Possibly they are cousins???

Tom Brady: I Hope Colin Kaepernick Gets Another Chance in NFL

 Talk about how to win friends and influence people. I can not imagine this foolish comment or endorsement for Kaperdic will help Tommy Boy’s popularity. But then again, there are not too many patriotic people in this country these days with the backbone to support it.

Tom Brady had kind words for Colin Kaepernick when asked whether the controversial figure should get another shot at playing with the NFL.

“I sure hope so,” the Patriots quarterback told CBS “Sunday Morning.” “I’ve always watched him and admired him, the way that he’s played. He was a great young quarterback.”

IF, Tommy Boy would have included; he is a great quarterback but I do not agree with his patriotic stands, I would have thought more kindly of the statement.

Based on all that is happening in football, I find it very hard to watch a game. I haven’t watched one this year and don’t intend to.  That is was separates a patriot from a wanna-be American.  A patriot will support their country, while a wanna-be will just gorge themselves at the dinner table with filet mignon and lobster but always shy away from liver. If we do not stand up and be recognized in our life, for the good or the bad,  what the hell are we but one of the sheep following the leader over the cliff.


Get some balls people.

Brady, think before you talk. ORRR, possibly you agree with Kaperdick but don’t have the balls to go public???

I will give Kaperdick one thing; he has balls and knew exactly what nerve to poke.

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