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All shot to hell with 15.00$

Trump hails ‘big victory’ after judge upholds border wall project PDT is celebrating his victory as a judge upholds his aspirations for building a wall to keep the illegals out of the country. Don’t celebrate too soon Mr. President. There … Continue reading

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One would think ……

Lewinsky Reflects On Impact Of #MeToo Monica Lewinsky said she doesn’t think she would have “felt so isolated” had her story happened today. It is just an opinion. One would think that this lady would keep as low a profile … Continue reading

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Even the staunchest Anti-Trumpers ….

Jennifer Lawrence slams Dems, admits it’s ‘not wise’ for celebrities to talk about politics The worm of common-sense, recognition and politics is slowly turning. It is almost impossible for anyone with 1/10 of a brain to deny that PDT is … Continue reading

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New York Times Trump Says He Would Have Rushed in Unarmed to Stop School Shooting PDT gets a lot of heat for his bravery comment. I guess PDT will never learn; it is not necessary to comment on everything someone … Continue reading

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Complete lunacy

Oakland mayor warns of impending ICE raid, ramping up sanctuary-city tension The Flake job, Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaaf sent out a warning on Twitter to  the illegals, including the criminals in her city, that ICE would possibly raid the city’s … Continue reading

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With a 15.00$ pole

  The old saying is; they have a leg up on the competition. We are going to have a new slant on that. They now have a pole up on the the wall!!   With a 15.00$ pole and some … Continue reading

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The Hog wants it all ….

Fox News Amazon is driving head-on into UPS and FedEx It is not enough that Amazon CEO’s personal net worth is $105.1 billion (those are BBBBB’s folks, not MMMM’s –  105,000,000,000.00$) and monopolizes about 44% of e-commerce sales, it appears … Continue reading

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He definitely was a shot in the DARK!!

Huffington Post Former RNC Chair Fires Back At Claim He Was Only Hired Because He Was Black Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele on Friday blasted a leading conservative’s speech, which claimed that he had only been hired because … Continue reading

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Fox News Jumped right on it

Fox News Trump supporter, 76, blames ‘fake news’ CNN for threats following reporter ambush Personally, I think the word ambush is a little rough for the incident; confrontation would have been a little more suitable. BUTT, as we know, opposing … Continue reading

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When stupidity overpowers common-sense

There is a fool born every second. Some dummy is walking by a lamp that does not have a bulb in it and wonders what will happen of he stick his finger or another body part in the empty hole. … Continue reading

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