Did Jer really say that?????

Gov. Jerry Brown Says He’ll Comply With Trump’s National Guard Order — With A Big Caveat

Possibly I am missing something???

California will add additional National Guard troops, but they won’t be used to enforce federal immigration efforts.

California Gov. Jerry Brown said Wednesday he would accept federal funds to add hundreds of new members to the National Guard to support the state’s “ongoing program to combat transnational crime.” But he emphasized that the troops wouldn’t be enforcing federal immigration policies.

Possibly I am missing something??? Is that not the intention or purpose of funding for new members of the National Guard  to combat transnational crime by enforcing immigration policies?? SOOOOOO; in his words, Jer is going to accept federal funds to support the National Guard in their fight against illegal immigrants; BUTT wouldn’t be enforcing federal immigration policies.

WTF Jer; what kind of Loco weed are you smoking. I thought you gave up that nasty habit years ago. I know Jer; just like your landman Wild Bill, you never inhaled.

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This guy and the other sheep like him are so far away from reality it is incomprehensible. Do they not realize that they are breaking the law and putting citizens at risk by aiding and abetting illegals, many of which are criminals? That constitutes stupidity beyond belief.

If it were a democrat trying to impose the same laws as PDT is, there would be absolutely no mutiny coming from the other side.

This is ABSOLUTE proof of what I am suggesting.


I challenge anyone to disagree with me.  PDT said almost the very same thing about immigration as Wild Bill did back in 1995. Billy Boy got a standing ovation and PDT was carried out of town on a rail.


Talk about hypocrisy.  How can the left-winger deny this???

It seems to me that all of the dissenting/Boulder Rollers are too immature and have no mind of their own;. They are all like a bunch of hypothesized, zombie, sheep following their space-out leaders jumping off the same cliff.


If they had minds of their own, they would be able to see the negative aspect of their dangerous implications.

They are trying by foot to cross a major freeway at rush hour because they are not looking at the dangers involved.  In their midget mentality, they all are aware of the consequences, BUTT too ignorant to chose the safe route. Why you ask?? Because they are STILL pissed off and can not let go of the fact they lost the election and there is a New Sheriff in town that is upsetting their apple cart.

Still to this day, 18 months after the election; the leader of their pack CHC,  still has her violin out playing the same old tune. I did a post on this last week.

16 things Hillary Clinton blames for her election loss


I know  sound like a broken record,  BUTT if the FOOLS on both sides of the fence  would put the  same amount of effort and $oldi they do into breaking each others balls and dedicate themselves to reconditioning America instead of constantly Rolling Boulders at one another, just think the accomplishments that could be achieved.

It is so hard for me to understand; when something is staring them DEAD in the face, they can ignore the truth and white wash or black wash it to fit their agenda. Where is their commonsense??

How can anyone except a complete idiot/imbecile dispute the comparison and similarity between what Wild Bill said to what PDT is attempting to do.

As we say in Italian; se le scarpe si adattano, indossale (if the shoes fit, put them on)!!!!

God hates cowards and hypocrites. Chapter 13 – verse 69 – taken from the bible of The Goomba Gazette!!

Wake up fools and smell the napalm.

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3 Responses to Did Jer really say that?????

  1. hocuspocus13 says:


    And that’s a BIG perhaps

    California will wake up and vote in a Republican Governor

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