Twice-deported illegal immigrant held in New York toddler’s disappearance, mom’s death

Maybe the sanctuary fools might want to appoint this KILLER the governor of their state.

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What do you think Andy?? You and CHC make a great team; both losers.

To me Reyes looks like someone that you may want to invite for dinner or shack up in your mansion for a few years. possibly even marry one of your family members.

If you do send out the invite; I have a couple of suggestions. Sleep with your door lock, a gun by your side and your eyes open. BUTT, according to you bleeding hearts, why worry, people like THE KILLER are stand-up citizens and deserve a break.

A twice-deported Mexican citizen was being held by immigration authorities Tuesday as police continue to search a rural New York town for a 14-month-old child feared dead after his mother’s body was found last week.

Evarardo Donoteo-Reyes, a 25-year-old who is in the country illegally, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is facing an evidence tampering charge after the body of his girlfriend, Selena Hidago-Calderon, was found Wednesday in a wooded area of a farm in Sodus where the two lived and worked.

The stupidity of the PC-ers is beyond belief. For them to hide, shelter and protect known criminals, I don’t think their ignorance level can get any lower.

If, and I I hate to put the malocchio on anyone, if the PC-ers were ever the victim of one of these scumbags; I would conclude, they deserve what they get.


It seems virtually impossible to get across to complete imbeciles. To them and them alone, I will put the Malocchio. Be careful of what you wish for fools.

La tua stupidità sta per tornare e morderti nel culo

To the all the PC-ers in the Empire State, don’t forget to get out and cast your ballets next election.


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