If they were smart …

Nike selects Colin Kaepernick for ‘Just Do It’ ad campaign

I have seen many at time when someone stuck their nose where it did not belong and paid the price for it. I HOPE this will be the eventual outcome with  Nike for backing Caperdick’s cause.

There are probably more people who wear Nike’s that disagree with Caperdicks crusade than ones that agree. Optimistically, I hope Nike’s ignorance comes back to bite them in their Nike.


Nike selected the controversial former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the new face of the athletic wear company’s “Just Do It” campaign, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

I will maintain, I have no problem with Caperdick or any other person in this country demonstrating; the manner in which he chose is what bothers me.

Steadfastly maintain. Cut the head of the snake off and the snake will die. Cut out the crime in all communities and there will be no need for cops. No crime – no cops – no abuse. If my faucet is leaking, I do not replace the muffler on my car. If anyone wants positive results regarding any negative issue, they have to get to the root of the problem.

This is why Nike can afford to back movements like this. They are swimming in money.


Worn Air Jordan 12 Flu Game

Cost: $104,000

Of the many pairs of limited edition Jordans, these are perhaps the hardest to come by. In 1997, Michael turned up to Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz with what appeared to be flu. No matter – he struggled through for a game-winning 38 points, which set up his fifth championship with the Chicago Bulls.


Fools are standing in line to buy them.

As we all know, the way to a fools heart and soul is through their bank book. I would like to see all the people who disagree with Nike to boycott them. They should be a lot wiser than to get in the middle of this very controversial debate. Hopefully it will come back to Nuke their Nike.

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So much for the rules and regulations the spineless NFL drafted  to stop te kneelers from kneeling.

More than 200 NFL players sit or kneel during national anthem …

Sep 24, 2017 – Players throughout the NFL protested during the national anthem on Sept. … who said over the weekend players should be fired for kneeling. … angered many players who took one insult as a personal attack on their mothers.

I still say the tail is wagging the dog.  Some of you FOLKS try this today. When  you go to work and your boss gives you an assignment, tell him or her to kiss your ass. Lets see how long you will stay on the payroll.

This fight has turned into a matter of principles and the establishment is getting their ass kicked, all because they are weak.

I don’t care how much al the owners are worth, they are nothing BUTT a bunch of cowards in 5,000$ suits; and they call themselves men!!!

Allow me to drop a little wisdom. IFFFF, Nike did not think that this fool act of theirs was going to help them financially, they would have NEVER got involved. It i$ all about the $oldi.

It is a sad day when anyone/entity puts dollar$ before the loyalty to their country.



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