Get out the body armor Andy …

Mexico backs left-wing ‘messiah’ Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in historic presidential election


Their Massiah is going to need his own personal league of guardian angels to protect him.

I hope for Andy’s sake he is well protected. The banditos  south of the border knock off politicians as faster than the Keebler ELF (or should I say little person) makes cookies.



In an election many Mexicans hope will be a turning point for a country beset by decades of corruption, violence and enduring poverty, voters turned to a left-wing populist some supporters refer to as a “messiah.” A savior from the two major parties that have failed to deliver on promises of reform, in the eyes of many voters.

Mexico goes to the polls this weekend. 132 politicians have been …


4 hours ago – 132 politicians have been killed since campaigning began, per one count …. And May 2018 was the deadliest month recorded in Mexico, since …

132 politicians, not 132 normal citizens or drug pushers, 132 politicians have been killed since the election campaign started.  This aftermath is a prime example of NOT nipping crime or any other illegal activity in the bud.
Lawlessness is exactly what happens when any government looses control of its authority. This is exactly what happens when governments go to PC and open their boarders. This is exactly what happens when they neglect potentially serious conditions that are staring them in the face.
Sad to say, I don’t think Andy is going to live long enough to collect his government pension.  The banditos are too powerful, have more fire-power and wealth than the government does. They are NOT going to stand for anyone to try to change their BAU.
If the government would have nipped the lawlessness in the bud way back when, this out-of-control condition may not be the case today.
A major – major problem was, many of the governments officials were on the pad.  They were getting their cut, making big money off of illegal activities and wanted to be on the money train.  After the banditos got their foot in the door and solidified their position, they didn’t need the cockroache politicians and began their process of extermination.
I wish Obrador good luck. he is going to need all he can get and much-much more.
No successful organization/country can exist successfully if they do not have rules and regulations to live by.  As hard as it may be for some people, the immigration situation in the USA HAS TO BE brought under control, OR the country will pay a bog price for its neglect.  Don’t believe me?? AXE the Mexican government what happens when they allow situations to go unattended. Different scenario, same results.

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