NFL the need for greed Super Bowl Sunday

Blocked party: NFL bars host town from using ‘Super Bowl’ name:

You know what big business’s problem; they have too much money and no consideration for the “little guys”!

Super Bowl XLVIII’s hometown has a rude guest:

The town East Rutherford (pop. 8,978) where Sunday’s game between the Broncos and the Seahawks wanted to throw a block party for some its citizens that could not afford the super-outrageous prices for a ticket at the game. They were going to call the party; what else a “Super Bowl” party.


The NFL’s owners who are greedy, money hungry, gluttonous, voracious, ravenous, stingy, selfish, tightfisted can’t stop the party but they prevent the bar from using the phrase “Super Bowl”. What a crock of shit.


I can understand that people in business want to make a profit and they should,it is the American way but these hogs are way out of line. From what I read a low ball tickets cost about 300.00 in the nose bleed sections, it may as well be a high school game for as good as they can see and some dummies pay as much as 20,000.00 for a seat. Hot dogs are extra.

In the last 10 years the profit for commercials alone went from 150 – 500 million dollars. I don’t know what the final numbers are but when everything is compiled the NFL (Nauseating  Famished Louses) have to knock down close to 1 billion dollars if not more.

For these Nauseating Famished Louses to behave like vultures and deny this little community of using the words “Super Bowl” for their party is an absolute disgrace.

I would think the Chris Christie would step in and set these bums straight. Maybe he is caught in a traffic jam???

I say boycott football for a couple of years and they may come back to earth.

I am not the only one that shares these sentiments.

The fans are the victims of NFL owners’ greed

I want to be clear. It is not just football that is out of line; all the professional sports are.

As long as the die hard sports fans keep coming up with the ging a ling they will keep boosting the prices.

For my part; I rather stay home with some friends, not have to deal with the weather, drunks, possibility of getting into a fight, parking a half a mile away for  30.00 and getting stuck up by the hucksters.

17                15

It should be a good game. I would like to see the Seahawks win for my friends in Seattle but I think The Mile High City is going to come out on top.  Bet your house on it.

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