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Why not??

Russians tell US to remove warplanes from Syria, senior official says: Why not?? If the Judo Guy’s intentions are on the up and up as they can be questionable at times; if he is really determined to wipe out ISIS … Continue reading

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They called him out

It can be said; that the day of reckoning came for Obama at the UN meeting yesterday. The Judo Guy and some of the other world’s leaders put it all on the table for Obama and showed their displeasure with his … Continue reading

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The USA is funding its own demise.

I guess I am not alone. Along with almost 50% of Americans  not approving the deal, Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump who both have just a little more voice than I do are dead against the Iran nuclear deal. I really … Continue reading

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Sweet tooth Daddy

Obama Orders $18.25 In Cinnamon Rolls, Leaves $31 Tip: Mr. O showed some polish when he stopped into a bakery in Anchorage, Alaska to buy a little something for his sweet tooth. He picked up $ 18.25 worth of pastry … Continue reading

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Wrong choice of words Barack

Obama: Vladimir Putin’s ‘Shtick’ Is To Look Like The Tough Guy: If Obama is trying to suck up to Putin and get on his good side, he sure is going about it the wrong way suggesting the he thinks he … Continue reading

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Two thumbs up for Obama – It’s about time

Obama to use executive power to raise minimum wage for federal contractors: President Obama, in the first of potentially many executive actions tied to his State of the Union address, will unilaterally increase the minimum wage for workers under new … Continue reading

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What’s the rush fellas

GOP adopts changes to 2016 presidential primary process: Maybe they should wait a little longer before they decide to make changes. In 2008 they had 4 plus years to select the “best of the best” to run against Obama in … Continue reading

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There is now way Vladimir will accept help

Europeans on alert after Olympic athletes in Sochi receive terror warnings: There is some conversation on Pennsylvania Ave that Obama wants to send Putin some military assistance in case of a terrorists attack at the Olympics Games by sending security … Continue reading

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