Sour grapes or tennis balls????

New York (CNN)

Naomi Osaka won her first Grand Slam title Saturday, beating Serena Williams in a controversial US Open final that saw the American docked a game after calling the umpire a “thief.”


Looks like a spoiled brat to me that just had her BINKY taken away from her.  This display of poor sports-women-ship was after Serena broke a racket and flung some other choice adjectives at the judge

NOWWWW, Serena is claiming that if it were a male player they would not have been penalized as she was for MOUTHING OFF to the judge.  She may be right. BUTT the fact still remains she got her BOOTY beat fair and square by her Japanese opponent.

There are double standards in everything, from politics to religion, so what is new??

Serena has to accept the fact that SOME judges will not put up with poor behavior on the courts as others may. It is called the pick of the draw. She happened to get a judge that was not intimidated by her or her celebrity. I say good for the judge.

Just because she is the The Queen of tennis or was, that does not give her the right to insult the judge. Calling someone a thief is a serious accusation.



The X-Queen better hope that Mr. Judge does not have a good ambulance chaser waiting in the wings to sue her for all of her tennis balls and defamation of character.

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1 Response to Sour grapes or tennis balls????

  1. Another poor-loser, conduct-unbecoming-of-a-tennis-player, feminist. I guess they don’t teach manners or sportsmanship in feminist school. For her to compare herself to men who act the same way was a typical lib deflecting the subject off herself and making it all about women-empowerment. Deflection. Her coach said he was giving her signals. She owes the ref an apology but she won’t give it. Poor loser–blame everyone else but yourself. Sounds familiar.

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