Thin skin or thick hair


Bill O’Reilly’s insult to Rep. Waters should offend all Americans

Bill O’Reilly appeared on Fox & Friends the other day. Somewhere in his dialog, he made reference to Rep. Maxine Waters doo. It just so happened that Ms. Waters is a heavy hitter in congress being its most senior African-American member. O’Rilley’s remark immediately set off the racial fire alarms.

Watch and listen to the video and make up your mind if O’Reilly is trying to be funny or if he intended to insult the lady.

 I am not defending O’Rilley or anyone like him. I am saying that celebs like Bill are essentially entertainers and part of their shtick is, they think they have to be funny all the time.

Some of the backlashers want to tar and feather the lad and carry him out-of-town on a rail.

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As sensitive as racial relations are in this country, should he have said what he did? Not really BUT, always the BIG BUT, after watching the tape, I don’t think he meant no harm by it.

One would think, with all of the boulder rollers getting so hostile and jumping on the persecution bandwagon, that O’Rilley called Ms. Waters a lady of the night.


Is there a similarity to the doo’s or not?

I would conclude O’Rilley was slightly out of line but I don’t think it was intentional. Just another celeb trying to be a funny guy in the dull world of entertainment.


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