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Raunchy Richmond

Dem lawmaker apologizes for crude remark about Kellyanne Conway Just another fool with a loose tongue. Richmond, a Louisiana Democrat and chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, made the remark at the Washington Press Club Foundation’s congressional dinner Wednesday evening. … Continue reading

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Pissed off Pence

White House Pence chides Associated Press for publishing wife’s email address Vice President Pence lashed out at the Associated Press on Saturday for listing his wife’s email address in a story about his frequent resistance to public records requests while … Continue reading

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Dark in there, isn’t it??

Alarm bells ring for charities as Trump pledges to slash foreign aid budget It appears to me that the bleeding hearts like CNN and the rest of the boulder rollers are more concerned with the USA cutting foreign donations than … Continue reading

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What should we expect??

USA Today Caitlyn Jenner calls Trump transgender decision ‘a disaster’ Should we expect any different answer from a person like Caitlyn Jenner?  USA Today makes it sounds like this is big news. Similarities like this can be compared to asking … Continue reading

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Friend or enemy??

Chris Wallace: Obama Didn’t Like The Media, ‘But He Never Said We Were An Enemy’ Whenever a person is super delicate that they carefully chose their words not to offend someone, that is called trying to be PC.  Exactly what … Continue reading

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They can fool some of the people ……

Herman Cain: Americans are waking up to the media’s bias Jan. 27, 2017 – 4:48 – Fox News contributor reacts on ‘Hannity’ after Trump adviser Steve Bannon criticizes the press. Fortunately, the majority of Americans are not as naive/gullible/stupid … Continue reading

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Tell me they are not on a mission

Tell me the Huntington Post is not putting an all out blitzscreed on the Trumpster.  All of the websites below are on the first 1/4 of their internet home page. This kind of attention has to be costing BB and company big money … Continue reading

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What about terrorism??????

Brad Pitt, accused of child abuse, is under investigation I don’t really know if I view certain issue different from most people???? I have always characterized my efforts by executing them in  the order of their importance. The word is … Continue reading

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Hit the nail on the head!!

I could have not said it any better. As we say in Italian; se le scarpe montarli messo su; If the shoes fit, put them on. Bill Buddy; the dirty money controls this country. As long as the mentality … Continue reading

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Go ahead – go home Chris

The Hill A very unappreciative Trump caught telling Christie to ‘go home’ moments after his former rival endorsed him : You know what I say  to these headlines;   As all of the fine people that follow the Goomba Gazette know, … Continue reading

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