What a waste of a beautiful life

Police investigate alleged rape of collegiate swimmer who died in suicide:

Columbia, Missouri (CNN) — Sasha Menu Courey went to the University of Missouri to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a competitive swimmer; she made the team in 2009.


After her death by suicide the following year, her parents found out something happened that changed the course of her promising college career; she was raped by 2 college football players.

It seems that the college did a half assed investigation that is so common when “jock-strapper” are involved and didn’t get the information to the authorities for a full 4 years after the incident.

It has always amazed me that some the victims in rape cases wind up being the villain instead of the victim. I don’t care if the lady is a hooker, if she doesn’t want to have sex and says no, the answer is no.

What we have in this country is a slew of very well paid and very unscrupulous ambulance chasers that twist and contort the legal system.

It is about time that the ladies and girls that are legitimately raped get a fair shake in the court and possibly we will not have some of the female population killing themselves because of shame of a rape and no one listening to them.

As a side note; these educational institutions have to stop sheltering their star athletes when they cross the line. It is all about the money. What if it were one of their kids????

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