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USA Today

When ‘sanctuary cities’ go too far:

Our view

Little by little; anyone with any common sense at all should come to the realization that sanctuary cities are strictly against federal laws and can be very detrimental in the long run for our country. Even USA Today had their light switch pulled.  They are asking; AT WHAT COST.

For starters, no local or state government can offer absolute sanctuary to undocumented immigrants because federal authorities, under the law, can deport any immigrant simply for having entered the country illegally. Several hundred cities and counties refuse to detain immigrants for federal deportations. But even among these jurisdictions, there are wide variations, from sensible policies to irrational ones that endanger public safety.

A notorious example of irrationality occurred in 2015, when an undocumented immigrant with a lengthy felony drug record and repeated illegal entries into the USA after deportation was freed by the San Francisco county sheriff — despite being wanted by federal immigration authorities. Three months later, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez allegedly shot and killed Kathryn Steinle in a San Francisco tourist area, setting off a national debate over sanctuary

It just doesn’t make sense that there are people out there that subscribe to this mentality, knowing that in the mix of the illegals are criminals that came to this country to do harm.

There are varying estimates that go from 20 billion to 115 billion a year that illegals cost our country. Regardless of the number, I feel whatever the amount is, it should be spent on American citizens that deserve it instead of outsiders.

Is it possible that the immigrant PC-ers can see these kinds of conditions some of our people are living in, turn a blind eye to it and STILL want to import more people?  How many of the PC-ers are physically taking immigrants into their homes to live with them?  If there are any, I will call them true believers.

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This is the America landscape folks; places where many of our citizens are forced to live. BUT some fools in this country would rather piss our money away to complete strangers and let our people live under these conditions. BRILLANT

I never suggested to close the doors to immigrants but I have said that they should be thoroughly vetted from the time they squeaked into this world to the present. If there is one discrepancy, one red flag or anything that can not be substantiated about their past, then we slam the door in their faces.  What can be fairer than that?  An open door immigration policy or sanctuary cities are strictly forbidden and immediate actions should be taken to stop the practices.

If one American citizen’s life can be saved by using this method of vetting, that alone will be our reward.

Possibly some of the other PC-media will start coming to their senses. That is a very big maybe!!

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