Trusting – foolish – uneducated – easy prey?????

Ex-NBA star Kevin Garnett claims accountants helped ‘wealth manager’ steal $77M

77.00$ – 7,700$ – 77,000 – 770,000 MAYBE, butt 77 MILLION??? Where the hell was Garnett when he was getting fleeced??  I will tell you where he wasn’t, in school when he should have been. The guy had to be totally unconscious to let that much $oldi slip through his fingers and not detect any improprieties.  He is screaming mad.


The former Minnesota Timberwolves, Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics star claims that Michael Wertheim and Welenken CPAs enabled Charles Banks IV of Atlanta to defraud him over several years through shared businesses, FOX9 Minneapolis reported.

“Banks intentionally and continuously looted Garnett of his earnings and assets for many years, including the many years that Welenken and Wertheim provided accounting services to Garnett and his business interests,” the lawsuit says.

It may be possible that the double-dribbler was sleeping in math class like so many other super athletes are/were and got passing grades only because they wore the Big Jock Straps.

Proving my point: Garnett in 1995 became the first NBA player in 20 years to be drafted directly out of high school. He retired as a member of the Timberwolves in 2016.


  • “The NCAA wishes to pick and choose how severely they sanction a school, or even if they investigate a school,” he said. … Don’t talk to a faculty member about the grade of one of your athletes

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  • As a former high school lacrosse player in an area that was extremely proud of its lacrosse teams, I can tell you that there are plenty of teachers out there willing to help athletes out, whether that means offering extra tutoring sessions that fit the athlete’s schedule if they are struggling or dropping/changing bad grades so that a star …

    In most cases of uneducated people, it is a matter of; PAY ME NOW OR PAY ME LATER!! Garnett may be one of the pay me later folks.

    Although some very street-wise/intelligent people get scammed everyday dealing with thieves and sharpies that they trusted. Many times it is a family member or a close friend that put the ice-pick between their shoulder blades. $oldi does so strange things to people.  I can attest to that first hand.

    SOO, does it surprise me that Garnett and people like him get hosed?? Not really; what does surprise me is the amount he got swindled out of before he noticed he was broke. 77 million dollar$ is a lot of cabbage.


    I have maintained this attitude most of my life. DON’T TRUST ANYONE!!! People should earn trust over a period of time, it should not be a given. BUTT, on the other hand, when we can not trust family or friends, what does that tell you?? Unfortunately, when it comes to the big bucks, a good majority of people are scumbags. I would suggest that most people are BEAT by close Friend or a family member instead of strangers.

    A couple of examples of foolish/trusting people who stumbled onto some serious $oldi were duped and even killed.


  • A judge in Lakeland, Florida ruled Wednesday that the convicted killer of lotterywinner Abraham Shakespeare, won’t be able to keep the $1m home he ‘sold’ to her.


  • 2 days ago · The New Jersey couple that raised $400,000 for a homeless man who gave one of them his last $20 when she ran out of gas on I-95 have been accused of blowing through the dough after giving the …

    If they look like a rat, smell like a rat, talk like a rat and walk like a rat, they usually are a rat. Make decisions with your gut not your heart.  Trust no one until they prove themselves.

    Be smarter than the other guy and learn by his mistake, not yours.  A word to the wise should be sufficient, BUTT never is.

    I can not stress it enough – EDUCATION is the key to success.




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