It should be called the Obama Fund

All US bases in Mideast in range of Iran’s missiles, Iranian general says

These are not the same missiles that Obama funded the Iranian government to build, are they?? These are not the missiles that the Iranians told Obama they were going to use to destroy the USA but he released 151 BBBBBillion to them in-spite of their promises?

The more I think about it; the more I am convinced that Obama is The Manchurian Candidate.

I did this post over two years ago.

Is John Dillinger trying to rob another bank??

It is unconscionable that any person would go through the extremes this man has to get a deal made with our staunches enemy, which puts the entire world at risk, is breaking all the rules of common-sense and self-preservation and patriotism just to satisfy his ego so it will look good on his resume??? I am still kicking around my Manchurian Candidate theory.

Now more then before, I do believe in my theory.

This man put the USA back 50 years or better with some of his illogical, unexplained, beyond reason decisions he made while in office.

Obama is not an ignorant person. He is very intelligent and was aware of every move he made. He literally put this country at risk for the duration of time because of his arrogance and BIG PLAN.

PDT is trying his best to vet people from not entering the USA to keep us safe and 95% of all the media and all of the ball busting Boulder Rollers are up his ass with both feet in deficiency of his attempted actions.  Obama put the USA and the rest of the world in jepordy for the duration of time and none of these PC idiots ever opened their ignorant mouths.

Based on all of the conditions staring them in the face; like yesterdays tragedy in The Big Apple, the god-damn PC fools are still opposed to any plan PDT comes up with. CAN THEY REALLY BE THAT IGNORANT??  It seems that way.

I am not usually short on words when it comes to labeling someone or something, BUTTTT these poor excuses for human-beings have me stumped. There is no rim or logical reason for their positions; EXCEPT, because PDT is supporting it.

I said this may times before. PDT said exactly the same things Wild Bill Clinton said about eliminating illegals from bombarding our country.  WB got a standing ovation: PDT was booed out of the room.

The only conclusions I can come up with; 1st, they are all equally as ignorant, they are all in it together or they are all anti-Americans that want to see our government destroyed.

I wonder where Obama is going to be sitting when Iran shoots off a few of the missiles his ignorant/benevolence funded. I can guarantee one thing; he will be nowhere to be found and will take the 5th and drink a 5th in celebration.

5th grade question. An easy quiz; lets see how many people can get this very simple question right. If someone told you that they were going to kill you, your family and everyone else in the neighborhood you lived in; would you go out and by them a dozen AK-47’s???? It is just that simple. That is what Obama did; he bought them the weapons to destroy the entire USA.  If anyone agrees with the funding; again, I am at a loss to label them.

It is not as if; after they got the 151 billion, they began their threats, they were beating their chest long before they scored a victory and laughed right in our faces.

Jesus Christ; common-sense is common-sense. There had to be a conspiracy. Why then, would anyone consent to such a dangerous transaction??

My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families in New York. They have one administration to thank for their losses.  These incident are all intermingled. This is just the beginning of what is to come. The attacks will become more severe and more frequent. They are nearly impossible to stop.

SOOOOOO; after the fact, how many fools still disagree with PDT on the vetting process? If what he does saves one life, it is worth it.

I would like all of these hypocrite celebs and their Boulder Rolling cousins that are constantly busting PDT’s balls to be on the front lines when the next incident happens. Then I would like to see if they disagree with PDT. There are too many of the idiots to list. They know who they are; right Alex or is it Alec???



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