Watch out of the poison darts Val


Threats to Sochi Olympics Whistleblower: ‘You Will Be Drowned in Blood!’

Russian businessmen Valery Morozov said he is a “marked man” after publicly alleging that  officials in the office of President Vladimir Putin demanded payoffs in exchange for Olympic construction contracts in Sochi.

He has received threatening communications that stated “You will be drowned in blood”.

For his own safety, the “Responsible Russian” was caution he better set sails for Great Britain if he wanted to enjoy a good bowl of Borscht somewhere down one of Putin’s paved roads.

I think he was given some very good advice. That is a rough crowd he is dealing with.

According to Nemtsov, it has been estimated that $50 to $60 billion was spent on Olympics projects that ended up in the bank accounts of some of Vladimir’s cronies.

“My estimation is that they stole $30 billion altogether,” Nemtsov told ABC News.

Russia is just like Mexico when you get held up; who are you going to complain to? Certainly not the cops.

Valery you better watch out for the guy carrying an umbrella when it isn’t raining; he may have one of those poison darts in the tip.

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I think we all have had a sample of what government control is like in the last few years.

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