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Let history live

Controversial removal of Confederate monuments starts in New Orleans: WHY?? What did the Confederates believe in? The Confederate States of America believed in several things that differed from the views of the North. Much of the South believed in the … Continue reading

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Bewitched – bothered and bewildered

I guess the liberal media is still trying to figure out where Hillary went wrong. CNN ran an article called: Hillary Clinton’s big mistake? I can sum that up in a few words. Arrogance, overly confident, bad advisors, didn’t … Continue reading

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Fantasy Land at it’s finest

Malkin: ‘Hollywood-Media Complex’ Want to ‘Make America Obama Again’ This is one of the reasons why it is called La La Land. The people behind this move,  definitely live in fantasy land.  They are all too ignorant to see the … Continue reading

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One less prisoner to feed

GOOD!! Example # 2 for the day: I hope the ghetto wanna-bee bad asses, of all races in this country, that idolize fools like Hernandez, see what happens to a person that wants to be a gangster. Prison officials found … Continue reading

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Star power burned out?????

Democrats throw millions, Hollywood punch into Georgia House race Possibly the beautiful people have seen their day and their star power had its power cord pulled.  That fact was established in the presidential election where Bill’s bride had her keister … Continue reading

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Jaywalking???? WFT

Cop beats man accused of jaywalking “I thought I was going to be the next Trayvon Martin to be honest,” said Nandi Cain Jr., the man who was stopped and assaulted by a cop for jaywalking. IF this … Continue reading

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The boy forgot where he came from

(CNN) This boy from Oklahoma, congressman Markwayne Mullin is facing scrutiny after a video was posted Monday showed him telling constituents at a town hall that they do not pay his salary. Who the hell elected this dude? “You say … Continue reading

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