This BOY knew exactly what he was doing ..

This BOY knew exactly what he was doing.  He is worth more now than when he was a 3rd string quarterback, thanks to Nike and other fools like them

Caperdick is may be a fool, BUTT he is no dummy, or that depends on who you AXE!! He knew exactly what he was getting into when he started his crusade that he would not miss any meals.

At that time he net worth was about 22 million. Any fool with 22 million, if they live correctly, that amount should last them and 4 generations after them a very long time. BUTT as demonstrated, some celebs and athletes with that kind of ca$h can blow it on a good weekend.

Caperdick recently became the poster BOY for Nike. Nike also knew what they were doing. In this screwed up world, any publicity, even bad publicity is good for business. Just AXE people like the Kardashians and other disgraceful fools like them.  They have no shame on how they make their $oldi. They will do anything and everything, ethical and or unethical to  make a buck.  In their twisted minds, like their mother, the x-Mrs. Jenner, she probably hopes her kids will grow up just like her.

While all of Caperdick’s supporters are taking the heat for kneeling, all they are getting for their participation is air.  Capperdick is at the Super Buffet stuffing himself with $$$$$ while his supporters/army are methodically eating out of garbage cans, getting nothing for their efforts.

SOOO; should we believe that Caperrdick is a true martyr or just some clever Afro-wearing opportunist out there making big bucks??


Food for thought.

What is the moral of this story? A person does not have to excel at what they do; all they need is be at the right place at the right time, strike a chord with people of the same mentality, and have platoons of mindless fools following them.  ANDDDD, have a very rick uncle like Nike support them.

I wonder if Caperdick flies coach or 1st class when he travles?? Probably in private jets. Yeah; he is just one of the everyday, common-folk kneelers out there trying to make a buck.

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