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The true purpose of martial arts

Drunk Man Confronts Former MMA Fighter Outside a Walmart, With Unexpected Result What we see in this video is the true concept of what the martial arts should be all about. Former UFC and Bellator fighter Tom DeBlass, a decorated … Continue reading

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Very tough call to make

Officer Betty Shelby breaks silence on Terence Crutcher shooting: I watched this segment on CBS the other night; the way I see it, it was a very tough call to make. It should not matter if this man was … Continue reading

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Got a short memory Johnny Boy

John Stossel: Trump, media should stop making things up: The last time I remember Johnny Boy Stossel insinuated to someone that their profession was fake; this is the response he got. The WWF wrestler “Dr. D (death)” David Schultz … Continue reading

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They came a long way Baby

The years of the 2,000’s have brought in many different social changes and a different day and age.  Do we open the door for the lady or should she open it for us? Do we pull out her chair when … Continue reading

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Tis the season to be jolly

‘TRAUMATIZED CITY’: More Than 50 People Shot In Chicago During Christmas Holiday If anyone is contemplating going to the Windy City (AKA Dodge City USA) in the near future, they should make sure they make their trip in an Ontos armored … Continue reading

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Pissed off Democrats new spokesperson

Orange is the New Black’ actress Lea DeLaria says she wants to ‘take out’ Trump supporters with baseball bat Take a good look at this a-bomb-in-ation. Would you expect anything less than a comment like that to come out of … Continue reading

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Bringin the BIG GUNS

CNN Trump advisers weigh putting Christie in charge of debate prep: It is said that the Big Guy from New Jersey  is brutally honest and just what Trump needs as a pre-debate ball buster. That can be  matter of opinions; … Continue reading

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