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That is what friends are for Chris

Ex-Port Authority Official Says ‘Evidence Exists’ Christie Knew About Lane Closings: Culo di Christie è come l’erba e lo stanno inseguendo con un grande tosaerba. (Christie’s ass is grass and they are chasing him with a big lawn mower). One … Continue reading

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NFL the need for greed Super Bowl Sunday

Blocked party: NFL bars host town from using ‘Super Bowl’ name: You know what big business’s problem; they have too much money and no consideration for the “little guys”! Super Bowl XLVIII’s hometown has a rude guest: The town East … Continue reading

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No holiday there

Two Russian brothers were arrest today in connection with the bombing that killed 34 people in city of Volgogard.      The brothers, arch enemies of Putin are part of a terrorist organization that is bound and determined to disrupt the … Continue reading

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Watch out of the poison darts Val

Watch out of the poison darts Val.

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Watch out of the poison darts Val

CBS Threats to Sochi Olympics Whistleblower: ‘You Will Be Drowned in Blood!’ Russian businessmen Valery Morozov said he is a “marked man” after publicly alleging that  officials in the office of President Vladimir Putin demanded payoffs in exchange for Olympic … Continue reading

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They are Raining in on Ray’s parade

CNN Ex-Mayor Nagin, once the public face of post-Katrina recovery, now on criminal trial: The hogs never get enough to eat, that is why they are called hogs. After being out of office for three years the long arm of … Continue reading

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DC’s Grimm Reaper

Some of the boys in DC are turning that place into the UFC or WWF with the latest round of altercations; this one between representative Michael Grimm (may I say his last name fits his personality) and a young reporter … Continue reading

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