When we play under a desk we ……

Monica Lewinsky slams Fox News in a New York Times op-ed

I loved to old Chinese saying. They have one for just about everything.

One that fits this scenario to a “T” is; women who plays in pantry gets ass in jam! In Lewinsky’s case; girl who plays under a desk will soon make headlines.

My compassionate side fells sorry of the young intern that was infatuated with the horny old president of the USA.

Wild Bill was not a first-timer and a man with quite the history when it came to tip-toeing through the tulips.  I am not even sure if he went cold turkey after he got caught in his most famous caper? VERY HARD  to break old habits.

There was much speculation that BB, his wife knew of the affairs all along but put them on the back burner for the sake of their public image and the fact they had some very important LONG-RANGE PLANS for the old girl. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for the USA; she should have dumped the Dude then. All of her humiliation was for nothing.

We don’t know how accurate all of these accusations are but there is quite the list of finger-pointing women that said they had some sort of nasty affiliation with Wild Bill:

According to Sean Hannity: Clinton’s accusers include:

Paula Jones: A former Arkansas state employee, Jones sued Bill Clinton in 1994 for sexual harassment. Jones claims that in 1991 then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton propositioned and exposed himself to her in a Little Rock hotel. Clinton eventually settled with Jones out of court for $850,000, but never admitted to any wrongdoing.

Juanita Broaddrick: Broaddrick, a former nursing home administrator, alleges that Bill Clinton, who was running for Arkansas governor at the time, raped her in an Arkansas hotel room in the spring of 1978.

Kathleen Willey: Willey was a White House volunteer aide who, in March of 1998, alleged on the TV news program 60 Minutes that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her during his first term as President.

Eileen Wellstone: Wellstone, an English woman, alleges that Clinton sexually assaulted her after she met him at a pub near Oxford University where Clinton was a student in 1969.

Carolyn Moffet: Moffet was a legal secretary in Little Rock in 1979, said she met Governor Clinton at a political fundraiser and was invited to his hotel room. Moffet alleges that she fled the hotel room after Clinton demanded she perform sex acts on him.

Elizabeth Ward Gracen: A Miss Arkansas who would go on to win the Miss America contest in 1982, Gracen alleges that she was forced by Clinton to have sex with him shortly after she won the Miss Arkansas competition.

Becky Brown: Becky Brown was Chelsea Clinton’s nanny. L.D. Brown, an Arkansas State Trooper and Becky’s husband, claims that Clinton attempted to seduce her in while the two were in governor’s mansion.

Helen Dowdy: Dowdy, the wife of one of Hillary’s cousins, alleges that in 1986 Bill Clinton groped her on the dance floor of a wedding.

Cristy Zercher: Zercher was a flight attendant aboard Clinton’s campaign jet from 1991-1992. Zercher told the Star magazine that Clinton groped her for over 40 minutes.

These are situations that are inexcusable for a person in his position.

If all of these allegations are true, Wild Bill had to have a great memory to keep the names straight, not talk in his sleep and was one busy guy.

It has been substantiated by the Highway Patrol in Arkansas; they testified to HAND delivering ladies to Wild Bill when was he was governor.

The thing that bothers me the most about the Lewinsky case is her age. At the time she was only 6.5 difference in age between Monica and Clinton’s daughter Chelsea.

If a person has no regard for themself, they should at least consider their family. That is not what narcissistic people do.

Monica was a very young, starry-eyed, naive, gullible girl who fell  for the charm of the President of the USA. I really doubt if she even thought of the consequences if and when their arrangement would BLOW-UP.  What the hell did she expect, a ticker-tape-parade?


Monica Lewinsky is sharing her unique perspective in the wake of former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes’ passing, accusing him of building his network on the story of her relationship with then-President Bill Clinton, which made her life a “nightmare.”

There is no doubt in my mind Wild Bill should have been impeached for his misconduct.

Something Monica should have considered were the after effects before getting hooked up with Wild Bill. Instead of blaming Willie, she put the heat on Roger Ailes.

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3 Responses to When we play under a desk we ……

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    To add to this

    A few days ago it was in the news that Monica Lewinsky had filed a law suit against the Clinton’s

    In the sum of $40 million

    Monica had just admitted that she and Bill Clinton have a son together

    He’s now 28 years old

    And for all these years the Clinton’s have been paying Monica very well with hush money

    But recently the well has run dry and Monica has not received a single red cent

    • Hocus I’m going to have to check that out. Although it’s plausible I don’t know how legitimate that is. Have a great day thanks for the tip

    • As of today Monica did not let the kid borrow the dress for DNA testing. Wouldn’t be nice if Chelsea had a little brother to play with. Clinton is one solid pig and his old lady knew but his indiscretions all along Go figure

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