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Miracles can happen

In a very mysterious way, 32,000 emails have been miraculously found in an IRS targeted probe amid allegations of Lois Lerner’s improprieties while serving as one of the head honchoesses with the IRS. Last year in an attempt for congress … Continue reading

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Shudda bought a few Cat Houses Kenny

This billionaire’s wife wants $1 million a month after divorce: Talk about living high off of the HOG. Talk about a high maintenance chick; WOW. The donor being Ken Griffin and the recipient is his wife estranged Anne Dias Griffin … Continue reading

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Vider les drones Frank

Vider les drones Frank Posté le 25/02/2015 par La Gazette Goomba Plus de drones planent au-dessus de Paris; autorités enquêtent sur:            Ne attendez pas trop longtemps pour enquêter sur François, le temps est de l’essence. … Continue reading

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Dump the drones Frank

More drones hover over Paris; authorities investigate:             Don’t wait too long to investigate Francois, time is of the essence. Put the hammer down right now. Unfortunately, along with new technologies comes unforeseen risks and … Continue reading

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Does not influence????

Cops say accused rapist acted out “Fifty Shades”‘ scenes: The entertainment industry continues to insist that what they produce does not adversely influence the public. Tell that to the lady that just got raped. WELL

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Late again huh fellas???

Days Before DHS Funding Runs Out, The Post-Shutdown Debate Is Heating Up: What exactly do these mentally deficient politicians get paid for?  There has not been one deadline that I can remember that the DC Duds haven’t come in late … Continue reading

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I yam who I yam

‘NO EXCUSE’: VA secretary admits Special Forces service claim was a lie: We have a bull-shitting epidemic going on in this country coming from some very prominent people that want to enhance their positions in life by stretching the truth … Continue reading

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