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Two Russian brothers were arrest today in connection with the bombing that killed 34 people in city of Volgogard.

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The brothers, arch enemies of Putin are part of a terrorist organization that is bound and determined to disrupt the 21014 Olympics by killing as many people as they can regardless of nationality. So far the terrorists have made their presents well known.

I wonder if the brothers were read their rights, had the opportunity to call their (юрист) ambulance chaser and given a hot meal before the cell door slammed behind them.

The Ruskies don’t play game when the send someone up. There have been many protests through the years complaining about the living conditions and the treatment of the prisoners. No one is listening.

The following is one women’s account of what she witnessed while incarcerated in a prison named Sizo.

“The cell is designed for 22 people, but there are 70 of us in here. Even basic conditions are not provided. It is impossible to call a doctor, no soup, nor towel is available. People are sitting and sleep on the same places – in three shifts. The food is bad, pearl porridge in the morning, same porridge – in the evening, for lunch – schi, water and salt. One lump of sugar a day, 200 grams of bread – for one bite… No chance to wash your belongings, no hot water, no basins, no pails…. They do not give out clean linen, we sleep on mattresses.”

Cells for female inmates are semi-dark rooms, dimly lit, day and night. Windows are barred and have screens made of iron sheets with holes drilled in them. The cells get no daylight or fresh air. Two-tier bunk beds are fastened to the walls.
Any cell, be it for 5 or 30 inmates, has only one sink and one toilet. Showers are allowed once per week.

Also once per week (usually on the day when prisoners take showers) women receive a small piece (about 50 grams) of the cheapest soap. No other detergents (shampoo, laundry soap, etc.) are available. According to reports from female prisoners, intervals between showers grow for various reason from two or three weeks up to two or three months.

Women have to wash in the full view of the cell, and the sink and toilet are not separated from the rest of the cell. Prison staff sometimes tear off hand-made curtains which women use to screen the toilet.

Washing clothes and bedding is also a big problem.

Women are not supplied with sanitary napkins or substitutes, prisoners’ relatives are not allowed to bring cotton, napkins or toilet paper for security reasons (these articles can contain illegal correspondence or prohibited items). It is extremely difficult to receive even bandages. Menstruating women have to use washed (at best) scraps of prison clothing, pillows, mattress stuffing, and sometimes even newspapers.

When prisoners are let out of their cells for daily exercise or for a shower, they are always guarded by staff equipped with clubs and sometimes dogs. Violations of discipline are punished by 10 days in an isolation cell, where it is cold, damp, and mice- or rat-infested, with a bed that folds out only at night, inmates are deprived of books, newspapers, daily exercise, showers and cigarettes.

To put it mildly; for the prisoners in the USA, it is like they are put up in the Four Seasons compared to what their Russian counterparts have to endure.

Are the Russians too tough on their prisoners and is the USA too soft; it all depends on who you talk to; after all these people are not sent to prison because they were Mother Teresa’s helpers.

If you have plans of traveling to Russia for the Olympics, something I would not recommend, you better  keep your nose clean and by all mean and mind your “P & Q” or you will have a trip you will never forget.

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