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Bernie Sanders says Trump is “on the wrong side of history” on immigration

Bernie Sanders says Trump is “on the wrong side of history” on immigration What else would we expect this wack-job to say. If Trump was born on the wrong side of history, Bernie was born on the wrong side … Continue reading

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Delusional …….

Elizabeth Warren says she will take a “hard look” at running for president after midterms The only hard look this crack-pot should be taking is a look at is herself in the bathroom mirror. Is this the new trend for … Continue reading

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Stick to what you do best ….

(CNN) Le Bron James thinks President Trump is using athletics, and athletes, to split up the country. And he’s rejecting the premise like an opponent’s ill-advised layup.   “What I’ve noticed over the past few months,” James shared with CNN’s … Continue reading

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A women of may faces

Will the real Hilary please stand up. Hillary Clinton tells grads of pricey San Francisco school about her troubled youth Blame it on the bullies? In a surprise appearance Friday, Hillary Clinton delivered a commencement address to graduates of San … Continue reading

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Did the Catholic Church say immoral???

Catholic Cardinal Calls Trump’s Immigrant Family Separations ‘Immoral’ Those who live in glass churches should not Roll Boulders. Many years ago, there was a rule of thumb;  any smart person should never mix religion with politics. I guess the cardinal … Continue reading

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Bloviating – Brainless Briscoe

Lawmaker’s tweet after physicist Stephen Hawking’s death draws criticism Brainless statement by Brainless Briscoe: Briscoe Cain‏ @BriscoeCain  Stephen Hawking now knows the truth about how the universe was actually made. My condolences to his family. Briscoe??? What kind of name is … Continue reading

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Farrakhan the Felonious Fanatic

Republican Jewish Coalition demands resignation of Democratic leaders with ties to Farrakhan This man and people like him are one of the primary reasons racism is at an all time high in the USA. Check out his stellar background. reading

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He definitely was a shot in the DARK!!

Huffington Post Former RNC Chair Fires Back At Claim He Was Only Hired Because He Was Black Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele on Friday blasted a leading conservative’s speech, which claimed that he had only been hired because … Continue reading

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There is a Storm brewing ahead …

FOX Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, says he paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 out of own pocket The latest twist in the tangled tale of what happened between President Trump and an adult film star more than a decade ago has taken … Continue reading

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Amorous Omaro$a????

Omaro$a plans banner $500G speaking tour at $50G a speech after dramatic White House exit Really?? She has nothing to say that would interest me; especially @ 50 G’s a pop just to hear her chop someone to shreds . … Continue reading

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