Rare Bird

This is a letter from the heart written by a lady to her husband, the breadwinner,  thanking him for all he has done for the family by going to work. She is a stay at home mom.

Suzanne Venker is a writer known for her provocative yet compelling views on men, women, work & family. Her newest book, to be published February 2017, is “The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men & Marriage: HOW LOVE WORKS.” To learn more about Suzanne and her work, visit her website. Follow her on Twitter@SuzanneVenker.


This is my reply to Suzanne:

It takes good women to  acknowledge these things publicly that you have been able to enjoy and achieve because you have a good husband that is the bread-winner.

I am sure there are going to be some nasty chicks/feminists out there who are going to find fault in what you wrote. That is their problem.

The fact of the matter is, many men do not want to admit to; if it were not for ladies like you that carry the load of, motherhood – homemaker – cook (the best thing the MODERN WOMEN makes for dinner these days are reservations) – cleaning person – chauffeur – wife – caregiver and much more;  you make it possible for your husband to go to work with peace of mind that you have it under control. 

I would not trade places with a GOOD woman like you for all the “T” in China.  It is very hard work being a GOOD stay at home mother.

In my opinion, ladies like you  are the backbone of the family.  If it was not for all that you do, your household and marriage would not be as organized and happy as is seems to be.

Your husband is a lucky man.

The Commander and Chief

not to be confused with the Commander-in-Chief


I know that society, for the most part, has families in a financial predicament where it takes 2 paychecks to keep a household going and sometimes that is not enough.  If it is at all possible, one of the parents should be home full-time. There are a lot of stay at home dads these days that mind the store. Nothing wrong with that.

On the other hand, there are a lot of stay at home parents that do not do what good parents should.  They are worse than their kids.

If kids can grow up in a structured environment where there is a parent around to  keep an eye on things, there would be much less delinquency and misbehaving. Instead; a great majority of the kids in this country come home to an empty house and they have the run of the mill for hours before their parents come home. For the most part, unsupervised kids are a recipe for trouble. An idle mind in the devil’s workshop.

Hats off to Suzanne for giving her husband a check mark.  She a RARE BIRD does.

What is a Rare Bird?


Rare bird def:

An exceptional individual, a unique person, as in That wife of yours is a rare bird; you’re lucky to have her. This idiom, generally used as a compliment, is a translation of the Latin rara avis, which itself was used from about 1600 on and began to be translated only in the late 1800s.

I have to acknowledge that I was as lucky/fortunate of a man as Suzanne’s husband.

Hats off to all the GOOD parents out there. To the bad ones; the way your kids turn out will be on your head. Step up to the plate, be a good parent and show them you love them.

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Never ending cover-up

Emails shed light on Abedin involvement in foundation work – and aides’ frustration with Clinton

I think it is ludicrous that the powers to be decided that there would not be any  in-depth investigation  conducted into the new email scandals until after the presidential race.  That is just adding insult to injury the good American people that can see past the Clinton Machine’s facade.

If Bill’s bride does get elected (heaven help us); does anyone think it would be possible to prosecute her after she takes her seat in the Big Chair?? Hell no!!!

If her old man got way with this:


can we even imagine that anyone would try and prosecute her for her indiscretions and breaking  the law when Wild Wille walked free?

These entire scenarios were deliberately done and with malice.  Why you ask; because of the arrogance and narcissistic characters of the Clinton’s. I may even go a step further and say that Bill’s wife has much more of a villainous personality  than he is.  I think that she has been the power behind this guy from the get-go; going all the way back to when Willie was governor; all with a long range plan that is eventuating now.

I may even go a step further and say that Bill’s wife has much more of a villainous personality  than he is.  I think that she has been the power-house behind this guy from the get-go; going all the way back to when Wild Willie was governor; all with a long-range plan that has come to fruition now.

Not only did this woman knowingly break the  law, she brought her entire entourage with her.  Eventually, if she goes down, they are all going down with her. Her disregard for the people that worked under her  shows the type of person she is;  literally throwing her people to the hounds.

This is just another indicator of who the Clinton’s think they are, involving people that work for them and making them accomplices to their crimes.

Sooner than later, one of her closest confidants is going to have their back against the wall or the Clinton’s are going to piss them off; that is when they are going drop a dime on her and hopefully put an end to this egregious disregard for the law and the end to the Clinton’s dynasty.  All wishful thinking.


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Buyer beware – bring the vasoline

FOLKS; this is one of the best scams I ran across in a very long time.

I noticed that in the very near future I would be needing tires for my vehicle. Recently  I saw a sale advertised that was too good to be true, and it was.  Buy 2 tires and get 2 free from NTB.

NTB (National Tire and Battery) ( the battery must be the beating they give their customers) so I called them to get  a price.





$ 133 99



Taxes and fees not included.


60,000 Mile

As you can see – 1 tire is 133.99 – 2 tires would be 267.98 – after taxes probably in the neighborhood of  300.00 dollars. The guy I talked to said they had them in stock and could install tomorrow.

I said fine; what is the grand total. He responded $654.97.  I thought I misunderstood him and asked again what the total would be; he repeated $654.97.  I said;  the tire are 133 and change apiece that makes it 266 plus tax; right???

Here comes to hook. This deceptive dude (I am sure he is only following the company’s policy) said; you have to buy the complete package – road hazard – mounting – balancing – alignment to get that SPECIAL price.



Moral of the story. # 1 Never trust anyone. #2 always read the fine print – # 3 always be sure of what the bottom line is before you sign on the dotted line  – #4 and most important, have it in writing.

NTB gets the top bull-shitters award this month for trying to scam their customers.


Let your fingers do the walking and call ahead.  Save yourself some aggravation and fuel.

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Firewater & nutcases and flying don’t mix

Plane makes emergency landing after passenger tries to open door mid-flight

One of these days, MAYBE but I doubt it,  the airlines will finally be forced to put safety before profit and quit selling firewater.  How bad off does someone have to be they have to get buzzed in order to fly?? To the airlines, it is profit before safety.

SEATTLE — An Alaska Airlines flight from New York to Seattle made an emergency landing in Minneapolis on Monday after a passenger tried to open a rear-door mid-flight, CBS affiliate KIRO reported.

The Boeing 737 was on its way from New York’s JFK Airport to Seattle, Washington.


This is not a clear picture of this maniac but take a look at the mohawk haircut he is sporting. He would be definitely someone I would keep an eye on, on the ground but especially in the air.

It appears that the screwball  attempted to open an access door at the rear of the aircraft while the aircraft was in flight. Little did he know that there is a safety feature that prevents doors from being open when the craft is airborne; built in for screwballs like him.

The plane landed in Minneapolis where officials arrested the would-be suicidal idiot.

In this day and age of psychotic people running around, many of them juiced up on drugs, the public’s safety is more of an issue than it ever has been before.

Now we put into the mix drunk pilots. It is bad enough when there is a drunk passenger on board a plane that is a potential hazard for all concerned but when the pilot or pilots are hammered that makes flying even more treacherous.

Just two days ago two United Airlines pilots set to fly 141 passengers from Scotland to Newark, NJ, were busted for getting boozed up shortly before takeoff.

These are only two of them that were caught.  There is no way to tell how many have slid under that cockpit door without being detected.

Daily Mail

HUNDREDS of passengers have been arrested for being drunk on a plane or at an airport in the past two years

In the last two years, 442 people were held on suspicion of being drunk
Metropolitan Police, which covers Heathrow, did not provide figures
Cases include drunk flyers fighting and attempting to open aircraft doors
Drunk passengers face fines or up to 2 years’ imprisonment if convicted

Cases include drunk passengers accused of attempting to open the doors of a plane, smashing a window and banging on the outside of the cockpit.

Many of these incidents occurred either when someone got on the plane drunk or after the passenger was served booze on the plane.

They are not just the run of the mill citizens; many celebs have received the boot for being hammered either on booze or being  drugged up.  Let us not forget, many of them think they are special people and they deserve special privileges.


Fox News

Between 2010 and 2015, FAA records show 64 pilots were cited for violating the alcohol and drug provisions, and in 2015, some 1,546 personnel who must ensure airline safety, including 38 pilots, tested positive for one or more of five illegal drugs.

It is no big secret that the almighty $$$$$$$ comes before safety in all industries.  One area beside the airlines where it is a huge problem is sporting events. There are 1,000’s of booze-related incidents each year at sporting events around the world, yet the owners of the venues refuse to quit selling firewater to the already half nuts fans.

When we mix booze with some people whose brain could fit in a thimble, we are creating a gigantic hazard.  As the old saying goes; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Don’t sever booze and 95% of all incidents will be prevented. NEVER HAPPEN.

It is all dollars and no sense.

Years ago there was a car manufacturer that had a serious problem with a component of a car that was killing people. The owner of the company gathered his staff in the office and addressed the problem. This was his solution.

If we correct all of the problems and repair them, it will cost us about 20 million dollars. If we ignore the problem and let a sleeping dog lie, we can make 40 million dollars in sales. Let’s ignore it and we will be 20 million ahead.

This  is the world we live in FOLKS.

Bon Voyage

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Weiner showing off his wiener again


Ex-Congressman Weiner embroiled in new sexting scandal

Just like a spoiled brat that he is; this pervert can’t get enough of himself; so much so he feels compelled to spread his STUFF around to all the little boardies he can muster up.  This wiener has no shame.

According to the news, Weiner is a 4-time loser.

TRUE STORY. I knew a guy that cut off the  index finger his  on his left hand  in a punch press. He ran screaming across the shop searching for the safety man. The safety man grabbed the guy, calmed him down, then wrapped up the stub to stopped the bleeding. The safety guy escorted  the dummy back to the machine he was working on and asked the idiot; How the hell did you do that???  He pointed to the machine with his right hand, stuck his right index finger in the machine and cut off the other one.

If you question the validity of this story check with Frankie Maroni from Niagara Falls NY – he was the safety guy. It has  never been determined if the dummy was just a dummy or a dummy in shock to do a repeat performance as dumb as that.

This moron Weiner that likes to show off his wiener must be related to the dummy in Niagara Falls. He isn’t satisfied with getting nailed once or twice – he has to be a closet masochist craving attention.


Former Congressman and New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner sent explicit photos to a woman multiple times over the past 19 months, according to a New York Post report published late Sunday. 

The report said Weiner, who is married to Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, described his sexual fantasies and masturbation in messages to the unidentified woman and called her “literally a fantasy chick.”

One of the photos Weiner sent the woman showed his underwear-clad crotch as his son Jordan slept next to him in bed. 

Not mentioning any names BUTT there is another well-known political couple we all know of that one of the partners has fallen in and out of the hayloft many times over. Each time his squeeze turns the other cheek. Obviously, the wives of these sex fiends know of the indiscretions and are sanctioning what their dudes were doing.

When we were young – naive and trusting (maybe stupid),  there are certain professions that we THOUGHT were a step above the rest; one of them being politicians that we looked up to as prestigious people. What fools we were. As we got older the beautiful colors in the kaleidoscope became more and more distorted and now we can see most of them for what they really are.

Many people in the political arena are some of the most treacherous – evil and despicable people on the planet.  They all  have a triple doctorates degrees in self-promotion and are totally out of hand narcissistic people. They lie  – protect – cheat  – support and cover up for each other without batting an eye.

From what I can see; the PC-ers in this country are foolish enough to continually support them. The integrity and honesty in politicians are almost non-existent.  It is like a badge of honor for them  to constantly have their neck in a noose. But because of the protection system, they have developed,  very time they index , they come out smelling like a rose. If there are no severe consequences, what is their incentive to change??? Why do their supporters continue to their loyalty? They must be cut from the same cloth.

Although Weiner’s back was against the wall, he did admit he screwed up again. I am sure there had to be 100’s of times he Kodaked his private parts and sent them off to some young ladies without getting caught.

Everyone leaves a little something behind when the lid finally slams in their face. What is Weiner’s tombstone epithet  going to read? Here lies a real dick named Weiner that had the compulsion to show off his wiener.

As of tonight news, I understand that his ever-loyal wife has asked for a separation.  She has forgiven the wiener 3 times before but this time, she says is the last.

It remains to be seen if this separation is just to pacify the public,  not wanting to put any more unneeded heat on Bill’s bride then she already has.

index       index

As a matter of principle; I do not like throwing stones  at anyone’s wife. But from what I understand, there are a lot of whispers going on behind Mrs. Weiner booty.

As the old laundry lady always says; It will all come out in the wash!!

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Not so friendly skies


2 United pilots arrested for suspected drunkenness

I  know the Scotch love their scotch but when a pilot has 141 people’s lives in their hands or behind the control stick; there should be a little more discretion used as to when to tip and not to tip.

LONDONTwo United Airlines pilots have been arrested for suspected intoxication before they were to fly 141 passengers from Scotland to the United States, police and airline officials said.

United Airlines officials have confirmed Saturday’s arrest of the pilots, aged 45 and 35, at Glasgow Airport. The Police Service of Scotland says both men are expected to be arraigned Monday at a court in Paisley, a Glasgow suburb, to face charges connected to Britain’s transport safety laws.

We have to stop and wonder what the hell are these guys thinking and how many times have they skated before???


Experts say flying in America is extremely safe, and note that of the more than 56,000 alcohol screening tests done by the industry in 2015 for pilots, mechanics, aircraft dispatchers, ground security coordinators, aviation screeners, and traffic controllers, just 119 – or around 0.2 percent – were confirmed at or above the legal limit. Under FAA rules, pilots are not allowed to consume alcohol eight hours before a flight or have a blood alcohol content level higher than .04 percent.

Between 2010 and 2015, FAA records show 64 pilots were cited for violating the alcohol and drug provisions, and in 2015, some 1,546 personnel who must ensure airline safety, including 38 pilots, tested positive for one or more of five illegal drugs.

Although those are small numbers compared to all the flights; we have to hope that we are not one of the passengers on a plane where the pilot slid under the door.

index        index7

                    Before                                                                      After

I guess that is why the planes have autopilot.

Wonder if they are members of The Mile High Club??


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What is their point???

Black men and boys shot most often by Chicago police, report finds

What is their point??

After threatening to sue, the Chicago Tribune has obtained data from the city’s police department that tracks every time an officer has opened fire in the city over the past six years. The vast majority of those hit were black men or boys.

There were 435 police shootings from 2010 through 2015, in which officers killed 92 people and wounded 170 others. In all, officers fired 2,623 bullets.

If the majority of the crimes are being committed by the black population; would it not stand to reason that they are going to be shot more than the other races???  Hello!!!



In 2011, there were 140 convicted offenders for the 128 victims with an associated prosecution. There were more offenders than victims because 10.7% of homicides had two offenders and 10.0% had three or more offenders convicted. 87% of all offenders had a prior arrest history. Offenders were 88% male.

Offenders by Age:

Offenders by Race: 

The data on offenders also tells a troubling story: Young, Black males are overwhelmingly committing most of the murders. Based on the data on the victims, that means young, Black males are primarily killing other young, Black males.

Records show about four out of every five people shot were African-American males. It found that about half of the officers involved were African-American or Hispanic and most of them had years of experience and were not rookies.  Should this fact still be considered racism BY THE COPS???

It is not clear to  me if Fox is trying to stir a can of worms by stating the black community is being singled out unfairly or if they are just reporting facts.

The figures show that 71.3% of all crimes in The Windy City are committed by blacks. Would that stand to reason why the numbers between races are so disproportionate??? Hello again!!!

I think it is a disgrace that the government and the black community are not being more proactive in attempting to correct their problems through EDUCATION. Should it be bullets or books that eventually tell the tale in Chicago and the USA for the black community?

For that matter, all communities can use a lot of scrubbing.

I will take a book over a bullet any day.

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