This can get very ugly ……

Trump preps order barring migrant asylum seekers as troops move south to confront caravan


If I had to guess; I would not predict a very pleasant outcome to this confrontation. Optimistically, there will NOT be any show of force needed to keep back the ILLEGAL immigrants. Some nutcase on either side may pull out a gun and start shooting; and it will get very ugly.

Are we as Americans supposed to be a compassionate people?? Absolutely; BUTT on the other side of the coin we should nut be expected to be door-mats for everyone that wants to enter this country.

Can we even begin to imagine the outcome if we swung our boarded doors wide open like some countries did?  AXE Greece, Germany, Italy and France how that worked out for them.  WISE people should learn by others mistakes.

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Bear in mind, these are supposed to be some of the better people who wanted to impress their prospective hosts.  I hate to see how their uncivilized other half behaves.

All of the PC-ers that support open boarders have rocks in their head. It is all lip service. If it were not, they would open their residences and take in a few dozen illegals permanently.

No one especially PDT is denying these people admittance to the USA; all we are AXING is for them to go through the proper vetting channels. If they pass fine, if not, don’t let the boarder door hit them in the ass.

I hope for everyone concerned, this confrontation ends peacefully; BUTT I am not optimistic.



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