Stand or else

Jerry Jones gives Cowboys players ultimatum: Stand for anthem or sit for game

It is about time those Texans got some balls.

Finally Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys will stand up for what he has been kneeling for.

It wasn’t too long ago Jones was kneeling with the kneelers. Now it seems the Texas tycoon had a change of heart or is it a change of $oldi?


Attendance has been down and there has been some conversation some significant sponsors will pulling their ads.

Which brings up another good point. The sponsors are as bad as the kneelers and the owners are for contributing to their anti-American misbehavior.  Without the USA, the majority of the sponsor companies would have never been as successful as they are.  NEVER BITE THE HANDS THAT FEED YOU!!

As  much as I may want to compliment the Jones, my intuition says that his last minute decision is as much about the buck$ as it is his new found patriotism.  This man is obsessed with money.

I watched him on TV doing an interview a few years back when he told the reporter; he was worried about where his next meal was coming from.  The man said it with a straight face and looked dead serious to me.

Be that as it may; I hope whatever the motivation was, hopefully all of his other multi-billionaire cronies will wake up and do what is right for the country.  They need to take care of who took care of them.

I will be anxious to see if any of the players challenge him.

I have a very strong feeling; if it were not for PDT getting involved, this change of heart would have never taken place.
















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