Ships ahoy Tiger ….

Tiger Woods’ yacht emerges as celebrity during U.S. Open week in New York

Looks like the beating the Tiger took from his x-old-lady with the golf club and his divorce didn’t hurt his financial status too much.


The Lad has some very expensive toys, including a yacht that set him back 20 million dollar$  – 2 million a years to maintain and 1,100$ a day to dock.


The Great One Jackie Gleason would say; how sweet it is!!

There have been many celebs who at one time were worth millions and even billions that eventually, because of their out of control spending habits, life-style, their massive entourages, divorces, are now stone broke. I don’t know, possibly The Tiger has enough $oldi to weather the rough seas.

Be that as it may; it is a good idea for them to put a little away for a rainy day or if their bubble ever bursts. How many do?? Only the smart ones.

With Tiger’s track record of being a BTBC (big time booty chaser), that can be a very expensive hobby.  For his ake, he better protect some of his money. I hate to see the Lad wearing a Mickey D uniform.

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