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LeBron James reveals he had to ‘adjust’ to white people upon entering posh Catholic high school


A couple of things occurred to me as I read what James had  to say about his affiliation when he was younger, concerning his involvement white people, during a session on his HBO talk show The Shop.

NBA super LeBron James revealed Tuesday on his HBO talk show “The Shop” he was uncomfortable when he had to adjust to being around white people when he first entered high school.

James, who hosts the show which vows to have “spirited, free-flowing discussions,” attended St. Vincent-St. Mary Catholic School in Akron, Ohio, as a basketball prodigy. He said upon entering school, he didn’t have any desire of talking to any of his white classmates as he was there to play basketball.

“When I first went to the 9th grade in high school, I was on some ‘I’m not fuckin with white people,’” James said. “I was so institutionalized growing up in the ‘hood it was like, ‘They don’t fuck with us, they don’t want us to succeed.’”

# 1:

I give James a lot of credit for telling it like it is; shooting  straight from the hip.  James or any other black person does not have to like white people; the may have a good reason. In the same token, no white person has to like any black people. We have to take each individual as an individual and treat them as they treat us.

There are some black people I have run across socially and worked with in my life that are a lot better people than some white folks I know.

No one has to like anyone else for this world to work harmoniously; all they have to do is RESPECT the other guy,  by treating people like you want to be treated. It is that simple.

# 2:

I gotta call James out for using that kind of language, especially when he busted  PDT’s balls about the use of vulgarity.   I am a big offender that uses COLORFUL language on a frequent basis. BUTT I don’t chastise anyone else for using it, unless they are  in a surrounding where it is inappropriate, or live in a glass domicile and are rolling boulders.  Many times, the use of colorful language accentuates the meaning of the topic.

Especially in this day and age, where a person can’t pass gas without someone sniffing it and calling them down for it.   We have to be extra careful on what we say or do, because it is either being recorded or videoed and possible both.

Even today, I am not 100% sure how James fells about white people and I really don’t care.  All I know; he has made million$ because of them.

I have to acknowledge the fact that he is a very good role model SO FAR and hope he continues to set good example for ALL the kids. He has been very generous to a lot of different institutions, BUTT on the other side of the coin, he is as cheap as he can be in the tipping department.

James even made it to the top 10 of the cheapest tippers:

That is, unless he changed in the last few years. Some say he has a burglar alarm on his garbage can???

I have a good friend of mine that was a waitress in a place James ate with about 10 of his rappies. The owner picked up the tab as a good gesture;  the BIG SPENDER James left a 20.00$ tip. The bill had to be a few hundred. Jimmy Boy; ever hear about the 20% rule??

As far as his colorful language goes, that is SHOW BIZ!! Using certain unorthodox language in this day and age is a common as someone AXING someone to pass the butter.

BUTT, don’t be a hypocrite.

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