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Give the lady a star

Mom punishes son for school suspension by making him work free for others Ms. Payne: First yard complete 😂😂😂 He thought I was playing… 😀😀 Give this lady a star on her calendar for the rest of the month. A … Continue reading

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Words of wisdom – pay attention

The quote below was sent to me by another Jar Head (PG) I wanted to share. I have been preaching exactly the same thing for years. To start with, if possible, we should try to prevent any type of military … Continue reading

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Absolute nonsense

Deported veterans fight to return ‘home’ from Mexico There are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule and this should be one of them.  Army Veteran Hector Barajas was brought to the United States from Mexico by his parents when he was … Continue reading

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A labor of love and patroitism

This is a story about a very good friend of mine Tony Doc Mazzolini and some of his crew members; along with an assortment of other good Americans that dedicated many years of their lives and their money to resurrecting … Continue reading

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A credit to the cloth

‘I did not check their religion’: Priest earns praise, threats for saving thousands from violence in Africa Fox News This is what I am talking about. Here we have a man who is putting his life on the line, is … Continue reading

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Why single-out my people????

Why single-out my people???? This is the old story we are constantly hearing from the black community.  Why are they being singled out you ask?? Look at this video and tell me what you see. 5 black ( I … Continue reading

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The best of Judge Mathis

I just watched an old segment of the Judge Mathis show that all of the dead beats, over sexed bums out there should be compelled watch. Not that it will have any effect on them. They need someone like the … Continue reading

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