Kelly vs Fonda cat fight

Fox News

Megyn Kelly’s shock attack on Jane Fonda has globetrotting NBC exec in hot water

Fonda: You can ask me about being a traitor, but never mention my face-lifts

The Cat fight all started during an interview in September when Megyn Kelly AXED Hanoi Jane about her use of plastic surgery. It seems that the old traitor took offense to the question/suggestion and the UFC match between the two combative ladies is still steaming on.

Hanoi admitted that she has been sliced and diced, so why are her panties so twisted up when AXED about it??

At least in the interview, Kelly did not AXE her about being a traitor to her country.

One thing Hanoi did get right in an interview with Oprah; she said her actions are unforgivable.

I will give credit where it is due. She has apologized many times, BUTT are the apologies sincere or just a way of trying to safe face, even though the face may be plastic??

EXAMPLE: Apologies are suitable for; when a guy and a girl are swapping spits and the guy sneezes and sprays the lady with snots; that is when an apology is appropriate. Not when a person has deliberately aided and abetted a wartime enemy by publicly supporting their cause.

There were 1,000’s, possibly 1,000,000’s of people that were against the Vietnam war, but they did not purposely sleep with the enemy.

Now tell me, does this look like a person that was remorseful for what she did??




Take a good look at the Dude next to her. If that is not John Kerry, I will eat this key board I am pounding on. No two people can look that bad. Birds of a feather, demonstrate together.

This is what a lot of the UPPER CRUST fools do with their spare time, because they don’t have to work for a living like average people do, they initiate demonstrations.

Kapitulating Kerry is at the the top of my list of detestable people. The were no boundaries that he would not cross to get the Iranian whore deal signer for his boss. Obama told him, if he could not get the deal signed, don’t bother coming back. Birds of a feather, kneel together.

If Hanoi was not the daughter of the famous Henry Fonda, those Vietnamese soldiers would have put her on a spit and had her for lunch.


The best thing she can do is; stay out of the lime-light if she does not want to be put in an embarrassing positions.

Directly or indirectly, Hanoi sanctioned the deaths of many America service people by her publicly supporting the enemy. That is definitely UNFORGIVABLE.

As for Megyn Kelly; it is her job to dig deep and ruffle the feather of the birds that flock together. People that appear on programs such as Hanoi did, have to know before they sit in the hot seat, there is open season on them. A good reporter does not look for the easy answers.

If Hanoi was not who she is (really, who is she) the question about plastic surgery would not be an issue. Are certain celebs supposed to be handled with kid gloves?

I can imagine there are still 1,000’s of people that support what Hanoi did. If they had a brother or a sister that was killed in Vietnam, would they still give her a pass??

Back to Kelly: I think Kelly has seen her day in the sun when she was in verbal combat with The Trumpster. I always give her credit for being a very feisty lady and not afraid to stand her ground.

It is like anything else in life. A person can work for one organization and they love everything they do. They can work for another, doing exactly the same thing and they detest what they do.

Kelly was probably better off hanging in there with Fox; that is if she could tolerate all of the fox in the hens coupe.

My advice to Hanoi; if she does not want to be grilled, stay away from the bar-b-q pit!!

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