Quoting Car-Mella once again …..

Chicago rocked by another bloody weekend: Dozens shot, including one child fatally

One 7-year-old child was shot in the leg while on the way to church

Once again I am able to quote Car-mella; only in this case refering to the Beast of Borneo; people you got what you voted for, or some Similar facsimile.

You have to excuse me the way I look, had a rough night

Possibly if she was not such a staunch defender of all the poor decisions she is making that have cost her city billions of dollars and hundreds of lives, I would not look so poorly at her.

Lightfoot or shall we call her Lighthead is a staunch supporter of defending cops. Based on the accuracy of that statement, how can she have a valid opinion on the current conditions and put the blame on anyone BUTT herself. The conditions that exist in her city, she is responsible for?? In essence she is the baker that made the pie, now that she has to eat it, she doesn’t like what it tastes like.

Shit or get off the pot lady. You have the authority to reverse the conditions in the city, start usning that authority, do whatever it take to get control, or STFU!!!

In my opinion, one of the most flagrant and irresponsible patterns politicians have, they will never admit when they made a mistake. Folks it only hurts for a little while. Admit that you F-ed up and do whatever is necessary to straighten it out. That is what good people do.

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They are caught at the teller window w/the AKA-47 …

Fox News confronts Democrats in Washington about the border crisis: ‘They own it now’

Nancy Pelosi struggled to defend the Biden White House’s handling of the crisis

They are caught at the teller window w/the AKA-47 and can no longer deny they are robbing the bank.

OK folks; it is about time. They dropped their dirty drawers, admitted they ALL have a filth ass, finally fessing up, telling the truth that are totally incompetent fools and are in complete denial concerning THE BOARDER crisis. What they’re going to do about (if anything) is the $64,000 question

It is beyond comprehension this impossible catastrophy has continued as long as it has. They could no longer deny the obvious and pretend it does not exist. Even the staunchest of the pathetic elite ( NASTY NAN) can no longer defend her party.

Meanwhile, Democratic leaders on Capital Hill struggled to defend Biden’s handling of the immigration crisis. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi acknowledged the need to “secure our border” but insisted Biden “has a plan to address that.”

GMAGFB!!! They say that Kamikaze Joe has a plan??  Whatever plan (I do not buy into it) they claim he has, if so he probably lost it the same way he lost his mind.

It must be Thursday, we always have chicken soup on Thursday, or is it Sunday??

Can someone please explain to me; WTF are they waiting for?? There has been so much damage inflicted on this country on account of the borders neglect, it probably will never be able to be reversed.

The powers in DC now admit there is a problem but I do not see anything in place were they are going to try to stop it or eliminate it. As always, just lip service.

I think one of the main factors that got them nervous is when they woke up and saw all the immigrants on their front lawn that were busted from down South. They do not give 2 shits or even 1 shit about the American people as long as their pampered, delicate asses are not affected.

Keep those buses and trains rolling governors. This seems to be the only message they understand. As a matter of fact; I would suggest you double down and triple down.

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Gotta bet her parents are proud of what they hatched …

Seen it all???? Not yet.

WOWWWWWWW. Idiot does not even begin to tell her story.

It is simply amazing what some fools will do to get their 15 seconds of fame.

Gotta wonder if this airhead gargled with Listerine after sucking on the toilet seat?? Probably not.

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Low grade- high grade – medium grade, WTF is the difference …..

Putin ally recommends Russia use low-yield nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Ramzan Kadyrov said he believes ‘more drastic measures’ should be taken in Ukraine

Low grade- high grade – medium grade; they all are nuclear weapons.

Just the thought of using such a weapon is totally insane and barbaric. Not only the mass destruction from the initial attack, but the long-lasting after-effects of the fallout of using such a weapon are catastrophic.

Anyone that would even consider taking such a drastic step is a total psychotic.

That is all Putin needs encouragement from some other mentally deranged lunatic. Putin is dangerous enough on his own let alone having a bedfellow that is just as crazy or crazier than he is.

In a post shared on Telegram, Kadyrov said he believes “more drastic measures should be taken, right up to the declaration of martial law in the border areas and the use of low-yield nuclear weapons.

How is it even possible that monsters like this were born?? Pure evil. The religious fanatics talk about a supreme being that has control over ALL. They are doing a pretty good job of hiding out.

What a hell of a dangerous combination these two are. They make Hitler and Mussolini look like Campfire Girls.

There is a very old saying;  all is fair in love and war. At the time that cliche was born by John Lyly in 1579, no such monster as a nuclear bomb existed. All is not fair in love and war especially when the existence of mankind is put on the line.

I have said it so many times through the years; mankind is out to destroy itself, and this may be a precursor to it

It will not be just a matter of Russia dropping barrage of nuclear weapons on the Ukraine and that will be the end of it, it will be the aftermath of other countries retaliating, (as they should) that will cause the real devastation. Not a very pretty picture.

What would be the smart/wise thing for a person to do if some madman called him and told him he would be over his house in 15 minutes to kill him and his family, knowing absolutely the nutcase was not bluffing?? My answer to that, go after him first. You put together the rest of the story.

Will Putin take the madman’s advice?? I am leaning toward a big YES. That is all that psycho needs is more encouragement from another psycho just like him.

The USA better get united; when the shit hits the fan, it must be all hands on deck.

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Replacing Car-mella??? Shit can would be more appropo…

Bill Maher suggests Biden bump Kamala Harris from Dem ticket in 2024: ‘I just think she’s a bad politician’

Bill Maher insists Biden will seek reelection but that he should consider a new running mate

“What I could see is replacing the vice president,” Maher continued, which immediately sparked applause from his liberal audience. “Because she’s just not very popular anywhere. And it didn’t seem to work out. And, I don’t know, that’s been done before on a ticket.”

By now; I would think almost everyone except the extraordinarily gubbile people has seen through that pasted-on, shit-eating grin of hers, her very insincere/hypocritical personality that has probably got her more positions in her life than she ever deserved.

Bill Maher continues to surprise me. Lately, he is throwing out some common sense.

We must not live our life like a puppet on a string or a bull with a ring in his nose being led around by a pathetic cause that we really do not wholeheartedly believe in. Sheep jumping off of a cliff following their leader, regardless if it makes sense or not; this type of person keeps wandering around all their life trying to find out where they belong.

A person should be their own individual and standing up for what they truly believe in is a very commendable position. If nothing else, that person has their own self-respect and pride they can use as a beacon for others to follow. The rest of the flake jobs keep roaming the earth all of their life trying to find somewhere to plant their roots but never succeeded. They only become part of some ridiculous cause because they are groupies have no backbone to be independent and do not want to be ostracized.

Like Rome, the Great Wall of China wasn’t built in a day. Its construction lasted over 2,300 years (680 BC – 1681 AD). Different sections of the Great wall were being built, destroyed, and renovated by 9+ dynasties.

Pyramids were constructed by large work gangs over a period of many years. The Pyramid Age spans over a thousand years, starting in the third dynasty and ending in the Second Intermediate Period. The Greek historian Herodotus was told that it took 100,000 men 20 years to build the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Exceptions to the rule. I don’t think it took Kamikaze Joe 75 years to get his ignorant as he is, he had to be born that way with a few loose wires in his fuse box. No one can be that totally disconnected accidentally.

Depending on the circumstances, it takes a great deal of time for someone to come to their senses and realize they have ben support the wrong causes most of their life. That is OK, as long as the light switch in their head eventually goes on. That seems to be the case with Bill Maher and some of his dialogue lately.

I never cared much for the guy because of his sarcastic personality, but I guess some people would call me sarcastic. Tell it like it is and shooting straight from the hip many times can rub people the wrong way. The truth can be very hurtful at times.

I try to base my opinions on common sense and practicalities. It seems like Billy boy it’s turning that corner and using the same methodology. I am sure he is not too popular with the upper echelon in DC. (DIRTY CITY).

I never careD what political persuasion someone is, what color their skin is, national origin is, what religion they are, who their mommy and daddy is, or if their sister was a hooker. Those things are all incidentals. what is really important is to use good common sense when making decisions, especially when their decisions impact other people’s lives.

I can say with a good conscience that Kamikaze Joe has not made very many if any good decisions while he’s been in office. One thing in his favor that allows him to sleep at night, he can’t remember he is the president of the United States and all of his blunders

It should be as plain as the nose on Jimmy Durante’s face Car-mella is doing a substandard (piss poor)  job as vice president of the United States. I don’t even know if the woman is competent enough to handle the cash register at the golden arches.

No one can convince me that Car-mella was the most qualified woman in the the Democratic Party or in the country allowing her to get the nod for vice president. That is absolutely absurd. In my opinion, she is the last horse to cross the finish line. in a field of 10, Car-mella came in 12th.

If Car-mella’s choice as vice president of the USA is not a huge example of filling a quota instead of choosing the person based on qualifications, nothing else is.

Just think of all the highly qualified people that have been passed over for very important positions because the government is more interested in appeasing the natives/special interest groups, by putting a token into positions.

What does that tell us about our political system?? They are more concerned with filling a position with a token than they are appointing or electing someone with good common sense, who is a patriot instead of a parasite and will make the right decisions based on logic and not special interest pressures.

The woman said it all in her own words. In essence she admitted she robbed the proverbial bank by saying; the people got exactly what they voted for. If that is not an admission nothing else is.

Kamala Harris blasted for claiming ‘voters got what they asked …

https://www.foxnews.com › media › kamala-harris-blasted…

Mar 1, 2022 — Kamala Harris blasted for claiming ‘voters got what they asked for’ in electing her, Biden. ‘No one asked for the Democrats’ soaring inflation’.

How can she deny saying this??

Keep up the dialogue and common sense way of thinking Billy boy, you may be able to recruit a lot more people to look at our political system with open eyes and an open mind.

If that is her position, admitting she is worthless and not fulfilling her job, I do not see a problem on how she could be offended by not getting the nod the next time.

Like Dean Martin used to say – Billy Boy, keep those cards and letters coming in!!

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Has it all – BUTT has nothing ….

M M – gotta go easy on the mascara


She is just a gold-digging, hustling, fame-seeking prospector who was so determined to hit the motherload, only to find out, after she did, all the glitters is not gold.

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Calling out for a dead lady to do a Lazarus ….. Jackie, where are you ????


Biden’s bizarre ‘Where’s Jackie?’ episode is cause for alarm, Republicans say: ‘Diminished capacity

‘The American people can see that Mr. Biden’s mental acuity is certainly in question,” Rep. Greg Murphy said

This condition did not just pop up overnight;  K J has been on the decline for many years.

There is absolutely no way this man should be the leader of the free world (supposedly) or for that matter even be allowed to drive the school bus. By his puppeteers trying to camouflage his mental state or deny that it exists they are only amplifying the USA’s already weak position.

It may be partially acceptable for K J possibly forget what city he is in or the difference between his wife and his sister, but when he starts asking where dead people are, I think it is time to put him in the pasture.

Die in the crash

Biden: “I want to thank all of you here, including bipartisan elected officials like Representative [Jim] McGovern, Senator [Mike] Braun, Senator [Cory] Booker, Representative Jackie — are you here? Where’s Jackie? — I think she was going to be here,”

I will guarantee, his puppeteers and conspirators in the Democratic Party knew of his mental condition for years, They could not find anyone else foolish enough that would want the presidency, some fool who would agree to put their neck on the chopping block and serve as a sacrificial lamb.

Kamikaze Joe got the nod, with his promoters having the expectation he would die off, be declared mentally incompetent (getting close), or be carried out on a stretcher so Car-mella could slide in the back door. I think their scheme is all coming together. ANDDD, the enormous down side being, we thought we had it bad with K J sitting in the driver’s seat. Hold on to your bonnets.

Kamikaze Whooooooooooooooooooo????

Joe Dude – A BIG FYI 4 U ; the lady on your right is the one you are sleeping

Then we have these two pieces of work – the you lie and I and I’ll swear to the token twins. Same daddy, different mommy.

So tell me about last night KAREN

It is beyond being unbelievable and embarrassing the way they can lie looking into the camera with a straight face defending their surrogate father. They are well schooled long before the stand at the podium.

They are the poster children of what modern politics is all about, lies, cover ups and deceit.

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Public Enemy #1

Who is Public Enemy #1 – you were looking at him folks. This man is the biggest threat the United States has; constantly, when he sees an opening, trying to deflect the blame on someone other than himself for his deliberate intentonqal blunders.

Hypocrisy at its very finest comes from none other than your illustrious president Kamikaze Joe. In true fashion, always trying to cover his tracks and make himself look good.

PE#1 sent out a warning to all the oil companies (not that I have any love from those thieves either) they BETTER NOT price gouge the American public, as they usually do, with price increases due to extreme weather conditions. The hypocrite is not willing to recognize or admits that the reason the oil prices are so out of whack to start with, he shut off the oil pipeline in Canada when he got elected. The guy is absolutely pathetic and a lunatic in denial. KJ’s hypocrisy it’s very hard to fathom. 

During his time in office, he has created more deliberate havoc and destruction than all of the criminals and terrorists combined in the same time period. He may have not pulled the trigger or let the fuse or decimated the masses with napalm, but his horrendous decision-making has been equally or more devastating than all of them combined. Kamakazi Joe is without a doubt, PUBLIC ENEMY # 1,

The guy is a very dangerous man and should be locked away like other psychotic people.

One positive thing in his favor; based on his current mental condition, if he is locked up he will have no idea where he is.

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The picture of stupidity. What is under that gray mop???

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis’ new district attorney is pushing forward with bail reform to “level out the playing field” despite critics blaming progressive policies for increasing crime. 

I don’t know what the problem is folks; every time I hit myself in the head with a sledgehammer it hurts like a son of a bitch but I keep doing it.

“This will level the playing field so it’s no longer two justice systems,” Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy told Fox News. “People that have money get bailed out; people that don’t have money languish behind bars,” 

Did it ever occurred to the Ding Dong DA that they should start pushing crime prevention programs instead of rewarding the criminals by allowing them to roam the streets freely knowing that their chances of being incarcerated lesson dramatically because of the fools that are supporting the No bail policy some cities have.

They absolutely have to be in bed with the bincomepoops (commonly known as shit heads) that support the de-fund the cops initiative. Nothing but a group of mindless stoned-out imbicilles.

A short while ago I read of one of No-bail policy criminal benefactor joking about committing 3 crimes in one day, After each offense he was allowed to walk.

The last time they arrested this 2 bit crook, that day, this career criminal had to be admitted to the hospital because he ruptured his guts laughing so hard at the stupidity of the system.
Take a good guess; yes he is back out there doing what he does best, stealing, breaking the law, getting arrested and walking free. And they say that bad behavior should not be rewarded. Somebody missed that part of their basic training.


Law and order has become a joke/sham to the criminals and thugs out there. I can’t really say I blame them. Little to no punishment; so WHY NOT.

I guess we can really tell the degree of ignorance in a person when they are staring directly in the face of their nemesis, continue to hit themselves in the head with a sledge-hammer but do not have sense enough to stop. Pure stupidity that unfortunately the common citizen has to be a victim of because they have no control over law enforcement.

As I said many times; the best solution to this problem is to have the lawmakers become a victim of their own ridiculous policies.

tanti auguri stupidi

And once again doctor Phil McGraw would ask; how is what you were doing so far working out for you.

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So you like the defunding the cops ……

Dozens seen ransacking Philadelphia Wawa store, throwing food

The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating the Wawa incident

They called them people, I call them savages with nothing better to do with their pathetic lives than destroy others’ property. Of all things, a grocery store that is a corner-stone and a big part of any community.

This country is in dire straits; let’s call it a catch 22 situation. If an offer of a job was given to the people, they do not want to work. If you chastise them because they are constantly creating problems because of the lack of ambition, one of their primary excuses is, they don’t have a job to keep them busy.

What is the answer to this horrible dilemma this country is experiencing?? It has taken so many years of the government supporting by handing out freebies/social services literally destroying any normal way of life or responsibility for these people to create for themselves, The conditions are probably is way past the tipping point. The way I see it, it doesn’t look like any-time soon, if ever, the USA will be back to where it used to be.

What a great example these people are setting for their kids. Most usually, when a person sleeps with a dog they get fleas and when they live with a crippled they start limping.

Hold on to your sombrero; this is the tip of the icepick. Next comes the looting and burning.

ON A MUCH GRANDER SCALE: Setting bad examples have no socio or financial boundaries.

One more example: if your old is a bum, chances are excellent we will following his foot steps
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