That is what friends are for Chris

Ex-Port Authority Official Says ‘Evidence Exists’ Christie Knew About Lane Closings:

Culo di Christie è come l’erba e lo stanno inseguendo con un grande tosaerba. (Christie’s ass is grass and they are chasing him with a big lawn mower).

One of Christie’s closest allies didn’t drop a dime on the governor he dropped a 50 dollar bill on him and gave incriminating evidence that Christie knew about the road closings that are causing such a stir in New Jersey and national politics.


Bullshit – I said it from the beginning; “if didn’t know about it he should have”

I believe if it wasn’t for the fact that Christie was the front runner for the Republican Party in 2016 they would not have made such a big issue of this.  The Jackasses don’t want that Elephant tromping all over their flower bed.


I would think by now these big dummies that are always in the spot light would learn their lesson and be forthright at the forefront of an investigation.

It may hurt them slightly but when they are lying their heads off and get caught it looks twice as bad.

There is no way, if these accusation stick that Chris is going to be nominated for the presidency in 2016. The democrats are going to be pounding on him from now until dooms day.

It has happened time after time when these power brokers get caught with their hand or another part of their body in the cookie jar and they lie like a rug. When the truth finally surfaces they are 10 times worse off than if they would have admitted their wrong doing in the beginning.

I was stationed @ Mag 16 (Marine Air Group) in Okinawa in 1960 – drunk from the night before – this nasty sergeant gave me an assignment for the day – it was a very hot day and I was really hung-over from the night before and the night before that – I walked by this empty barracks, saw an empty cot and figure if I could get about 30 minutes shut eye I could straighten up.

I fell asleep for about 6 hours and never did what the sergeant told me to do.

The next day when he saw me he was yelling his head off and asked me what happened yesterday.

I told him I was on my way to do what he told me – saw an empty barracks – was hammered up from the night before from that aged Sake that the Japanese people let ferment for 25 minutes – figured if I could get about 30 minutes shut eye I would be straightened out. (After all I had to go back on liberty that night in BC Koza) – I fell asleep for about 6 hours.

The nasty sergeant looked at me in amazement and said “Boy if you would have told me anything but this story and tried to lie to me, I would have put you on report, now get the fuck out my sight boy”.

Do I need to say more; lesson was well learned. Take the beating up-front and get it over with. There is a lot less pain in the long run.

Come clean Chris; the “buzzards” are hawking you. When the ship is sinking no one is going to throw you a life preserver, they are going to be dropping  the anchor on you.

Remember the old saying; “keep you enemies close and your friends closer”.

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