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Get out the body armor Andy …

Mexico backs left-wing ‘messiah’ Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in historic presidential election Their Massiah is going to need his own personal league of guardian angels to protect him. I hope for Andy’s sake he is well protected. The banditos  south … Continue reading

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Is this the USA or Syria???

Recognize the guy on the right?? Just in case you don’t, he is Rahm Emanuel one of Obama’s closets associates who served with THE MAN while he was president.  Rahm felt he wanted to g into greener pastures and got … Continue reading

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The Gove hit the nail on the head!!!

Gov. Bevin Responds to Alleged Hypocrisy In essence;  governor Bevin has expressed the same sentiments I have been preaching about for years. Watch the video; he put it all in perspective. http://www.kentuckynewera.com/multimedia/video/news/youtube_c2674705-960f-52ed-b8d8-9d2c34d514e4.html  Segments of one of my most recent posts … Continue reading

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Complete lunacy

Oakland mayor warns of impending ICE raid, ramping up sanctuary-city tension The Flake job, Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaaf sent out a warning on Twitter to  the illegals, including the criminals in her city, that ICE would possibly raid the city’s … Continue reading

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