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What if ….

No fuckin cops’! Gym bans police officers, military because they might offend minority members I have a WHAT IF for Jim Chambers, owner of the gym that bans cops and military people. WHAT IF  one of the homies that are … Continue reading

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Another black eye for Fox

Eric Bolling suspended from Fox News amid lewd texting scandal If these allegations are true; what the hell is the matter with some of the High-flyers with Fox News?? Are they all egomaniacs that are too stupid to behave themselves? … Continue reading

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Well shut my mouth; never!!

I said it from the very beginning of, then The Donald, didn’t get his mouth under control, it would be his Achilles heel that would eventually undermine his credibility. Not only has PDT kept up his tirades on twitter but … Continue reading

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Not about SHOW & TELL

  Huffington Post WOMEN 07/21/2017 06:02 am ET After 55 Years, Navy Gets Its First Woman SEAL Applicant Two women are applying for the Navy’s most elite combat roles, including the SEALS As long as the ground rules for the … Continue reading

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Humpty Dumpty north of the boarder

GITMO LOTTERY WINNER Canada makes millionaire out of terrorist who killed US soldier Omar Khadr: Canada pays ex-Gitmo detainee who killed US soldier millions, but soldier’s widow may never see a dime I did a post on this 7-04-17 Compassion … Continue reading

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What does it take??

Fox Colorado appeals court rules scent of marijuana not enough to search vehicle A Colorado appeals court ruled Thursday that the possible presence of marijuana in a vehicle, detected by drug-sniffing dogs, does not give police the authority to search the … Continue reading

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The train left long ago.

USA Today America sees alarming spike in middle school suicide rate Bend the tree when it is young There are many reasons the kids today are taking what they think is the easy way out. In my opinion, 98% … Continue reading

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