This may be the corker in the bottle of Vodka

All of the corruption and graft may came back and bite Putin in his Russian booty.

The man steals with impunity and doesn’t care who is watching.


I think the terrorists are sick and tired of his heavy handed way of ruling and are going to do their best to sabotage his “show piece”.

We all know that mostly every politician is not on the up and up; there is an old say relative to this situation; “if you are going to screw me at least I would like to be kissed a little bit”. You can word that any way you want. The Russian people are just getting screwed and not kissed at all.

Some thieves are not satisfied with just a piece of the pie, they want the whole thing.

View the video and see just how corrupt these 2014 Winter Olympics’ are. The problem is, who can the people of Russia complain to when their top man is at the helm.

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