Open your doors fools

Migrant Caravan Arrives At U.S. Border, Despite Trump’s Threats

I can’t help but wonder just  how many of PDT’s Boulder Rollers are going to open their hearts, homes and wallets to the fence jumpers. IFFFFFFF, some of them did that, that is when I would respect them.

It is virtually impossible to be that ignorant without trying very hard.

Did any of the Boulder Rollers ever hear of the sayings; Charity begins at home; take care of your own before others??

There are areas in this country that are so depressed and in desperate need of assistance, BUTT we have bunch of fools wanting to take care of strangers while much of our infrastructural is falling apart and some of the citizens of this country are literally starving and living in cardboard boxes.

Does that make any sense?? Not to me. I am not a cold blooded, heartless person; just someone with good commonsense and believes, like PDT; take care of your own first.

To all the Boulder Rollers. If you are going to be legitimate, go all the way and start sending out the invites. I will not hold my breath.


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