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Not a good sign of the CROSS!!!!

Chinese officials burn bibles, close churches, force Christian to denounce faith amid ‘escalating’ crackdown Next will be the execution of people who do not conform. It is the year 2018; I thought that China was working its way to complete … Continue reading

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To what extent they will go ….

For all of the lonely hearts out there that are starving for someone to pay attention to  you and make you feel special; this is just one example of how low and how far these thieves will stoop to pull … Continue reading

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All for a piece of trim ….

Chris Watts under suicide watch at Colorado jail, reports say The Colorado man who is accused of killing his wife and two daughters last month is under suicide watch, reports said Tuesday. Chris Watts, 33, is reportedly under “Close Watch … Continue reading

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Slow weekend so far ….

Chicago’s bloody Labor Day weekend sees at least 3 killed, 14 wounded in shootings Man angry about sold-out Ice Cube concert fires gun, gets shot by deputy, police say Shooting at Birmingham teen party leaves 7 wounded, police say At … Continue reading

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Disgraceful father for you have sinned!!

When she reported being abused by a priest, the Catholic Church investigated her There is no need to use the women’s name, she has been shamed enough by the priests in wolf’s clothing that she trusted so much. She is … Continue reading

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If only one life is saved …..

Mollie Tibbetts murder suspect worked less than 3 miles from where she was staying I have said this many times in respect to the illegals and their proponents. If only one life can be saved by deporting everyone in this … Continue reading

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Depends on who you ask!!

Donald Trump calls former aide Omarosa a ‘dog,’ triggering outrage Did PDT go too far with his description of a back-stabbing , turncoat, thief in the night, untrustworthy, cloak and dagger, staffer that had a game plan of deception … Continue reading

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