Are you kidding me …

Fox News

America needs a national terrorist registry to keep us safe

Are you kidding me?? Anything that makes the least bit of sense; we can be sure that the PC-Boulder Rollers/left-winger/anti-Americans will definitely find an objection.

They would claim it is an infringement on the terrorists rights to have to register. After-all, the terrorists are only trying to wipe us off the map, they should have rights too.

It is the old story of; if I say white, they say black – If I say stop, they say go –  If I say right, they say left and so on.

It is a massive waste of good human energy to try to communicate on an intelligent/common-sense level with these people. They are either too dense , too stubborn, to ignorant or just plain anti-everything. It is impossible for them to grasp anything the other side comes up with.

Yesterday there was some nit-wit from NBC that suggested the release of the three prisoners from NK was staged. Is she shitting me or what??

NBC News star Hallie Jackson calls release of US prisoners – Fox News

15 hours ago – … of the three American prisoners who’d been held in North Korea was a … Jackson calls release of US prisoners ‘choreographed’ and ‘staged‘.

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Can this broad really be that dumb or is it just an act??? I think Forrest said it very well.


I hope the left-wingers have their eyes open and can see the massive strides PDT is making. The truth can not be denied when it is staring them in the face; unless they DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT!!!

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