Time to back it up BOYS!!!

Marshawn Lynch sits during national anthem before Oakland Raiders’ preseason opener

We all knew there would be a few anti-Americans calling ass on the new rule!! To buy the Wolf ticket or not to buy, that is the question.

It is time for the NFL owner’s stand up, drop their skivvies and see if they have a set of nuts between their legs.  Talk is cheap if it is not backed up with action.


The owners speak with forked tongue.


According to USA Today: The NFL announced Thursday night that no players or teams would be punished for demonstrations during the anthem, while the league and NFL Players Association negotiate a policy. In May, owners unilaterally agreed on a policy that would require players to stand during the anthem or remain in the locker room.

OK folks, now who is bull-shitting who. Either these Lilly livered, unpatriotic, multi-billionaire owners laid the law down or they didn’t.  When push comes to shove, it is all about the $oldi. The owners could give two shits less about the player.  The greedy bastards have demonstrated that time and again on how they screwed the players with medical coverage for injured players. Now all of a sudden, they care about the players well-being?


If they want to be the boss, they have to act like the boss. With the big bucks comes responsibility.  Any organization is only as strong as the rules and regulations that govern it. What is the sense in having rules if they are not enforced.

If the owners and the NFL over-paid, under-worked commissioner does not follow-up on the rules they laid down, every stand-up American viewer should boycott the game completely.  If we do not think that will get their attention, think again.

How much does Roger The Dodger make a year??

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell inked a mammoth new contract that will keep him in charge of professional football through the year 2023. The deal will pay him $200 million (!) if he hits all his incentives and gets all his bonuses, which means that Goodell will make about $40 million annually moving forward.

I say he caught a few of the owners rolling in a hay loft with some chic to be rewarded that handsomely. 40 million a year, plus other perks?? That is some serious JACK in anyone’s book.  I would expect he has to make all of the owners happy when they pull the strings or he will be beating the pavement. Lets see if he has any goolunies.


I say most of the puppeteers are just a bunch of weak-sisters. Time to put up or shut up.

Firing someone is not an easy thing to do, BUTT when it becomes necessary to set the record straight, so be it. No one can claim they haven’t been warned

Should we expect them all to show more respect to a country that has made them as wealthy as they are?? You bet you ass we should.


God hates a COWARD



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