on you.

They better put Cohen in a solitary. They love finks in THE CAN and he just might get it in his (homonym) the CAN .

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Entitlement at its finest …

Arm of Congressional Hispanic Caucus spent lavishly last election cycle, FEC data show

I said this 100’s of times. If the $oldi was coming out of their pockets, the politicians would be shacking up @ Motel 6 and dining under the Arches. Instead, the fundraising arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus doled out hundreds of thousands of dollars for luxury hotels, nightclubs and tickets to Las Vegas events during the 2018 election .

frameAlso in that time, the Hispanic caucus paid out more than $200,000 for catering, hotel stays and fees at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa, and Marina in Cambridge, Md.

Nearly $50,000 was spent on a Las Vegas Caesar’s Palace event, and $6,000 at the nearby Omnia Nightclub. Another $60,000 went toward food and lodging at the ARIA Resort & Casino and thousands more bought tickets for an event at the luxurious Bellagio hotel and tickets for a Michael Jackson One concert.

LIVING LARGE on donated funds. Unless I am mistaken, donated money is ONLY supposed to be spent on business related activities??

We can label it THE ENTITLEMENT FACTOR. These high-flying politicians/bandits without a mask or guns, think they have all of these perks coming. THE ENTITLEMENT FACTOR.

Abuses like this and much worse have been going on since the caveman/politician was pulling his LADY OF THE NIGHT around by her hair.


The old cliche is; prostitution is the oldest occupation in the world. I say a politician was her pimp, so he had to come before her.

Some of the lavish spending can considered purely reckless, while other spending is categorized theft. What does a drunk do when he is locked up in a liquor.?? He drinks anything he can get his hands on. DC is full of drunks.

Travel expenses. … The regulations, however, prohibit the use of campaign funds for personal expenses collateral to travel—either campaign or officeholder—unless personal funds are used to reimburse the committee.

Ex-congressman with Downton Abbey office indicted over spending ……/ex-congressman-illinois-aaron-schock-downton-abbe…Nov 11, 2016 – … claims he used House and campaign funds to support lavish lifestyle. … his lavish spending – including a Downton Abbey-style redecoration of his … he could join an already lengthy list of Illinois politicians who ended up in ...

Duncan Hunter and his wife indicted for using campaign funds for ……/index.htmlAug 22, 2018 – Duncan Hunter and his wife indicted in use of campaign funds for personal expenses. By Laura Jarrett and Maeve Reston, CNN. Updated ...

Lavish Lifestyle of a Lawmaker Yields Federal Charges – The New ……/politics/jesse-jackson-jr-charged-in-misuse-of-campaign-mo…Feb 15, 2013 – A spotlight on the people reshaping our politics. A conversation with voters across the country. And a guiding hand through the endless news …

It is almost comical, with all of the improprieties/dirt that surface on many politicians, we seldom see any of them going to the gallows. One of the primary reasons, if the ship goes down, it is going to take a lot of people with it.

As we have witnessed, there is no longer honor among thieves. That went out the window with:

There ALWAYS the big division between the HAVES and the HAVE-NOTS. Most of the high-rollers get away with proverbial murder, BUTT some poor slob jay-walks or spits on the sidewalk and goes to jail.

Joseph Stoiber Arrested For Spitting On Sidewalk In Lakeland, Florida ……/joseph-stoiber-arrested-for-spitting-on-sidewalk_n…Jan 29, 2013 – Joseph Stoiber Arrested For Spitting On Sidewalk In Lakeland, Florida … Stoiber was jailed and released on $250 bail. The charge against him …

Black man arrested for jaywalking was beaten in jail, stripped naked ……/black-man-arrested-for-jaywalking-was-beaten-in-ja…Apr 26, 2017 – Videos show a Sacramento police officer slamming the man to the ground and pummeling … Black man arrested for jaywalking was beaten in jail, stripped naked and mocked, lawsuit says … You going to hold onto your gun.”.

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The Judo guy can, Trump can’t …

CNN: Putin must be smiling as he watches Trump carry out his agenda

I am sure that The Judo Guy is not only smiling at the idiot politicians in the USA, he is laughing his ass off over the juvenile feuding, political climate/three-ring-circus the USA has going on.

The biggest difference between Putin and Trump in government control, the Judo Guy has more power/instilled fear over his people. When things get hairy in Russia and he feels threatened, it isn’t long before there is a guy carrying an umbrella following the opposition. Putin calls it dissident control.

Trump does not have that advantage against his opposition. Although, if he could get away with it, he just ….


It goes without saying, Trump’s presidency has turned into a gigantic soap opera, with all of the actors participating in a disgraceful demonstration of what they call democracy. They are nothing short of a bunch of egotistical maniacs. They are the laughing stock of the world, BUTT are the only ones that don’t know it.

An observation: Donal Trump has sorely disappointed just about everyone that voted for him. BUTT what were the choices? CHC or The Billionaire Bad Boy Business man. America got it right and voted for the best of the worse.

I must admit, Trump is/was one hell of a salesman that appealed to the majority of Americans with his straight-forward style, who were fed up with the democratic party, seeing the direction it is going. BUTT unfortunately for the American people, Trump bull-shitted his way into the Casa Bianca.

Now we seems to have a new mixed-breed on the block; democratic-socialists. They want their cake and eat it too. Better yet, they want someone else cake to eat.

If anyone can not see the direction this country is going in with The Ship of Fools at the helm, they are either blind, stupid, super-naive or all of them combined.

Just one of many precarious examples: CUT BACK ON THE MILITARY – Are they shitting me. We might as well throw a welcoming party for China, Russia and the rest of our adversaries.

In 2016 the country was looking for a great leader, a business man not a politician, a patriot, someone that could not be bought off, a person that didn’t take any abuse from the domestics and foreigners and Trump was the guy. At least then.

Did anyone actually know who Donald Trump really was?? Did anyone really know how much baggage he carried with him?? Did anyone really know how, illogical, stubborn and bull-headed the man can be?? I say ABSOLUTELY, not.

I have to admit, he does have all the tools to build a great house if he chooses to use them. BUTT his overwhelming ego and his much to be desired characteristics are consuming him and the nation.

As bad as things are with Trump, I can not even fathom how bad off the country would be with CHC and WB sitting on the love seat.

What is the answer to politics/politicians? There probably is no good or true answer. The best way I can describe it; after they bull-shit their way into office at all levels of government, they do exactly what they want, how they want and when they want.

It is a real shame, so few have so much power and abuse it the way they do.

This entire WALL THING is not about the money, it is about GETTING BACK AT TRUMP. If CHC were sitting in the Big Chair, she would be an open check-book.

For Trump’s responsibility of the debate, it is mostly because of the commitment he made when he was running to build the wall that fuels his drive. He doesn’t ever want to look bad or like being defeated. Meanwhile, because of all parties concerned, the country is suffering big time.

I know I have expounded many time about the parasite politicians getting paid while many government workers are not. What the hell does that tell us?? None of them are any good. Parasites is not even a strong enough word to describe them

As far as Putin smiling as CNN is suggesting; I disagree, he is licking his lips. When is the best time to attack an opponent?? When they are at their weakest. HELLO …..

How can there be so many incompetent people in one place at the same times as there is in DC.

I put the majority of the blame for the WALL WAR on the demo-socialists because, if they were in power, the funding of a wall would have no limits.


Politics should have no bearing on what is best for America. What is the right things to do for the country and our kids futures. No demo-socialists – no republicans – make decisions by using common-sense by being independent thinker.

Nice seeing you Doc!! love the conversation.

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