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Is it possible????

Emanuel rolls out ID for Chicago’s ‘undocumented’ Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel unveils ‘City Keys’ ID program designed to welcome the ‘undocumented’ community and people ‘on the sidelines’ into the city. #Tucker Is it possible that anyone is that detached (or … Continue reading

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Not a very good bullshitter

Fox One obvious detail revealed this ‘Green Beret’ was a total fraud The imposter wanted recognition; he got it but not the way he intended. For real Green Berets, there was one dead giveaway that Brooklyn Army vet Papotia Reginald … Continue reading

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Real men don’t behave so poorly

ESPN a pit of sexism, hostility toward women: report The Boston Globe Current and former ESPN employees say an entrenched locker room culture puts women at a serious disadvantage in the male-dominated world of sports media. The Boston Globe ✔ … Continue reading

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Not from where I come from!!!!

Here’s the incredible story of what we can learn from a man who forgave terrorists who tried to kill him   Billy Hallowell | Fox News Joe Holcombe, a great grandfather who lost nine family members during the horrific mass … Continue reading

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Don’t hug your Daddy kids, he may be …..

Girl Scouts Urges Parents To Not Force Kids To Hug Relatives During The Holidays This is what it is coming down to FOLKS. Society has become so paranoid that the fools that run the Girl Scouts of America are telling … Continue reading

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Prisoner in his own Tweedy Cage

FOX NEWS Poor man’s Don King’: Trump takes aim at hoops dad LaVar Ball as feud escalates I have gone the extra mile giving PDT the benefit of the doubt; BUTTTT, this man continues to make a fool out of … Continue reading

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Another false alarm FOLKS

                                   The coast is clear; come out from under the bed or from inside the closet. You probably would have never sprung for that Kobi or Dom yesterday, ate and drank as well as some of you did if you … Continue reading

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